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Locate a User Group

  • APCUG Regions map, 2017
    APCUG has member groups in Australia, Canada and the United States. APCUG maintains the information in a  database called the User Group Locator Service (UGLS). If you want [...]

Find a Speaker

  • If your group is a member of APCUG and you are looking for new speakers with fresh ideas, the Speakers Bureau features well over 100 Webinar presentations in 20+ categories. [...]

Help For Your User Group

  • The Speakers Bureau is one the benefits many member groups take advantage of. They appreciate not having the same members having to give presentations to their group and the [...]

VOTC Nomination Information

  • 2018 Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year Award

    August 15, 2018 // 0 Comments

    Nominate a volunteer in your group as the Don Singleton 2018 Volunteer of the Year **Only open to APCUG-member groups** Do you have a volunteer who is using his/her skills [...]

Jere’s Tips

  • HOW TO RESET A TOUCHPAD TO DEFAULT SETTINGS IN WINDOWS 10 – If you accidentally change a touchpad setting, if your touchpad is acting up, or if you want a fresh start [...]

Apple Tech Tips

  • By Jere Minich, Advisor, Region 5 (AL, FL, GA, SC). APPLE iOS 12 NEXT-GEN MOBILE OPERATING SYSTEM ROLLED OUT ON SEPT. 17 – It’s compatible with iPhone 5s and [...]

Penguin Platform

  • LBy “Free John” Kennedy, Advisor, Regions 3 and 6/7.   5 COMMAND LINE TOOLS TO FIND FILES QUICKLY IN LINUX – Searching or finding files on a Linux system [...]

Chromebook Tips & Tricks

  • chromebook
    Various Contributors GOOGLE’S CHROME TURNS 10 AND GETS A FRESH LOOK, NEW TRICKS AND AN EASTER EGG – We’re anticipating some major upgrades when Chrome OS 70 hits [...]


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APCUG Membership

  • Membership in APCUG is open to any non-commercial organization whose primary purpose is to help its members learn about technology. The annual membership dues are $50.00 due on or before December 31 [...]

Sponsor News

Member Group News

  • Exciting changes for DACS (Danbury Area Computer Society) were announced in February. It was announced they found an opportunity that allows them to continue providing monthly meetings with speakers on technical topics in a manner like what they currently offered. This will dramatically reduce [...]

Featured Benefit – Solutions to Your Problems

The people who keep APCUG functioning are one of the greatest assets that member groups have going for them. These people have been there and done that! President, Vice President, Program Chair, you name it, they have probably done it. This means that, in all likelihood, whatever problem(s) you are having, they have had and have dealt with it! Every group has an assigned regional Advisor; if they are unable to help they will send your request to all the Board of Directors and Board of Advisor. You are sure to receive some solutions.