What is APCUG?
A 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to fostering communication among and between user groups and between user groups and vendors.
About Us / About APCUG

When was APCUG started?
1987 – Find more about the early years of APCUG at: About Us / History

Who do I contact for assistance with my group?
The Board of Advisors act as the liaison between member groups and APCUG. You will find contact information via the About Us / Leadership / Board of Advisors. Click on the name of your advisor to send him/her an e-mail.

I don’t know who my Advisor is?
Check out the map located on the Home Page or About Us / Board of Advisors to see your group’s assigned region. Advisor assigned regions are also listed under their name.

Who are the APCUG officers?
About Us / Board of Directors.

How much is it to join APCUG?
Annual dues are $50.

What if my group joins during the year?
A new group joining after June 30 may pay $75 to cover the 2nd half of the current year and the full next year. Find more information at Join / Renew Membership

How can I find out what benefits APCUG offers my group?
You will find a detailed list of member Benefits under Benefits / Membership Benefits.

When does my group need to pay its dues?
APCUG has an Early Bird renewal contest from November 1 through December 31 where groups that renew their dues during that time period are eligible to win one of three Kindle eReaders. Dues are delinquent January 1; groups are marked Inactive on March 1.

What is the UGLS?
A web-based database called the User Group Locator Service (UGLS) where information about member groups is stored. This information is used to:

  • Help the public locate a user group in their area
  • Send information and announcements to user group leaders
  • Maintain up-to-date information about member groups

Find more information at: Locate a User Group

I’ve lost my PUSH articles, who do I contact to get them again?

Does APCUG offer any discounts?
Several vendors offer various discounts on their products. Your group will need to enroll in the various user group programs to take advantage of the discounts, etc.
Benefits / Discounts & Special Offers

What is Reports?
Reports is APCUG’s informative quarterly newsletter sent to all officers listed in the UGLS.

Where can I read back issues?
They are in date order by year through 2012.
Benefits / Reports

Is there some place I can check out other group’s newsletters?
Click on Benefits / UG newsletters for a list of online newsletters.

We’ve lost our free website hosting. Does APCUG offer anything like this?
APCUG will host your group’s website as part of your $50 membership fee. To take a look at some of the hosted websites click on Benefits / Hosted Websites

Does APCUG offer any assistance with putting a website together?
No, we are an all-volunteer organization as is your group and the Online Services Committee only offers assistance (instructions) on how to upload your website.

What type of website does APCUG host?
Ones that can be maintained on a Windows server. APCUG is looking into the possibility of also hosting WordPress websites.
Contact ols@apcug.org for more information about hosting your group’s website.

I’ve heard APCUG offers online presentations to member groups; what is that called?
Speakers Bureau. Check out the over 100 online presentations offered to member groups under Benefits / Speakers Bureau.

Does APCUG offer anything else my group can use for presentations?
The quarterly Virtual Technology Conferences (VTC) are recorded and uploaded to APCUG’s YouTube channel. Many groups use them for presentations if the speaker doesn’t show and then use them in rotation with a ‘live’ presentation and webinar from the Speakers Bureau for their monthly presentations.
Benefits / Virtual Technology Conference

Where do I find more information about these VTCs? Do they cost money to attend?
VTCs are a FREE benefit of membership; check out past presentations at Benefits / Virtual Technology Conference

I still like to attend in-person conferences. Does APCUG have this type of conference?
APCUG has one land-based conference a year that is co-hosted by one or more member groups. They are located in various cities in the US. There will be a (year) Conference tab on the Home page when one if being offered. There is a cost to attend the yearly conference.

Does APCUG have any contests for groups or its members?
Yes, APCUG sponsors a yearly newsletter and / or website contest for groups and a digital photo contest for individual members. These three contests are offered at different times each year.
For information about the past year’s winners of these contests, go to Benefits / Contests

What is the VOTY?
APCUG sponsors the Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year competition during November. Groups are encouraged to nominate one of their members for this award.
Benefits / Volunteer of the Year