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UPDATE YOUR IPHONE, IPAD TO SQUASH DANGEROUS WI-FI BUGApple yesterday made a number of security updates to its iOS mobile operating system, including a fix for a Wi-Fi chip vulnerability that could let hackers gain wireless access to iPhones and iPads.

The iOS 10.3.3 update addresses nearly four dozen security flaws, one of which, called “Broadpwn,” lies in the Broadcom Wi-Fi chip used in many iPhones and Android devices. Google announced an Android fix for Broadpwn earlier this month. Apple’s patch is available for the iPhone 5 and later, 4th-generation and later iPads, and the 6th-generation iPod touch.

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5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE IOS 10.3.3 UPDATEApple’s finally moved on from iOS 10.3.2 which means the company’s iOS 10.3.3 update is now live for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

The iOS 10.3.3 update isn’t as exciting as the company’s incoming iOS 11 update but it’s still an important release thanks to the bug fixes and two dozen security patches on board.

iOS 10.3.3 is a fairly small update but even the smallest maintenance releases can have a dramatic impact on your device’s performance. The iOS 10.3.3 update is just a few hours old and we’re already hearing about problems plaguing those who decided to download it.

Now that the firmware is officially out, we want to walk you through the most important things to know, right now, about the iOS 10.3.3 update. Let’s start with a quick look at the iOS 10.3.3 update’s performance on two popular iPhone variants, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 5…..

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HOW TO INSTALL APPLICATIONS ON A MAC: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOWIf you’re switching to macOS from Windows, you might be confused about installing software. Sure, there’s the Mac App Store, but not everything is in there.

If you look for apps outside the store, you’ll find different kinds of installers: DMG files with apps in them, PKG installers, and simple applications inside ZIP archives. It can seem overwhelming, but it’s relatively straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here’s how to install software on your Mac, from the App Store and beyond, and why all these different methods exist.

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GOOGLE’S SEARCH PAGE IS ABOUT TO CHANGE FOREVERGoogle’s homepage on the web – which has pretty much always been a sparse white page with a simple logo and search box – is about to become very different, as the company intends to populate it with a personalized newsfeed, Facebook-style.

The new look is set to replicate the Google mobile app, which witnessed the introduction of such a feed for both news and event (appointments, travel info and so forth) updates at the end of last year.

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APPLE MACBOOK PRO 15-INCH (2017) REVIEW & RATING – This year’s MacBook Pro is similar to last year’s model, adding slight improvements in speed and major battery life improvements to the iconic design. If you’re willing to pay the premium, it’s the best large-screen Apple laptop yet.

Starting Configuration Price  $2399.00   Lowest Price$2,299.00

Pros Sturdy, sleek aluminum build. Beautiful display. Four USB-C ports with Thunderbolt 3. Excellent Category-leading 15-hour battery life.

Cons Pricey. Competitors offer a 4K screen for less. Only USB-C ports, making adapters for legacy peripherals a requirement. Shallow keyboard.

Bottom Line This year’s MacBook Pro is similar to last year’s model, adding slight improvements in speed and major battery life improvements to the iconic design. If you’re willing to pay the premium, it’s the best large-screen Apple laptop yet.

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CLOUD COMPUTING – GOOGLE BACKUP AND SYNC LETS YOU BACK UP EVERYTHING ON YOUR PC – Whatever digital data you have on whatever device, Google has a new way for automatically backing up those files in the cloud: Backup and Sync. Announced last month, the new backup service, available to anyone with a Google account, combines the capabilities of two previous Google apps: the Mac or PC app for the cloud-based data storage service Google Drive and the desktop uploader Google Photos.

The new Backup and Sync, which Google said yesterday was now live for most users, is an app for both Mac and PC that also backs up data on any device regularly connected to a desktop, including phones, digital cameras, and SD cards. Users can specify which folders on their desktops to automatically and continuously back up, while USB devices and SD cards can be backed up and synced when they’re connected to desktops.

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HOW TO ENABLE MACOS’ DARK MENU BAR AND DOCKYou’ve seen it in screenshots: a black menu bar, and a black dock. How did they do that? If this seems like a magic trick, there’s a reason for that: until Yosemite a few years ago, setting up a black meant employing hard-to-install third party hacks. These days, it’s simple.

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APPLE REPORTEDLY PREPPING A MIRROR-LIKE FINISH FOR THE iPHONE 8 – (tech radar article) – It’s been a busy weekend for iPhone 8 rumors: right off the back of news that the wireless charging tech Apple wants to put in its next handsets might not be ready by September, we’ve got speculation that a special “mirror-like” finish is in the works for the flagship phone.

The tip-off is courtesy of seasoned Apple leaker Benjamin Geskin on Twitter, someone we’d trust more than most when it comes to iPhone info, who says that a source inside the company told him what was in the pipeline.

According to Geskin, four colors are in the way for the iPhone 8, with the others presumably white, black, and rose gold. We should point out that the image above, tweeted out by Geskin, is an older iPhone with a reflective case, but it gives you an idea.

Color us surprised. Previously we’d been expecting up to six colors for the iPhone 8, with red, gold and gray also on the table, but the mirror-like finish is something of a curve ball. It would certainly make the tenth anniversary iPhone stand out from the crowd, including the iPhone 7S and iPhone 7S Plus expected to launch alongside it.

We’re just glad to see a rumor that isn’t about whether the Touch ID sensor will be on the front or the back of the iPhone 8, to be honest – a saga of speculation and gossip that feels like it’s been running for the whole year.

Also on the cards for the iPhone 8’s unveiling in September are a bezel-free display, a vertically aligned dual-lens camera with some extra AR smarts, and possibly even a curved screen. We’ve rounded up all the rumors we’ve heard so far into one place for you here.

APPLE RELEASES PUBLIC BETA OF iOS 11: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – Several new features stand out in iOS 11, the coming update to Apple’s mobile operating system that became available in public beta yesterday. They include a new keyboard mode for easier one-handed typing, a “Do Not Disturb” feature for driving, and the option to ask digital assistant Siri questions by typing rather than speaking.

Set for general release in September, iOS 11 will be the “biggest software release ever for iPad,” according to Apple. For now, however, the developer preview and public beta are not necessarily “ready for prime time,” so users should expect bugs and avoid downloading the OS onto their primary work or personal devices.

Early reviews of the iOS 11 beta are calling the update “massive,” great,” and “ambitious,” and note the changes are particularly noticeable on the iPad. TechCrunch, for instance, said the operating system “feels like a completely new beast on the iPad.”

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HOW TO RECORD A PHONE CALL ON AN iPHONESo you’ve decided you need to record a phone call. Maybe you’re performing a delicate sting operation…or maybe you just want to make sure you’re getting the best customer service possible. Whatever your reasons, things are a little difficult on an iPhone.

Is Recording Calls Legal? – Before you start recording phone calls, it’s important to know that—depending on where you live—recording phone calls without consent can be illegal. In the US, different states have different laws regarding this. Some states require that both parties consent to the phone call being recorded, while other states only require that one person consents (and that one person can be you). In that case, as long as you’re okay with recording a phone call, the other person doesn’t have to know about it all; that’s perfectly legal if the law allows it.

For more info, you can check out the Digital Media Law Project, which has a ton of info about the legality of recording phone calls and conversations. Go to this website and learn how with step by step and screen shots.

THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN SILENT, DO NOT DISTURB, AND THEATER MODE ON YOUR APPLE WATCH (and When to Use Each)Since it was introduced, the Apple Watch has gained a number of different modes, but it’s not immediately clear when to use each. Let’s look at each mode, what it does and doesn’t do, and the best time to use it.

There are now three modes available to Apple Watch users: Silent, Do Not Disturb, and, the newest, Theater—seen in the image above from left to right. All three modes can be toggled on and off by simply swiping up on your Apple Watch face to access the watch’s Control Center and simply tapping on the icon for that mode. Here’s what they do: Go to this How-to Geek web site and get the facts.

HOW TO GET THE BEST AMAZON DEALS AND DISCOUNTSAmazon is synonymous with online shopping, and with good reason. Launched over 20 years ago, the world’s largest retailer now sells nearly every mainstream product throughout all categories with brands ranging from niche sellers to global labels.

At this point, Amazon is the closest thing to a digital one-stop shopping destination; it even sells clothes. The Seattle-based commerce giant has also expanded into food delivery with AmazonFresh; its latest gadget—the Dash Wand—makes it easy for shoppers to add items to their AmazonFresh shopping cart. It’s also testing a drone-based delivery system, dubbed Amazon PrimeAir.

But beyond the novel promotions and gimmicks, Amazon is an incredible option for shoppers of all stripes. There’s so much to choose from, but it can be challenging to find the best prices. To help you streamline the purchasing process, we’ve come up with 12 tips to score better prices and find the products you really want.
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AMAZON PRIME DAY 2017 Everything you need to know about Amazon’s shopping extravaganza. Prime Day, Amazon’s summer shopping event, is back for its third appearance. On Monday, July 10, Amazon will offer deals for 30 hours on more than 100,000 products on its sites around the world. Bargain hunters can track all the action via the company’s Prime Day landing page.

To keep Prime Day important to consumers, Amazon is giving people a reason to shop—and that’s by offering more deals, better deals, and higher stock of the best deals. For those reasons, we expect to again see some good buys this year and a general improvement on sale prices compared to last year. Here’s what you need to know about the day, and how to prepare.
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WHAT ARE MDS AND MDWORKER, AND WHY ARE THEY RUNNING ON MY MAC? – While checking out Activity Monitor, you noticed a couple of processes you don’t recognize: mds and mdworker. Neither have an icon, and they seem to be running constantly. Don’t worry, they’re harmless. 

This article is part of How-to Geek’s ongoing series explaining various processes found in Activity Monitor, like kernel_task, hidd, installd, and many others. Don’t know what those services are? Better start reading! 

The two processes are part of Spotlight, the macOS search tool. The first, mds, stands for metadata server. This process manages the index used to give you quick search results. The second, mdworker, stands for metadata server worker. This does the hard work of actually indexing your files to make that quick searching possible. Go to this website and read the whole story.

APPLE IMAC 27-INCH WITH 5K RETINA DISPLAY (2017) REVIEW & RATING – The newest 27-inch Apple iMac is a gorgeous machine with a brilliant display and a handful of modern upgrades at an appealing price. It’s not revolutionary, but it’s the best version of the iMac to date. Go to this web site and read about the newest Mac 27 Inch.

iOS 11 RELEASE DATE, NEWS AND FEATURES – Update: The iOS 11 release date is here – now anyone who wants to test out the public beta can get the latest version of Apple’s mobile software.

You can download it in its unfinished form, or wait for Apple’s final release, which we’re expecting later in the year (around the end of September).  

New iOS 11 features are transforming your iPhone and iPad, and Apple’s update is either out now or three months away, depending on who you are.

It’s an especially big upgrade for the iPad. Apple’s tablet becomes a possible laptop replacement (for some people) with revamped iOS multitasking. Both the iPad and iPhone get a much-needed Control Center reorganization, too. Go to this web page and see what is expected with iOS 11.

WILL APPLE’S NEW iOS 11 CAR SAFETY FEATURES HELP US HELP OURSELVES – This year at the World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) Apple announced some significant changes to the way the iPhone will behave while its user is driving. The new Car Safety features in iOS 11 arrive in response to increased pressure from the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, which has urged Apple and other cellphone manufacturers to develop safeguards to reduce death and injury attributed to distracted driving. Distracted driving has been an issue in at least some capacity for over 20 years without much response at the developer level. Distraction related accidents, whether involving gadgets or otherwise, killed nearly 3,500 people in 2015, according to the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration, with 391,000 lesser injuries. Read more at:

APPLE RELEASES FOURTH IOS 10.3.3 BETA FOR IPHONE AND IPADGo to this website and read all the news.

APPLE UPDATES ALL iMACS WITH IMPROVED DISPLAYS, KABY LAKE PROCESSORS, AND MORE – Apple detailed new iMac hardware at the WWDC 2017 (Worldwide Developers Conference). Apple previously promised new iMac hardware for later this year, although a WWDC reveal was not totally expected. The new hardware includes improved Retina displays, Kaby Lake processors, and upgraded memory and storage options.

Kaby Lake is the codename used by Intel for a processor microarchitecture which was announced on August 30, 2016. Kaby Lake is produced using a 14-nanometer manufacturing process technology. Breaking with Intel’s previous “tick-tock” manufacturing and design model, it represents the optimized step of the newer “process-architecture-optimization” model.

The new machines include both USB-A and USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports on the back I/O. Updates are available for the 21.5-inch non-Retina machine as well as the 4K iMac and 5K iMac.

Apple has specifically described the new 27-inch iMac as designed for VR (Virtual Reality) development thanks in part to new GPU (graphics processing unit) upgrades. Included in the presentation is a demonstration of virtual reality gameplay driven by a new iMac paired with a VR headset.

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THE 50 BEST MAC TIPS, TRICKS AND TIMESAVERS – All the awesome things you forgot your Mac could do. Everyone knows that Apple’s Mac computers are nothing without their sublime software. But moving from Windows or Linux, adapting to macOS is easier said than done. One quick look at how files and applications are organized and you may be tempted to turn back to your old OS.

Fortunately, you can rest easy knowing that, as Mac experts, we at techradar know the ins and outs of Apple’s desktop operating system. And, in no time at all, you will too. Now, head to the App Store and make sure all your updates are installed so that we can go over all the top Mac tips up to the latest macOS Sierra.

This is neither a formal nor an exhaustive list; we’ve simply put our heads together to gather the 50 best Mac tips, tricks and timesavers that might have passed you by. Go to for all the awesome tips.