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Welcome to APCUG’s new member group!

The Willow Valley Computer Club is in Lancaster, PA. Although many know that Lancaster County is home to many Amish and Mennonites and that there are beautiful farms and rolling hills here, few know that before Covid, Lancaster County had about 11 million visitors each year. Even fewer know that the county has many retirement communities.
Willow Valley Communities has approximately 2,700 residents and 1,500 team members. Residents are 55 and older.
Our Club members are residents and team members of Willow Valley Communities. We have 854 members and are continuing to grow.
The Club’s interests span Android, Apple, Linux, and Windows. We would also work with other types of computers if our members were interested.
We have monthly meetings and publish a monthly newsletter. We do not meet or publish in July and August. Topics of general interest are presented at our monthly meetings.
We provide training in classroom-like settings and also offer topics of specific interest in the same settings. Our training includes Gmail, modems and routers, backups, Windows productivity features, personal computer routine housekeeping, and understanding TiVo. We’re developing training for Bitwarden Basic and Bitwarden Advanced.
Our specific interest topics are far ranging and include cybersecurity, privacy, and anonymity. Also, we recently offered a topic titled Sandworm which discusses ongoing cybersecurity and Internet issues during the conflict in Ukraine.
We also have several volunteers who provide help to residents. The volunteers have expertise in a variety of areas.
Al Williams, President

Computer Club Membership Benefits 

Come one, come all (not really, though, since the room is small). If you want to know more about the benefits of being a Computer Club member, this presentation is for YOU! Using the format of a popular game show, we will reveal what is behind each of the eight doors, not just three. Which one will you pick? (And yes, there is a “zonker” door.) To paraphrase a former US president, “Ask not what you can do for the Computer Club — ask what the Computer Club can do for you.”