Membership & Renewal


Membership in APCUG is open to any non-commercial organization whose primary purpose is to help its members learn about technology. The annual membership dues are $50.00 due on or before December 31 for the following year. Membership renewal begins on November 1; dues are considered in default January 1 and following a one (1) month grace period, membership expires the last day of January.

NOTE: A new group wishing to become a member after June 30 may pay $75 to cover the 2nd half of the current year and the full next year.

Some of the many benefits of membership include:

  • Quarterly FREE Virtual Technology Conferences (VTC)
  • YouTube videos of VTC presentations for your group to use at a meeting
  • Speakers Bureau webinar presentations for your group (well over 125 to choose from)
  • Articles sent to editors to use in their newsletters (over 130 were sent in 2014)
  • Discounts and Special Offers
  • Newsletter, Website and Digital Photo Contests
  • Volunteer of the Year Award Competition
  • Free website hosting
  • Every group is assigned a Regional Advisor; they are here to assist your group with solutions to problems, etc.

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To qualify as a member of APCUG, groups must have 25 or more members and do two of the following:

  • Hold regularly scheduled meetings
  • Maintain a public website providing meeting time and location and other information about the group
  • Publish a newsletter (electronic or hard copy)

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