PUSH Newsletter Articles

Throughout the year, articles are sent to member group editors to use in their newsletters. The articles are written by user group members, professionals, and occasionally vendors. They are an attractive option for Editors who would like help in filling their newsletters.


These articles are just one of the many benefits of membership in APCUG. Computer clubs and technology user groups are encouraged to review the numerous benefits of APCUG membership and join the organization. You will find the nominal $50 annual membership fee will give your officers and members many benefits that will enhance their user group experience. If you have any questions, please contact the PUSH committee.

See a sampling of articles sent to member group editors on the right:

  • 17 Tips to Extend your iPhone or iPad Battery
  • Genealogy Research Online
  • Make Windows 10 Faster
  • Not Another Sunset
  • Cloud Storage
  • Everything Google
  • Five Things the Tech Industry Won’t Tell You
  • Add a Caption to a Picture in Word
  • Freshly Squeezed Reviews
  • Tuning Up Your Windows 10 Start Menu
  • Linux and Open Source News
  • Video Chatting Apps
  • Music and Video Files, Modify them to your needs
  • What is Streaming?
  • Windows 10 Reset
  • A Recent Scam Experience
  • Desktop vs. Laptop
  • File Extensions
  • Interesting Internet Finds
  • Is “Refurbished” Worth the Price?
  • Need Help with Windows 10, Try Troubleshooting
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies
  • Using the Chromium-based Edge
  • Wi-Fi Security – Which one is best?
  • What Exactly is Linux
  • What is Captcha
  • What is Disk Defragmentation
  • Working with PDF Files