2015 Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year Award

Don-Singleton-VOTYTwelve terrific volunteers were nominated as the 2015 Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year. You will find information about all 12 here.



Maggie is a Director, Editor & Membership Chair for the Tacoma Area PC User’s Group.

Maggie Smith-head shotMaggie works innovatively and tirelessly for Tacoma Area PC User’s Group. She wears many hats for our club. For over 18 years Maggie continues to edit the newsletter, manage memberships, maintain the roster; provide personal support for various computer programs, and work as a club Director. During her time she has held many other positions. Maggie instituted and staffs a weekly computer help lab available to the entire community. In the past year Maggie created an additional weekly lab for new users. Over the past 18 years, Maggie has missed less than five meetings or lab sessions.

  • Weekly computer lab help sessions: The lab is open to everyone and provides a very positive club image, as well as, generating new members. Maggie ensures the lab is always staffed with multiple club members that can assist with almost any computer issue. Cost savings: Due to Maggie’s diligence with the open computer help lab our meeting room costs are reduced by $150 a month.
  • Membership retention: Maggie is the primary contact person for members. She maintains relationships with the members that keep them coming back.
  • Software help: Maggie is well versed in several software programs and willing helps members and the pubic with everything from basic computer use to advanced projects. She even makes house calls.
  • Club promotion: Maggie staffs local fairs and events on behalf of the club generating new members.
  • Club contact person: Maggie maintains relationships with other groups and businesses that benefit the club.

Maggie creates and distributes a monthly newsletter that includes club news, meeting/contact information, and computer how-to’s, what’s new, and potential problems. As Membership Chair Maggie is the main contact person with all the members coordinating needs with solutions from other members. Community activity: Recently a gentleman lost his wife and didn’t know anything about the computer (where the wife ran their lives). Maggie willing helped the man get access to their computers, taught him the basics of how to manage his electronic life, and is helping him overcome his fear. This is only one of hundreds of stories we could tell about Maggie.

Maggie’s relationships with various organizations help her identify community computer needs and work with the club to find solutions. Maggie researches and investigates what is happening in the computer world and provides information that benefits the members. Maggie’s proactive relationship with the community center allows the community center to offer computer assistance to those in need including hard to reach population groups.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Joe Durham, Editor
Quad-Cities Computer Society

Joe Durham is our unanimous choice for volunteer of the year at the Quad-Cities Computer SocietyJoseph.Durham.QCS(QCS). Several members independently suggested his candidacy for the award. One even said, “This is long overdue”. All others heartily agreed. A member of our organization for nearly 25 years, Joe has always been a tireless worker and has volunteered to serve in many capacities. In many ways, he exemplifies to our group just what Don Singleton did for APCUG. He’s a great team player and always ready to do more than his share without expecting recognition or reward.

Joe is absolutely essential to QCS. His contributions are many, but he has a particular flair for writing and has been our Newsletter Editor since 1998. We chuckled when one of us said, “Too bad we can’t have Joe write his own nomination!”

His monthly presentation reviews in “Qbits” are quite extraordinary and so thorough that you could almost stay home and still learn all that was covered. Many of our “snowbirds” are especially appreciative of his in-depth coverage of club events and activities when they are south for the winter. We also have members who don’t attend any meetings, but join our club just to receive his newsletters.

An avid reader, Joe always stays current on technical topics. He locates and shares great articles from user groups and other sources in addition to creating his own articles reviewing products or software for our monthly publication.

One member mentioned Joe reminded her of “Superman”. Until you get to know him, he may seem like the mild-mannered reporter that discreetly works in the background. You soon realize, however, that he is a strong driving force in our organization… More like Superman than Clark Kent! Once again, we agree, that’s Joe!

In addition to being the Qbits newsletter editor, Joe is our publicity director, making sure notices are sent in a timely fashion to the print and online calendars in the area. He sits on our Board of Directors and is quick to volunteer his service on committees, such as the auditing and nominating committees, and other special teams as the need arises. He has also been a presenter at our general meetings.

Joe is one of our most “computer savvy” members in QCS and has helped many with technical issues. He personally uses Linux, and is our “go to man” when members have questions about this operating system. He has also led a Linux SIG. As always, Joe put in a lot of preparation time and did an outstanding job for that group.

Whether it’s moving furniture for a meeting or helping someone with a computer problem, no task is too humble or difficult for Joe to accomplish without hesitation. One member relates, “Joe’s attitude is so amazing, when I ask for help he responds as if I’m doing him a favor and when I thank him, his usual response is, “Oh it was nothing”.

When Joe reads an article of interest, he knows exactly which member will enjoy it and sends them a copy or link. He frequently sends little notes of praise or compliments to others if he enjoys a SIG or something they’ve done at the club. His positive reinforcement means a lot.

In addition to being a mentor at QCS, Joe also volunteers in the community at the Christian Friendliness Center, providing technical support and assistance with their computers.

Several years ago, Joe began going the extra mile for a visually handicapped QCS member who could no longer drive to meetings. Joe would drive many miles out of his way to pick him up, assist him into the meeting and return him safely home. Who could ask for a better friend?

We certainly could not ask for a better friend or leader in the Quad-Cities Computer Society. This nomination is indeed overdue, and we would love to see him recognized as APCUG’s Don Singleton Volunteer of the Year.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Frank Fota, Editor / APCUG Rep
Fredericksburg PC Users Group

Frank joined our Users Group last year, 2014. In the beginning, he attended a few of our Special Interest Frank Fota - use this oneGroup meetings, and contributed considerably more than most newcomers at these meetings. He has since contributed so much to our group that it’s hard to know where to begin.

When Frank joined our group, our newsletter editor had just resigned, so the first thing Frank did was to volunteer to put out a monthly online newsletter, called FPCUG Notes.

Frank’s only assigned role and responsibility is as editor of our monthly newsletter and our Representative to APCUG. He also agreed to attend the APCUG Conference in Las Vegas recently and described the workshops he attended in the newsletter. In addition, he has been most generous with his time to fix numerous members’ computers.

Because we have a pretty healthy bank account and have been known to buy computers and computer equipment for 501©3 groups in our community, Frank recommended that we apply for tax exempt status, then took the initiative to submit an application and follow it through to completion. Recently, we were able to buy several computers for a local counseling group on which we did not have to pay state tax.

Frank is an expert at refurbishing computers and is passionate about sharing with his community. Earlier in the year, he purchased several dozen used laptops from eBay, refurbished them and then donated 12 of them to the FPCUG to give to a local school system for their homeless children.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Jerry Grommes, Past President & Presenter
Sandwich Computer User Group

Jerry has given constant service to SCUG for over 30 years and never missed a meeting. He is also an Grommesactive member of the Lions Club and a few other community minded organizations as well.

Jerry has made himself available to the group as a mentor and “go to” guy in general. If he doesn’t know the answer he will find it for you.

Jerry has shared the responsibility of presenting timely programs to the group on a monthly basis in a humorous and straight forward manner.

He has been the president and vice president of SCUG several times.

Jerry has published the SCUG monthly newsletter for many years and even when he was hospitalized for unplanned surgery managed to get the newsletter out on time from the hospital. It is always an informative publication.

He has managed to keep the club informed of the latest technologies and trends so we are prepared for the future. Just one current example is any new operating system. He presents them to us long before they are made available to the public.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Mike Hutchinson, President / Head of Refurbishing Project
Sarasota Technical Users Group

Mike is one of the major reasons the Sarasota Technology Users Group is still one of the largest in the Mike H (150x204)state with nearly 500 members. His leadership style and focused spirit have created a positive environment where the other volunteers feel needed and that they are making a difference.

First of all Mike has been our president for the past 4 years. He has been a tireless leader with a pleasant, understanding and inclusive leadership style. He has created a very positive environment for the board and thus the organization.

He picks up the slack when others are not able to do a task and is able to get others to take on a role that needs to be done.

Secondly he has lead the effort of the volunteers of our refurbishing project. The refurb Project is a sub set of our members who work 3 days a week (5 hours a day) reworking older donated computers and donating them to people (adults and children) in the community that cannot afford to buy a computer.

Mike has been a much appreciated president for the past 4 years. He has managed, with the help of the other board members, to find ways not to raise our dues and still maintain a quality program and healthy organization.

He has lead the efforts to change the organization from a PC-focused organization to a technology-focused organization adding smart phones and tablets to our course offerings.

As head of the refurb project he has delivered more than 1000 refurbished computers per year to those in the community that are in need and cannot afford a computer.

Mike led the effort of the refurb project to become heavily involved with the community excellence program, getting refurbished computers into the hands of needy students.

A good leader finds and keeps good people around him to carry the load and a good leader will fill in when things are not going well with others. Mike is an expert at this. He has surrounded himself with a quality staff of board members that work well together under mikes leadership. Not an easy task with a volunteer organization. When things are not going well, no matter how much in on his plate he will help out where needed with a soft but frim hand.

Mike has also been the spirit and technical knowhow for the Refurb Project. He recruits new folks into the project, some of whom know little about the technology involved in refurbishing a computer. He trains them and makes use of whatever ability they are able to provide.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Bill James, Vice President of Operations
Computer Club of Oklahoma City

He does everything and covers all fronts: presenter, board member, TV advocate, and SeniorNet James-3advocate. See ccokc.org video

Without Bill we would not have an active club.

Presenter, helps fix software issues, board member, our tech go to guy. The CCOKC should really be called the Bill James Computer Club

He has helped to seek legislation to help our club; he has presented at Study Groups, most which meet monthly and has presented at 4 to 5 each month, see our website. www.ccokc.org

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

John Kennedy, Teaching Program Chairman & Linux SIG Coordinator
East Central Ohio Technology Users Club

John gives ALL his time to the education of our members. He is always available to administer help for Kennedyanyone (not just our club members) who has problems with a computer.

Without John, we would not have a teaching program. He continually is available for us to call him with problems. His time is spent at our computer building where he also repairs/downloads/installs programs on the 12 computers used in the teaching program. If absolutely needed, he will physically drive to a members’ home to aid in the problem.

John teaches all the Computer Programs. He chairs the Linux Program. John schedules one Friday a month where he is in the building in order that anyone can come in with a problem and get help.

So many members are not willing to take an active part in teaching others about computers. John takes over, far above and beyond, in order that our group is successful in teaching its members.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Joyce Kloncz, Instructor / Education Director
Sun City Grand Computers Club

I have an endless respect for Joyce! She is loved by all those who come in contact with her, and with a Klonczboundless energy she keeps us all on our toes! She only requires of us what she herself would do which means we all go out of our way to keep our computer users satisfied, and her genuine love of computers transfers to all who come in contact with her.

Joyce has taken over roles like Education Director when no one else would, because she cares about our Club and our students and goes out of her way to see that both complement each other. As Education Director, she spends hours fathoming what classes the students would like and how we can best achieve the curriculum they want. She looks for instructors and assistants constantly, and spends hours arranging the classes and times and classroom schedules for the three annual class sessions that we hold. She is not afraid to retire a subject (Windows 8) when a newer subject (Windows 10) catches our students’ attention. She works with the instructors to offer presentations, and she both monitors the Club as well as steps in to assist instructors in classes when no one else has the time. She is adamant about doing the right thing but understanding when there should be a needed deviation since we work with seniors.

Joyce is incredible in her dedication to our Club!

She monitors or fills in on days when no one steps up!

As Education Director, she sets up all the class schedules for the three class sessions, including subjects, times, instructions, and days, all based on what the instructors ask for!

She teaches classes and is a joy for her students in that her classes are interesting and insightful, and a pleasure to attend!

She volunteers weekly at our Tech Help Sessions to ensure that people with questions have a knowledgeable person to help answer them and show them how to solve their problems!

Although she spends summers “back home” it is as though she really doesn’t leave because she communicates constantly through emails and never hesitates to advise us when we need her counsel!

She invites students and instructors to her home at the end of the year for a “get-acquainted party” to celebrate the end of the year!”

As a Board Member, she observes and asks questions to understand what is being brought up, but we know that her decision will be guided by what she feels is right for the Club as a whole!

She collects all the membership dues and verifies that they are noted correctly in our database and then turns them over to the Treasurer fully completed!

She sends out monthly newsletters to those who use the computer system she uses!

She runs the Monthly Meeting for those same people!

She updates and prints a trifold that tells those who are interested in joining our Club where they can find more information or meetings based on their interests.

Joyce works continually with the instructors and tech people in the Club to make improvements to our “system.” She looks for better ways to do things, and she talks to those who are doing them now, to see what improvements can be made. If she thinks something should be done, improved upon, or corrected, she talks to each of us about why we should make changes and what these changes will accomplish before bringing topics to the Board Meetings for final approval. We as a Club could not ask for a better person to work with for our benefit as well as the Club’s and the students’.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Marian Radcliffe, President

Marian has shown leadership and initiative for several years in her role as President. She effectively Marian Radcliffe -1produces interesting chapter meetings with a variety of speakers and presenters. She works tirelessly behind the scenes to support the chapter. She is also active with the SW Technology & Computer Conference in the planning and administration of the conference.

Marian provides interesting and well organized chapter meetings. She has a personal and supportive relationship with chapter members. Through her efforts we have all been introduced to, and learned about, a variety of relevant and useful products, software, hardware, peripherals, cameras, smart phones, and other electronic and digital devices. She routinely invites input from chapter members who have expertise in specific areas so members are students and teachers at the same time.

As President, Marian presides at chapter meetings and at meetings of the Executive Board. Her steadfast efforts and leadership have made the chapter an educational, interesting, and friendly organization.

As President, Marian presides over all chapter activities. As stated previously, she works to make sure we have interesting meetings and works behind the scenes to support our active chapter. She is a pleasure to work with as President and as a chapter member.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Barry Robbins, Past President
Palmia Computer Club

Barry is the backbone of the club. He has been a long-time Board member and has served several terms Robbinsas President. In addition to presiding over Board and general meetings, he is the acknowledged “technical expert” of the group – members call him on a regular basis with questions/computer problems. He walks them through how to solve problems and even makes house calls when necessary. He is also available to assist the other clubs in our senior community and represents the computer club when the association management has questions/computer problems. He maintains the 12 computers in our computer lab and advises when new equipment is necessary.

Immediate past president of the club.

  • Teaches 2 SIGs a month for any interested club members.
  • Performs weekly updates on all 12 of the club’s computers.
  • He arranged for a member survey to solicit ideas for future club focus. This led to the creation of new SIGs and ideas for general meetings.
  • He expanded the focus of the club to be more inclusive of MAC/Apple products as well as PCs.
  • He attends the APCUG conferences and is always looking for interesting speakers for our group.
  • He expanded his “computer potpourri” SIG to include sessions on Android devices, Smart Phones and, later, Windows 10.
  • The club website was stagnant. He researched and recruited someone to re-do it so that it is now a valuable resource for all members.
  • He assists the paid management staff of our community with their technical computer questions.
  • He had the club acquire scanners so that members could use them to preserve their old photos.
  • He is currently upgrading the RAM in all of the computers.
  • He is the liaison to all the other clubs in our community and helps with all electronic questions/problems.
  • He is the expert audio visual technician for our entire community. He runs the sound board and volunteers his time to set up microphones for association meetings, association clubs, etc.

Barry recognized that many of our members had limited computer skills and he steered the club toward more beginner emphasis so that it would be relevant to more members. He also steered the club away from focusing only on desktop/laptop computers and began to emphasize Smart Phones, tablets, photo editing, etc.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Glenn Silvey, Board Member at Large
Sunland Village Computer Club

Glenn has computers running thru his veins and has great passion for this club. We have teased him that he lives in the lab as his car is always in the parking lot. However, no one has found evidence that he resides there. Now he is getting close to 90 years of age and is slowing down, but his mind is still working at top speed. Glenn is the club.

Glenn mentors all new club members, teaches them new programs and operating systems, has taught the beginners class for over 15 years, and has proactively encouraged the club to move forward and embrace new technology. He helped put the charter together to form the club in 1999 and has been active since.

He serves on the board, teaches beginners class and heads up the workshops on tips and tricks. He has kept the 16 lab computers up to date and current on all software.

Glenn greets all new comers and mentors all other members. He makes everyone feel welcome and a part of the club. He makes sure that our lab is kept current and that we continue to learn and grow with this ever changing technology. He also helped start Special Interest Groups (SIGs), and the Apple workshop which has now grown to 2 hour classes 3 times a month.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ralph Sutter, Secretary/Webmaster/Newsletter Editor/Digital Photo Group Leader
SLO Bytes PC Users Group

Ralph has gone far above what not just one person would do but 3 or 4 people would do. Without Ralph Suttervolunteering for a variety of different roles in club, the SLO Bytes PC Users Group would not be the PC club that it is today. It might not even exist!!!

Ralph has kept an old PC Users Group current in a dwindling environment where other computer users groups have faded away. Volunteer efforts never seem to be recognized by others. Ralph could be doing anything he wants but chooses to spend his time and talents with the SLO Bytes PC Users Group. Ralph spends countless hours each week for the group.

Secretary – Ralph takes the monthly minutes of the Board of Directors meeting and posts them online.  http://slobytes.org/minutes/index.html

Webmaster – Ralph maintains the clubs web site CONSTANTLY with updated information. Ralph also maintains the SLO Bytes Bulletin Board.
http://slobytes.org/   http://www.slobytes.org/smf/

Newsletter Editor – Ralph gathers all the information about the past presenter and the upcoming presenter in addition to club news and e-mails the membership and posts the information online.  http://slobytes.org/news.html

Digital Photography Group leader – Ralph hosts this monthly SIG at his house providing not only great photo topics and discussions but a variety of healthy snacks and gourmet coffee.  http://www.slobytes.org/digital/

When a speaker/presenter cannot be found Ralph will step up and locate a speaker or do the presentation himself.

Ralph took over duties that no one volunteered for without anyone asking him to do the job.

Ralph will also fill-in at the Linux Users Group when the Coordinator is not available.