Saturday Safaris

From the Zoom Team

John Kennedy, Host/Moderator
Judy Taylour, Coordinator/Chatbox
Bill James, Zoom Help

The Zoom Team met in December (after the last ’21 VTC) and discussed the problems of finding people to present at the VTCs. Many presenters were uncomfortable with not having an ‘audience.’ It was decided to replace the VTCs with “Saturday Safari Workshops – Exploring Technology In-depth.” Like we do on Wednesday Workshops, we plan to have either an in-depth two-hour presentation by a single presenter, a panel of presenters, or two presentations with the open mic Q&A following the presentations.

Date: February 4, May 27, August 19, and November 4 (along with the annual APCUG meeting).

Time: 12:00 ET/11:00 CT/10:00 MT/9:00 PT.

Saturday Safaris – 2023

February 4
What new in 2023 Roundtable
We talked about the following:
• Using surveys to poll our members
• Is there a new SIG in your group’s future?
• Publicizing meetings
• Utilizing hybrid meetings

Saturday Safaris – 2022
November 11
Building a PC
oger Fujii, Treasurer and Tech Guru
Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society
Cybersecurity in the digital age
Bob Gostischa, IT Enthusiast

August 27
Exploring Technology In-depth
Hybrid Roundtable

May 7
Modems, Routers, and Wi-Fi
Bill James, VP of Operations, Computer Club of Oklahoma City

March 26
Digital Video Editing Hands-on class – Vegas Creative Software-Movie Studio 2022

John Krout, Newsletter Contributor and Presenter, Potomac Area Technology And Computer Societ

February 12
Digital Video Editing Fundamentals Plus and How to shoot 4K resolution video with your smartphone or tablet, John Krout