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JULY 2024 —

THIS CLEVER TIP ALERTS YOU WHEN APPS ARE ADDED TO STARTUP IN WINDOWS 11The Startup page in Windows 11’s Settings helps toggle which apps auto-start when you boot the system. But the more apps you have enabled in Startup, the longer it takes for Windows to be entirely usable after restarting. That’s why checking the Startup page occasionally and disabling unwanted apps is good. Read more at How to get alerts when new apps are added to Startup in Windows 11 | PCWorld

10 MAJOR REASONS TO UPGRADE TO WINDOWS 11 NOW –  A slick new interface, better security, Copilot AI, updated apps, and info widgets are just some of the perks of upgrading to Windows 11. Here’s why you should do it sooner than later. Read more  at https://www.pcmag.com/news/reasons-to-upgrade-to-windows-11-now

WINDOWS DEFENDER ANTIVIRUS: 5 SETTINGS TO CHANGE FIRST – Windows Defender is a capable antivirus solution built into Windows itself. Unless you’ve installed a different antivirus program on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 PC, your PC is using it right now. The good news is that Microsoft’s Defender antivirus is designed to “just work” without a lot of tweaking and it has sensible defaults. But there are still a variety of settings you may want to change in your PC’s built-in antivirus program.  Windows Defender antivirus: 5 settings to change first | PCWorld

LEXY SAVVIDES, CNET, COMPARES APPLE’S FIND MY NETWORK AND GOOGLE’S FIND MY DEVICE: HERE’S THE CLEAR WINNER – Google always had a way to find your lost Android phones with Android Device Manager. Still, it’s recently expanded and rebranded the 11-year-old Find My Device network to help you find not only phones and tablets but Wear OS devices like the Pixel Watch, supported headphones and Bluetooth trackers such as Chipolo’s One Point. Apple’s Find My network has been around since 2010, and it can find Apple products like the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and AirTags, plus third-party devices compatible with the network like Nomad’s Tracking Card. How do they compare in 2024?
I Compared Apple’s Find My Network and Google’s Find My Device: Here’s the Clear Winner – CNET

HOW TO RESET WINDOWS 11 WITHOUT LOSING YOUR APPS, FILES, AND SETTINGS – Windows 10 and 11 offer a reset feature that you can run if you’re bumping into technical troubles with the operating system. But there’s a downside to performing a traditional reset. All your installed applications and customized settings are lost, forcing you to reinstall and set them up from scratch, even if the reset fixes the problem. With Windows 11, however, there is another option. Find out more at How to reset Windows 11 without losing your apps, files, and settings | ZDNET

HOW TO STOP WINDOWS FROM COLLECTING AND SHARING YOUR LOCATION DATA – You probably know that mobile phones routinely collect and store location data and share that data with apps and third parties. But did you know your Windows 10/11 PC does it as well? Like your smartphone, your Windows PC constantly determines your current location and stores that data in a database. That stored location data is then shared with any apps that request it. Moreover, in some situations, it’s even shared with third-party companies and organizations. Rick’s Daily Tips
How to stop Windows from collecting and sharing your location data (ricksdailytips.com)

GOOGLE’S THIRD BETA OF ANDROID 15 IS OUT, AND IT HAS SOME HANDY NEW SECURITY FEATURES – Android developers now have official notice to get their apps in gear for Android 15, as Google has released the third beta for the next generation of its mobile operating system. This beta release—following a first developer preview in February, a second preview in March, a first beta in April, and a second beta that debuted at Google I/O in May—brings Android 15 to its “platform stability” milestone. The headline in Google’s announcement post spells out what that means for developers: “Get your apps, libraries, tools, and game engines ready!” Learn more at Google’s Third Beta of Android 15 Is Out, and It Has Some Handy New Security Features | PCMag

HOW TO REMOVE YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION FROM GOOGLE SEARCH – Looking for more privacy? Here’s how to remove your phone number, email, physical address, and lots of other personal data about yourself from Google’s search results.  How to Remove Your Personal Information From Google Search | PCMag

MAKE YOUR PHONE LAST LONGER WITH THESE EASY TIPS – Your phone can last for years if you treat it properly. These tips will help whether you have an iPhone or Android phone. Make Your Phone Last Longer With These Easy Tips – CNET

8 THINGS TO NEVER STORE ON YOUR SMARTPHONE – Back in the days of yore, leaving your house meant you needed to carry your wallet, which almost invariably contained your cash, a form of picture identification, your insurance card, your credit cards, photos of your kids, maybe even a spare check. These days, you have to ask yourself if you even need to own a wallet. After all, there are quite a few things that you should immediately stop keeping in your wallet (if you haven’t already). But even more importantly, don’t you store most of that stuff on your phone?
Things to Never Store on Your Smartphone | Reader’s Digest (rd.com)

MARCH 2024 —
IS SOMEONE MIRRORING YOUR SMARTPHONE? HERE’S HOW TO CHECK – Smartphones are no less susceptible to cyber threats than computers, and it can be argued that smartphone security deserves more attention than it typically gets. Besides, it’s not just malware that you need to worry about; there’s also smartphone mirroring. But what exactly is smartphone mirroring? How can you tell if someone is mirroring your smartphone, and what can you do about it? Learn about smartphone mirroring at Is Someone Mirroring Your Smartphone? Here’s How to Check (makeuseof.com)

MICROSOFT COPILOT CONTINUES TO IMPROVE, GAINING 3 NEW POPULAR PLUGINS — HERE’S WHAT THEY ARE AND HOW TO USE THEM – While overall ChatGPT adoption seems to be high, especially in an enterprise setting, Copilot doesn’t seem to have hit the mass market appeal that ChatGPT has. This difference is likely due to lagging in useful features. Today Microsoft took a step to remedy that, while not as exciting at GPTs in the GPT store for ChatGPT, application plugins for Copilot are a good step in the right direction. For more about the plugins, read this Windows Central article. Copilot now features plugins for some awesome applications | Windows Central

HOW TO FIND HIDDEN STARTUP PROGRAMS SLOWING DOWN YOUR WINDOWS PC – Is your computer taking longer than usual to boot up, or do programs load slowly? This could be caused by hidden applications that launch automatically on system boot and use up significant CPU resources—many are legitimate, but sometimes unnecessary. Read this How-To Geek article about how to find these applications and speed up your computer. How to Find Hidden Startup Programs Slowing Down Your Windows PC (howtogeek.com)

YOUR ANDROID DEVICE IS TOO OLD TO RECEIVE UPDATES, NOW WHAT? – If you own a relatively new or high-end Android smartphone, it’ll most likely get at least four years of software updates and support. Older devices, however, may already be at the end of their lifecycles. So, what happens once your Android is too old to receive updates? Read more at Your Android Device Is Too Old to Receive Updates, Now What? (howtogeek.com)

8 WAYS TO KEEP YOUR LAPTOP BATTERY HEALTHY FOR A LONG TIME – Most laptops nowadays are powered by lithium-ion batteries, also called Li-ion batteries. While these batteries can hold a full charge when new, they gradually lose this capacity over time. Taking proper care of them is crucial to preserve their ability to hold maximum charge for as long as possible, and here are some tips to help you do just that. Read more at 8 Ways to Keep Your Laptop Battery Healthy for a Long Time (makeuseof.com)

EXCEL OPENING BLANK DOCUMENTS? TRY THESE TIPS TO FIX THE PROBLEM – Microsoft Excel opening blank documents for you? Problems like a corrupted Excel workbook, a hidden sheet, interference from add-ins, and other factors can lead to this issue. Try these How-To Geek fixes to identify the leading cause and resolve the problem. Excel Opening Blank Documents? Try These Tips to Fix the Problem (howtogeek.com)

GOOGLE TIPS SATELLITE SOS FEATURE FOR ANDROID PHONES – Google is taking a page from Apple and developing its own emergency SOS feature for Android phones that can connect to satellite services. The test feature is popping up on Google Pixel phones with the latest software update. In the Settings > Safety & emergency tab, you may see a “satellite SOS” option. The feature doesn’t activate anything, according to 9to5Google. Still, the menus describe the function as a way to “message with emergency services and share your location when you can’t connect to a mobile or Wi-Fi network.” https://www.pcmag.com/news/google-tips-satellite-sos-feature-for-android-phones


HANDS ON WITH MICROSOFT COPILOT IN WINDOWS 11, YOUR LATEST AI ASSISTANT – The first generative AI built into an operating system is here. We take Microsoft Copilot out for a spin. A colorful new icon will soon appear on your Windows 11 taskbar, and it leads to a new era in desktop computing in the form of Microsoft Copilot. This AI chat sidebar powered by OpenAI, Bing, and Microsoft technologies can change computer settings or open apps. It can not only generate text and images, but also create either based on the other. Learn more about Copilot in this PCMag article.
Hands On With Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11, Your Latest AI Assistant | PCMag


BARD CAN NOW CONNECT TO YOUR GOOGLE APPS AND SERVICES – Use Bard alongside Google apps and services, easily double-check its responses, and access features in more places. Google Bard September update: App extensions and new features (blog.google)

4 WAYS TO DELETE A DRIVE PARTITION ON WINDOWS – Your Windows computer provides several options for deleting unwanted drive partitions, whether you are looking to consolidate space, restructure data allocation, or simply start over. However, before you do that, make sure to backup or move any important data on the partition, as the process removes all the data on the drive. Read more at 4 Ways to Delete a Drive Partition on Windows (makeuseof.com)

 LASTPASS: ‘HORSE GONE BARN BOLTED’ IS STRONG PASSWORD – The password manager service LastPass is now forcing some of its users to pick longer master passwords. LastPass says the changes are needed to ensure all customers are protected by their latest security improvements. But critics say the move is little more than a public relations stunt that will do nothing to help countless early adopters whose password vaults were exposed in a 2022 breach at LastPass.
LastPass: ‘Horse Gone Barn Bolted’ is Strong Password – Krebs on Security

DON’T BE FOOLED! 5 TIPS TO AVOID FAKE APPS IN THE WINDOWS STORE – Make Use Of shows you how not to have a bad time on the Windows Store.

MICROSOFT OFFICIALLY INTRODUCES COPILOT FOR WINDOWS 11 – Microsoft said that its new AI companion will be available starting on September 26, 2023, as part of the new Windows 23H2 (2023 Update) features. The chatbot is also expected to be available on Microsoft 365 apps and services, Outlook, and Microsoft Edge (formerly Bing Chat on the browser).
Microsoft officially introduces Copilot for Windows 11 – Pureinfotech

THE NEW OUTLOOK FOR WINDOWS HAS ARRIVED – Microsoft has been working on a completely new Outlook email app for Windows for over a year, intended to replace the Windows 10-era Mail and Calendar applications, and eventually the classic Windows Outlook client. Now, the new Outlook app is officially available for everyone, and is starting to roll out as pre-installed with Windows 11. Read more at https://www.howtogeek.com/the-new-outlook-for-windows-has-arrived/

REMOTELY TRANSFER PHOTOS FROM AN ANDROID PHONE TO COMPUTER – Everyone captures photos with their phones, but the main issue arises when you have to transfer photos from an Android phone to a computer. There are several ways to do this, and perhaps the most common solution is to connect the phone to your computer via a USB cable. But even if you don’t have a cable on hand, there are several ways to remotely transfer photos from an Android phone to your Windows PC. Read more at
Remotely Transfer Photos From an Android Phone to Computer – Make Tech Easier

10 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOU COULD DO WITH A USB FLASH DRIVE – USB flash drives are a cheap and portable way to back up files and move them around between machines. But as cloud storage becomes cheaper, and Wi-Fi more commonplace, flash drives aren’t as necessary as they once were. You probably have a couple sitting around in a drawer that rarely ever get used. If you want to breathe new life into your old USB flash drives, this guide includes ten things you may have never known they could do. 10 Things You Never Knew You Could Do With a USB Flash Drive – Make Tech Easier

7 WAYS TO LOCK YOUR WINDOWS COMPUTER – When stepping away from your PC, it is recommended that you lock your computer, not only to conserve battery life, but also to safeguard privacy. The most common method is pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del on your keyboard, then selecting “Lock.” However, there are numerous other ways to lock your PC. Find out how at
7 Ways to Lock Your Windows Computer – Make Tech Easier

JULY 2023

GOOGLE JUST MADE LIFE MUCH EASIER FOR WINDOWS 11 USERS WITH ANDROID PHONES – Windows 11 (and 10) users can now easily share files between their Android devices and Windows PC, thanks to Google’s Nearby Share app which has been officially released for Microsoft’s desktop operating systems. Read more at Google just made life much easier for Windows 11 users with Android phones | TechRadar

WINDOWS AND MAC TRICKS YOU’LL USE ALL THE TIME – There are some tech tricks that you only know if someone clues you in. Take the humble USB cord. If you’re constantly plugging it in the wrong way, here’s the secret: The symbol on one isn’t just branding or decoration. That symbol will point up if you’re plugging in horizontally. If you plug a cable vertically, the USB symbol will face you. Kim Komando could go on. She loves passing along clever tech tricks we’ll use time and time again. Here are a few goodies! Tech smarts: Windows and Mac tricks you’ll use all the time (msn.com)

WHY THIS SECRET FEATURE MADE ME LOVE WINDOWS NOTEPAD ALL OVER AGAIN – This week’s Hidden Features spotlight is going to be a shortie, but trust me, it’s still a goodie: time-stamping your Notepad entries without doing it manually. Read more at Why this secret feature made me love Windows Notepad all over again | TechRadar

SEVEN WAYS TO GET THE MOST OUT OF THE WINDOWS 11 START MENU – The start menu has been one of the iconic features of the Windows operating system for years. It was designed to bring more accessibility to the OS, thereby making a lot of things easier on Windows. The Start menu has improved with time, and the one in Windows 11 is even more functional with many capabilities. In this article, we will walk you through the ways the Start menu in Windows 11 can benefit you when using your PC.
MakeUseOf 7 Ways to Get the Most Out of the Windows 11 Start Menu (msn.com)

8 GREAT WAYS TO ORGANIZE YOUR GMAIL INBOX TO IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY – For most of us, email is a necessary evil of modern working life. Unfortunately, it can so easily suck time, leaving you stressed and under pressure to get all your other tasks done. We are here to help. We don’t want your email inbox to get you down so we’ve broken down eight great ways to organize your Gmail set-up to improve your productivity. Getting Started…
8 great ways to organize your Gmail inbox to improve productivity (msn.com)

HOW TO INSERT COLUMNS AND ROWS IN MICROSOFT EXCEL (MOBILE, DESKTOP, AND WEB) – It’s easy to add new columns and rows to an Excel spreadsheet. In this Help Desk Geek article, we’ll show you how to add a column (or row) in Microsoft Excel for desktop, web, and mobile. How To Insert Columns and Rows in Microsoft Excel (Mobile, Desktop, and Web) (helpdeskgeek.com)

7 MOUSE SHORTCUTS YOU’LL USE AGAIN AND AGAIN – Computer mice weren’t widely used until the ’80s, and now it’s hard to imagine a desktop computer without one. Like keyboards, these little peripherals have shortcuts. They’re universal and work on various applications, such as word processors, email and social media. Here are mouse shortcuts you’ll use again and again. Top 7 computer mouse shortcuts everybody should know (komando.com)

DO YOU NEED TO WIPE YOUR PRINTER BEFORE YOU GET RID OF IT? – We all know it’s important to remove personal data before selling or discarding a PC or smartphone. But what about your printer after it spits out its last page? Here’s how to securely dispose of it. Read this PCMag article to find out how. Do You Need to Wipe Your Printer Before You Get Rid of It? | PCMag

WAIT, WHAT? 5 AMAZING THINGS YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR PHONE CAN DO – Remember when a cell phone was for calls and a round or two of Snake? Today’s phones are pro-grade cameras, PDF scanners and even car keys.
Kim Komando keeps a digital copy of my driver’s license on my phone because it’s just so handy. Here’s how to do that. 
Paying with your phone is so easy, too. Late to the party? I have a guide on setting that up. 
There’s a ton more your phone can do. Many of these functions are found in the accessibility settings. Developers create them for people who need extra assistance using their phones — but they’re handy for just about anyone. Beyond the basics: 5 incredible iPhone and Android features (komando.com)

WHAT YOU SHOULD (AND SHOULDN’T) UNPLUG OR TURN OFF WHEN YOU GO ON VACATION – From saving money on your electric bill to protecting sensitive electronics from damage, there are plenty of good reasons to unplug things when you go on vacation. Read this How-to-Geek article about what you should shut down, what you shouldn’t, and when. What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Unplug or Turn Off When You Go On Vacation (howtogeek.com)

WHERE TO RECYCLE OLD PHONES AND TABLETS – Whether you recently upgraded your smartphone or are moving and found a drawer full of old gadgets, you’ll want to dispose of or recycle them properly. With the never-ending cycle of upgrading phones yearly, you’re probably wondering where to recycle an old phone. It’s a good idea to update your phone software when available or repair broken screens, making them last as long as possible. Plus, there are a myriad of uses for an old phone you’ll want to consider before throwing it out. If you still want to get rid of an old phone or tablet, please don’t throw it in the trash. Instead, here’s what to do with it or where recycling is available. ReviewGeek Where to Recycle Old Phones and Tablets – Review Geek

I CAN’T IMAGINE USING WINDOWS WITHOUT THE EVERYTHING APP – There are very few apps Jason Fitzpatrick, How-To-Geek, can’t imagine life without, but at the top of that short list is Everything. He has used it for over a decade, and it’s an integral part of his Windows experience.
Can’t Imagine Using Windows Without the Everything App (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO FACTORY RESET WINDOWS TO ITS DEFAULT SETTINGS – If you’re having trouble with your Windows PC or planning to give it away or sell it, you may want to reset it to factory settings to erase your data. A full factory reset erases all your apps, settings, and files to return it to the way it was when you first purchased it. It’s a quick way to start from scratch. Find out how at this maketecheasier article. How to Factory Reset Windows to Its Default Settings – Make Tech Easier

HOW TO CONNECT AN IPHONE TO WINDOWS 11 – iPhone users who also use Windows 11 are finally getting some cross-platform functionality. They’ll soon be able to see iPhone notifications and text messages, and even make calls from the PC. Windows 11 has long offered a remarkable degree of integration with Android phones, with access to photos shot on the phone and the ability to run phone apps on the PC screen. For years, Microsoft has been promising similar abilities for iPhones, but Apple keeps such a tight grip on its closed ecosystem that these intentions have been thwarted—until now. Read more at this PCMag article
How to Connect an iPhone to Windows 11 | PCMag

13 THINGS YOU SHOULD DO AFTER PLUGGING IN YOUR NEW ROUTER – You just plugged in your new Wi-Fi router. Now what? It’s a perfect time to set things up with best practices right from the start and get the most out of your faster, better, and up-to-date hardware. How-To Geek 13 Things You Should Do After Plugging In Your New Router (howtogeek.com)

GOOGLE WANTS TO MAKE IT HARDER FOR BAD ACTORS TO TRACK YOU. HERE’S HOW – Unknown tracker alerts, which will let you know if an unrecognized Bluetooth device appears to be traveling with you, are coming to Android phones this summer, Google said Wednesday at its annual Google I/O developer conference. While introducing updates to its Find My Device service, Google’s Sameer Samat said the company took a long time “to get this right,” ensuring the new feature wouldn’t compromise people’s location information. CNET
Google Wants to Make It Harder for Bad Actors to Track You. Here’s How – CNET

HOW TO USE MICROSOFT WORD’S HIDDEN TRANSCRIPTION FEATURE – Did you know Microsoft Word has a voice transcription feature that lets you upload audio files? You can upload and transcribe unlimited minutes of audio—great for transcribing interviews, meeting minutes, or anything else. It works incredibly well, too. Here’s how to use it. Read this How-To Geek article. How to Use Microsoft Word’s Hidden Transcription Feature (howtogeek.com)

A MICROSOFT 365 ACCESSIBILITY ASSISTANT WILL MAKE CONTENT EASIER TO SEE – Five years ago, Microsoft launched the Accessibility Checker, a small tool that helped creators ensure content was legible. The Accessibility Assistant will improve upon that, stealing design elements from Microsoft Editor. In fact, you’ll eventually see the Accessibility Assistant pane in Word and other Microsoft 365 apps, which looks like Editor’s recommendations sidebar for identifying and remediating issues. It’s due later this year, Microsoft said. Find out more at this PCWorld article Microsoft 365 accessibility assistant will make content readable | PCWorld

HOW TO CHECK APPS HIGH MEMORY USAGE ON WINDOWS 11, 10 – On Windows 11 (or 10), you have multiple ways to determine which app uses the most Random Access Memory (RAM), and in this guide, you will learn how. Find out how at this Pureinfotech article  How to check apps high memory usage on Windows 11, 10 – Pureinfotech

MARCH 2023

WHAT IS WPA3, AND HOW DO I GET IT ON MY WI-FI ROUTER? – WPA3 was introduced in 2018, but there’s still a bit of confusion surrounding what it is, what improvements it offers, and how to get it. Here’s what you need to know about WPA3 and how to use it with your home Wi-Fi network. Read more at https://www.howtogeek.com/339765/what-is-wpa3-and-when-will-i-get-it-on-my-wi-fi/

10 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW GOOGLE MAPS COULD DO – Google Maps is one of the apps we probably use the most, whether it’s to get directions or virtually explore a faraway location. But Google Maps can do more than you might realize. You can rely on it to remember your car parking spot, check gas prices and check if a gas station is open, and even travel back in time, sort of. Read this article to find out how to use these features and more. https://tinyurl.com/us4fdjf5

HOW TO MAKE PICTURES OR BACKGROUND TRANSPARENT IN POWERPOINT – When you include a picture or slide background in Microsoft PowerPoint, you may not want it to be the main focus. Luckily, making a picture transparent in PowerPoint, as well as doing the same for a background, takes only a few steps. Read more at https://tinyurl.com/2a8tfhrj

MICROSOFT’S LATEST WINDOWS 11 UPDATE FIXES SLOW FILE COPYING – Windows 11 users who installed the optional 2022 update (version 22H2) in September reported a big problem where copying files took almost twice as long as before. And while the bug mainly affected enterprise customers, regular users experienced similar issues. While this isn’t a major problem for daily users, enterprise machines constantly copying or transferring files experienced a considerable slowdown in performance. Microsoft quickly acknowledged the problem, and thankfully, the March “Moment 2 patch” reportedly fixes it. Read more at https://tinyurl.com/2s4d9myr

10 THINGS YOU’LL NOTICE WHEN SWITCHING FROM ANDROID TO IPHONE – So you’ve finally made the leap and decided to switch to the iPhone, leaving Android for good. You’re excited to explore everything that your new iPhone has to offer and experience all the bells and whistles that come with iOS. While there is indeed a lot to look forward to, it’s wiser to go in with realistic expectations instead of painting a rosy picture. To help you know what to expect, let’s go over 10 things you’ll notice when switching from Android to iPhone. Read more here https://tinyurl.com/bj2kwyeb

HOW TO STOP APPS FROM USING MOBILE DATA ON ANDROID – Mobile data is a precious resource. It’s one part of many phone contracts that’s still subject to limitations and can get pretty costly if it’s not monitored and kept in check. A vital way of controlling mobile data is to get an idea of how much data each app uses, then find ways to curtail their data use. There are various ways to do this, as you’ll see in this guide, that shows how you how to stop apps from using your mobile data on Android. Read more at https://tinyurl.com/n9xx36tp

HOW TO RESET ALL AUDIO SETTINGS IN WINDOWS – The audio settings in Windows automatically adjust with your app requirements and system updates. If you’re not getting the desired sound quality, or when there is no sound at all, you can reset your current audio settings to resolve the problem. Find out all the different ways to reset your diverse audio settings in Windows here. https://tinyurl.com/mr26nx6m

WINDOWS 10 TASKBAR NOT WORKING? 8 COMMON ISSUES AND FIXES – Is your Windows 10 taskbar not working? Microsoft gave the humble taskbar new tricks in Windows 10, but this introduced additional frustrating errors. Learn about fixes for the most common issues that plague the taskbar in Windows 10 at https://tinyurl.com/ykytsvfb

WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A VPN SERVICE PROVIDER – Looking at a VPN service provider’s website can be overwhelming and sometimes misleading. With this guide, you’ll know exactly which features are important and how to navigate the technical jargon and hidden policies on a VPN provider’s website before choosing your VPN service. Find the guide at https://tinyurl.com/v8k99ub4

HOW TO CAT-PROOF YOUR LAPTOP OR COMPUTER: PROTECT YOUR DESK AREA FROM KITTY – Rebecca Spear absolutely loves her two cats and the various foster kitties we get in our home. Still, there’s no denying that they occasionally sabotage my workspace by stepping on my keyboard, chewing on my cables, knocking things off my desk, or even unwittingly pushing my power button. Since there are always new paws padding around my desk, I’ve been forced to adapt to each feline’s creative new ways of temporarily incapacitating my PC. I’m here today to share the cat-proofing computer knowledge I’ve gained from my experiences. Find the info here https://tinyurl.com/46wpp67a

GOOGLE SEARCH TRICKS: 7 SIMPLE WAYS TO FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR – Google is the world’s most popular search engine. Indeed, “Google it” has become part of our lexicon. But that’s not always so straightforward, is it? No matter how long you’ve been using Google, there are better ways to find what you’re looking for that you may not be aware of. Here are a few ways to get more out of Google search. https://tinyurl.com/4k3xprw7

RICK’S TIPS Q&A: HOW DO I REOPEN A BROWSER TAB I CLOSED BY ACCIDENT? – I close the wrong tab ALL THE TIME, and I’d really like to know how to open it back up! Find out from Rick how to open it back up. https://tinyurl.com/bd5tfkke

THIS NEW GOOGLE MAPS FEATURE IS LIKE NEXT-GEN STREET VIEW – AND IT’S ROLLING OUT NOW – Immersive View, the interactive Google Maps feature first announced at Google I/O 2022, is finally rolling out. The feature will initially be available for London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, and is set to go live for more cities in the coming months. Immersive View uses a combination of Street View and aerial imagery to present digital, real-time representations of cities in Google Maps, and Google has confirmed(opens in new tab) that users in Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice will soon be able to access the innovative navigational tool. Find out more at https://tinyurl.com/522bn45t

GOOGLE’S BRILLIANT TOOL FOR SEARCHING FOR THINGS ONLINE – How do you search for a specific dress if you don’t know the designer? There might also be times when you can’t accurately put what you are looking for into words. That usually leaves you with two options: give up or resign to spending too much time searching numerous search results. Thankfully, Google has a third option to make your searches faster and more effortless. With multisearch in Lens, you can look up text and images simultaneously. Find out how here https://tinyurl.com/4vymjk35


HOW TO BACK UP A MACHINE THAT WON’T BOOT You need to boot to back up, but you can’t boot. What then? Here’s the scenario: all is well and you’re getting lots of work done on your computer when all of a sudden, it crashes. No idea why — it just crashes. What’s worse, it won’t reboot. Maybe it just hangs on boot, maybe it says the drive isn’t found, or maybe there’s something else interfering. To make matters worse yet, you stand to lose all that work you were doing because it hasn’t yet been backed up. Your most recent work seems to be locked inside a hard drive you can’t access. There may be a way to back it up before dealing with the crash. Learn how…
How to Back Up a Machine That Won’t Boot – Ask Leo!

WINDOWS 11 NOW HAS CAMERA OPTIONS IN THE QUICK SETTINGSAs videoconferencing apps keep becoming more common, you need to keep your computer’s camera feed looking sharp. Now, you can quickly change your camera’s settings with a new, handy toggle on Windows 11. Read more… Windows 11 Now Has Camera Options in the Quick Settings (howtogeek.com)

MICROSOFT EXPERIMENTS WITH ADS IN THE WINDOWS 11 START MENU Microsoft is experimenting with injecting ads into the Windows 11 start menu experience in an attempt to get us to use more of its products and services. Read more… Microsoft Experiments With Ads in the Windows 11 Start Menu | PCMag

SPEC SHOWDOWN: THE ORIGINAL IBM 5150 VS. TODAY’S PCS Just for kicks, let’s compare the specs of the 1981-vintage computer that inspired the birth of PC Magazine to some modern-day desktops.  Spec Showdown: The Original IBM 5150 vs. Today’s PCs | PCMag

NORTONLIFELOCK MERGES WITH AVAST TO FORM NEW COMPANY CALLED ‘GEN’NortonLifeLock has settled on a new company name after merging with antivirus provider Avast two months ago: Gen. The full name is actually Gen Digital. But the company is already promoting(Opens in a new window) itself as Gen through marketing materials and on its website. The term doesn’t exactly connote cybersecurity or antivirus. However, the newly merged company selected the name to underscore its focus on protecting “digital life.” “We’re all a part of a new generation, regardless of age. It’s not Gen X, Y or Z, it’s Generation Digital,” says CEO Vincent Pilette, who was previously the head of NortonLifeLock. But despite the new name, all the separate brands will continue to live on. “Yes, nothing will change on that front. The company name and logo change won’t impact their consumer brands,” a spokesperson for Gen told PCMag.
NortonLifeLock Merges With Avast to Form New Company Called ‘Gen’ | PCMag

5 SIGNS YOU NEED A NEW LAPTOPYou might to shocked to learn that the most reliable Chromebooks have an honest-to-goodness expiration date. Once that date is reached, it’s trash. The Chromebook will not get any more patches or updates. Take a look at the clear-cut signs buying a new laptop is in your immediate future.  5 signs you need a new laptop (komando.com)

LOGITECH MOUSE NOT WORKING? 11 FIXES TO TRY Logitech is one of the world’s most popular computer peripheral makers, and millions of their mice are connected to computers everywhere. So it’s no surprise that many people have issues with their Logitech mice from time to time. Usually, these glitches are rare and easy to resolve. Just follow the troubleshooting tips, and you’ll be clicking away in no time.  Logitech Mouse Not Working? 11 Fixes to Try (helpdeskgeek.com)

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RICK’S TECH TIPS – This post only applies if your PC is running Windows’ native Microsoft Defender Antivirus.

Do you depend on Windows’ native Microsoft Defender security app to protect your PC from malware?

If so, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft also provides native ransomware protection with both Windows 10 and Windows 11. Note: If your PC has a third-party antivirus program installed on it, you won’t need to do this because that security app already has ransomware protection built-in. In a nutshell, Windows’ ransomware protection locks down key folders to prevent malware from accessing and altering the files contained within them.

By default, not every folder on the hard drive or SSD is protected from ransomware when ransomware protection is enabled, but you have the option of manually adding any folder on any drive to the protected list. More on that later…

How does ransomware work?

If ransomware successfully attacks your PC the malware will encrypt all the photos and other important files on the hard drive or SSD and demand that you pay a ransom in order to obtain the decryption key.

If you refuse to pay the ransom your files will be lost forever.

And even if you do pay the ransom there’s a good chance that the hacker will simply keep your money and never send you the decryption key – in which case your files will still be lost forever!

Protecting your files against ransomware…

The best defense against ransomware is to get into the habit of creating frequent backups of your PC’s hard drive or SSD but having Windows Defender’s ransomware protection enabled adds a powerful extra layer of security to your PC’s file system.

The problem is, even though Microsoft Defender has ransomware protection built in, it is disabled by default. That means unless you manually enable it, your critical files will still be at risk of being encrypted by ransomware.

Luckily, it’s very easy to enable Microsoft Defender’s ransomware protection and add additional folders to the protected folder’s list. Just follow the steps below.

First, let’s enable ransomware protection on your PC…

1 – Search Field > Start typing the phrase virus & threat protection and click Virus & threat protection after it pops up in the list of search results.
2 – Scroll down to the “Ransomware protection” section and click the Manage ransomware protection link.
3 – Toggle the “Controlled folder access” setting to On.

Congratulations! Microsoft Defender’s native ransomware protection is now enabled on your PC.
Now it’s time to check to see which folders are currently being protected against ransomware…

1 – Click the Protected folders link.
2 – Click Yes in response to the “User account control” dialog.
3 – Review the list of protected folders to see which folders are currently being protected against ransomware.
4 – (Optional) If you want to add a folder on any attached drive to the protected folders list simply click Add a protected folder and then navigate to the folder you wish to add and click Select Folder.

Note: You can add as many folders as you want to the protected folders list.

That’s it. You’re done! Ransomware protection is now enabled in your PC’s Microsoft Defender app and your selected folders are now being protected.

Bonus tip: If you ever suspect that your Windows PC is infected with malware, this post has step-by-step instructions for getting rid of it.
How to enable ransomware protection in Windows 10/11 (ricksdailytips.com)

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3 WAYS TO QUICKLY CONNECT BLUETOOTH DEVICES IN WINDOWS 11 – In Windows 10, WIN + K gave quick access to your wireless displays and devices. Many people used it to connect to paired Bluetooth accessories. (Hi, that’s me.) Whether a headset or a mouse, it took minimal effort. In Windows 11, the shortcut is gone. Oh, its husked-out shell exists—hitting WIN + K brings up wireless displays you can connect to. But the useful part for most people has been stripped out. To connect to your paired Bluetooth devices, you must instead navigate a longer, more circuitous route to the Windows Settings app. (Microsoft doesn’t care about muscle memory or repetitive stress injuries, apparently.) This process now involves a discrete window you have to close out after you’re done, too. It may seem like a small thing, but similar to hearing the drip of a leaky faucet, it causes much irritation over time. I’m not the only person who finds this annoying, either—not if the comments on PCWorld’s YouTube channel are any indication. The solution (kind of)…  How to quickly connect to Bluetooth devices in Windows 11 | PCWorld

HOW TO PROGRAM AN ARDUINO WITH A RASPBERRY PI – Running a program on an Arduino is easy, but have you tried doing it with a Pi? The Raspberry Pi is powerful enough to be a standalone computer and is also good enough to program a microcontroller. This process is cut up into two parts: how to install the Arduino IDE and how to use the IDE on the Raspberry Pi. While it’s possible to program the Arduino through Platformio, doing it this way should be much simpler for someone new. How to Program an Arduino with a Raspberry Pi – Make Tech Easier

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US CHIPS ACT: WHAT IS IT, AND WILL IT MAKE DEVICES CHEAPER? – The CHIPS and Science Act of 2022, usually shortened to just the CHIPS Act or H. R. 4346, is a bill that received bipartisan support in the House of Representatives and Senate. The final iteration passed in the House on Thursday, with 243 votes in favor and 187 votes against, and is awaiting the signature of President Joe Biden before it becomes law. The main centerpiece of the CHIPS Act, and where the acronym comes from, is the “Creating Helpful Incentives to Produce Semiconductors (CHIPS) for America Fund.” The bill sets aside more than $52 billion in subsidies to “support the development and adoption of secure and trusted telecommunications technologies, secure semiconductors, secure semiconductors supply chains, and other emerging technologies.” That money is intended to fund the construction of semiconductor fabrication plants, or ‘fabs’ for short, in the United States.
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WINDOWS, MACOS, CHROME OS, OR LINUX: WHICH OPERATING SYSTEM IS BEST? – You don’t have a great many choices when it comes to your computer’s operating system, but the choice that you make can have wide-ranging consequences. The five OSes included here are your most viable options. That’s not a huge number, but these operating systems differ distinctly in strengths and weaknesses. Four come from commercial tech giants, while one, the Linux-based Ubuntu, is a free and open-source option. Windows and macOS are generally the most powerful in terms of hardware and software selection as well as interface conveniences and utilities, while Chrome OS is more lightweight and runs on inexpensive hardware. But why run just one operating system? Read more at Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, or Linux: Which Operating System Is Best? | PCMag

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FAREWELL, BLUE SCREEN OF DEATH? – Hardcore fans of Windows XP may differ, but I believe Windows 10 and 11 are the most stable versions of the operating system to date. Still, it’s not unheard of for the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) to appear when Windows encounters an unexpected error. The good news is that you’ll never see a Blue Screen of Death on Windows 11. The bad news is, they changed the color of the BSOD. On a Windows 11 system, it’s the Black Screen of Death. But it’s not all bad — read on for the latest news on the BSOD and what to do if it happens to you… Farewell, Blue Screen of Death? (askbobrankin.com)

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HOW TO SHARE WI-FI NETWORK CONNECTIONS IN WINDOWS 11 – When someone asks you to share your PC’s Wi-Fi connection, what do you do? You can hand them the Wi-Fi password so they connect their device directly to the network. Or, you could share your PC’s internet using the Windows “Mobile hotspot” feature that converts your computer into a makeshift router. If you don’t remember the network’s security key, we’ll show you how to find saved Wi-Fi passwords in Windows. This tutorial also covers steps to set up and use mobile hotspot to share your computer’s internet. How to Share Wi-Fi Network Connections in Windows 11 (online-tech-tips.com)


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HOW TO LIMIT BATTERY CHARGE TO A CERTAIN PERCENTAGE IN WINDOWS 11/10The latest Apple macOS versions detect whether you’re using the laptop on AC power for extended amounts of time. It automatically limits the maximum battery level to 80% to extend your battery life. Neither Windows 10 nor 11 have this feature at the time of writing, but if you want a similar option to make your battery last longer on your Windows laptop, you have a few options. How to Limit Battery Charge to a Certain Percentage in Windows 11/10 (helpdeskgeek.com)

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MICROSOFT DEFENDER HAS ARRIVED ON ALL YOUR DEVICES… BUT IT’LL COST YOU – You’ll need to subscribe to Microsoft 365 before you can enjoy Defender outside of a Windows system. Microsoft Defender has been putting up some solid results lately, and now you can enjoy its coverage on more devices than ever before. The Redmond giant has brought its antivirus to solution to Android, macOS, and iOS devices, so you can stay safe no matter what you use. Read more at Microsoft Defender Has Arrived on All Your Devices… but It’ll Cost You (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO ENABLE THE ULTIMATE PERFORMANCE POWER PLAN IN WINDOWS 10 – Windows 10 2018 update introduced Windows users to the ultimate performance power plan. It goes a step further than the High-Performance power plan and allows you to really squeeze performance out of your machine. It’s available on Windows 10 and 11 Pro for Workstations but isn’t available by default on Windows 10 and 11 Home and Pro. You can still enable it though, and here, you’ll learn how. Before that though, let’s talk about what the Ultimate Performance power plan is and what it does for your PC.
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HOW TO USE WINDOWS SPEECH-TO-TEXT FOR HANDS-FREE TYPING – Just like you would ask Google Assistant or Siri to accomplish tasks on your phone, you can also talk to your Windows PC to get things done hands-free. While you can use basic commands to perform simple tasks like opening files and navigating within applications, the built-in speech-to-text feature opens up another level of productivity. For example, you can dictate emails, take voice notes, and write reports just using speech-to-text. Read how to use this Windows feature at How to Use Windows Speech-to-Text for Hands-Free Typing – Techlicious


HOW TO ENABLE RANSOMWARE PROTECTION ON WINDOWS 11On Windows 11, you can enable the “Controlled folder access” feature to protect your files against ransomware attacks, and in this guide, you will learn how. Microsoft Defender Antivirus is your default security solution to protect your computer against viruses, spyware, rootkits, and many other types of malware. However, you probably didn’t know that the anti-malware solution also includes an option to protect your files from ransomware, but you need to enable the feature manually. How to enable ransomware protection on Windows 11 – Pureinfotech

HOW TO SET UP A GUEST ACCOUNT ON WINDOWS 11 – Worried about what visitors might find on your PC? Make them a guest account on Windows 11 and fret no more. Creating a guest account on Windows 11 isn’t as easy as it was in previous versions of Windows However, that does not mean you cannot create any at all. This article has two methods of creating a guest account in Windows 11 that will help you set up a temporary account in no time. How to Set Up a Guest Account on Windows 11 (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO SWITCH FROM MICROSOFT ACCOUNT TO LOCAL ACCOUNT ON WINDOWS 11On Windows 11, you probably use a Microsoft account, but you can always switch to a local account, and in this guide, you will learn how. A Microsoft account is the default type when setting up a new user on your computer because it provides better security, integration with Microsoft services, and easy files and settings synchronization across devices. However, this is not an account type that everyone wants since many users don’t like the idea of large companies handling their information or using cloud services. How to switch from Microsoft account to local account on Windows 11 – Pureinfotech

YOUR PHONE IS FILTHY AND YOU SHOULD BE CLEANING IT – Did you know your iPhone or Android phone is one of the dirtiest things you touch every day? You probably wash your hands after touching something dirty, but then grab your dirty phone. It’s time to do something about that. Find out how dirty your phone is and how to clean it. Your Phone Is Filthy and You Should Be Cleaning It (howtogeek.com)

HERE’S HOW TO DECODE THE NUMBERS IN WI-FI ROUTER NAMES – When you’re shopping for a new Wi-Fi router you’ll certainly notice they have elaborate number-packed names. Read this article to learn how to decode what those numbers mean. Here’s How to Decode the Numbers in Wi-Fi Router Names (howtogeek.com)

IS FAST CHARGING BAD FOR BATTERY LIFE? – Fast charging is becoming a standard feature on smartphones, electric vehicles, laptops, and other gadgets. It’s convenient as it lets you juice up your device or car in less time than you would conventionally have to wait. But as much as fast charging is impressive, does it have any negative effects on battery life? And are fast chargers bad for your phone? This article breaks it down for you. Is Fast Charging Bad for Battery Life? (makeuseof.com)


HOW TO FIX WINDOWS UPDATE WHEN IT GETS STUCK OR FROZEN – For the most part, Windows Update works silently in the background. It downloads updates automatically, installs the ones it can, and saves others to install when you restart Windows. But sometimes it breaks and stops working. Here’s how to fix Windows Update when it gets stuck or frozen. This can happen on Windows 7, 8, 10, or 11, but it’s become especially common with Windows 7. Sometimes updates will error out, or sometimes Windows Update may just get stuck “searching for updates” forever. Here’s how to fix Windows Update. How to Fix Windows Update When It Gets Stuck or Frozen (howtogeek.com)

WHAT IS GRAPHENEOS, AND HOW DOES IT MAKE ANDROID MORE PRIVATE? – Using a modern smartphone comes with some privacy and security concerns. GrapheneOS aims to solve some of those problems. It’s a custom version of Android that puts privacy and security above all else. Custom ROMs are not as prevalent in the Android world as they used to be, but there are still some solid ones kicking around. GrapheneOS is one such ROM. Let’s look at this privacy and security-focused take on Android. What Is GrapheneOS, and How Does It Make Android More Private? (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO START YOUR ANDROID PHONE IN SAFE MODE – Safe mode has been a staple for troubleshooting system problems in computing devices for decades. Unsurprisingly, it comes in handy when your Android device is acting up as well. Booting your Android phone in safe mode disables third-party apps from running. Safe Mode helps you diagnose any issues with your Android operating system, helping you pinpoint the source of the problem. How to Start Your Android Phone in Safe Mode (helpdeskgeek.com)

5 WARNING SIGNS YOUR SSD IS ABOUT TO BREAK DOWN AND FAIL – Worried your SSD will malfunction and break down and take all of your data with it? Look for these warning signs. 5 Warning Signs Your SSD Is About to Break Down and Fail (makeuseof.com)

GOOGLE PHOTOS UPDATES ITS LIBRARY AND SHARING TABS TO MAKE PHOTOS EASIER TO FIND – Google Photos is getting a pretty significant layout change that should make it easier to find the photos and albums you’re looking for in the library and sharing tabs. Google Photos updates its library and sharing tabs to make photos easier to find – The Verge

HOW TO STOP MICROSOFT EDGE FROM OPENING AUTOMATICALLY – Microsoft Edge—the stock web browser in Windows 11 and 10—sometimes launches even if you have a different browser set as default. It could load alongside the operating system at startup, preload various background-related processes during the login phase, or show up on its own after a restart. This post details multiple ways to stop Microsoft Edge from opening automatically on your PC. If you use Edge on a Mac, you will also learn to prevent the browser from loading without permission in macOS. How to Stop Microsoft Edge From Opening Automatically (helpdeskgeek.com)

CHECK YOUR PHONE! MORE BAD APPS CAUGHT HIDING IN THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE – The official Google Play Store is the only place you should download applications for your Android devices. Third-party stores don’t have a robust vetting process and often harbor dangerous malware. But what happens when the official app store is also a source for spreading malware? Inadvertently becoming infected with malicious applications is a real threat. Google has security checks in place, but cybercriminals have become more crafty in circumventing detection. Read on to see what security researchers discovered and how you can keep your Android devices free from malware. Check your phone! More bad apps caught hiding in the Google Play Store (komando.com)

FACEBOOK IS BANNING PEOPLE WHO MISSED AN EMAIL NOTICE – DID IT HAPPEN TO YOU? – Your credit card details are always in danger of being stolen by hackers and scammers. But while they can cause a lot of personal damage with it, your social media login information could be more valuable to them. Of the most valuable online accounts to criminals, a hacked Facebook account can regularly sell on the Dark Web for around $65. An associated Instagram account can easily fetch upwards of $45. So, to protect users from getting hacked, Meta rolled out a function to some users called Facebook Protect. But it’s not exactly going according to plan. Read on to see how Meta secures accounts so well that the owners can’t even get in. Facebook is locking people out of their accounts – Did it happen to you? (komando.com)

HOW TO CHECK HOW MUCH FREE GOOGLE STORAGE YOU HAVE LEFT – Go to this page, and you’ll see a breakdown of how much storage you’re using and how it’s been divided between Google Drive, Gmail, Google Photos, and your device backup. (Note: how the page looks may vary, depending on the type of Google account you have.) How to check how much free Google storage you have left – The Verge

WINDOWS 11 “UNSUPPORTED HARDWARE” WATERMARK IS COMING, HERE’S HOW TO REMOVE IT – Those with an unsupported system that Microsoft deems unable to run Windows 11, but install it anyways, will soon see a watermark on their desktop wallpaper and in the settings menu. It reads, “System requirements not met. Go to settings to learn more.” Both have been spotted in the latest Windows 11 Release Preview update ahead of the full release that’s coming soon. It’s worth noting that the watermark is not as obnoxious in the latest Windows 11 Release Preview, nor will it be this big in the official release, but it’s still present. Furthermore, you’ll see a small notification in the settings menu, stating, “System requirements not met.” Read more at Windows 11 “Unsupported Hardware” Watermark Is Coming, Here’s How to Remove It – Review Geek

HOW TO PASSWORD PROTECT YOUR USB DRIVE: 7 EASY WAYSLearn the best ways to password protect your USB drive and keep your files secure. Windows—Mac—Linux How to Password Protect Your USB Drive: 7 Easy Ways (makeuseof.com)

CAN YOU TURN ON AN ANDROID PHONE WITHOUT THE POWER BUTTON?Many Android phones have methods to wake up the screen without a power button if the phone is already on, but what if the phone is off? Is it possible to turn on a phone without a functional power key? Find out how at Can You Turn On an Android Phone Without the Power Button? (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO GET GOOGLE DOCS TO READ TO YOU“Can Google Docs read to me?” This may be a question you’re pondering. Perhaps you wanted to know how your letter would sound when read. Or, maybe you require text-to-speech as an accessibility option. Whatever your needs, getting Google Docs to read to you is fairly simple. All you need is a tech tool to get started. How to Get Google Docs to Read to You (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO FIX AN UNRESPONSIVE WINDOWS 11 TASKBAR – Even though Windows 11 brings many improvements, its taskbar is not only a downgrade over Windows 10, but it is also prone to issues such as the taskbar disappearing, appearing blank, or being unresponsive. Whatever the issue related to the taskbar, the following solutions will help fix the issue of the Windows 11 taskbar not working. How to Fix an Unresponsive Windows 11 Taskbar – Make Tech Easier

HOW TO TELL IF YOUR PHONE IS TAPPED: 7 WARNING SIGNS – How can you tell if your phone is tapped? Like it or not, most of us have grown used to our phones being spied upon—not at least by governments! But other parties can tap into your smartphone. This includes hackers, your employer, an ex-partner, or even the press. They might be listening to your calls, reading and sending messages and emails, or altering information on your interface. But how do you know if your phone is tapped? Learn how to tell if your cell phone is tapped. How to Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped: 7 Warning Signs (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO ENABLE END-TO-END ENCRYPTION ON FACEBOOK MESSENGERMeta’s Messenger app is one of the popular instant messaging apps available. Messenger is feature-rich, but end-to-end encryption has been missing on the platform for far too long. However, Messenger now includes an end-to-end encryption feature. The only caveat is this feature is not enabled by default. This article will show you the two ways you can use to enable end-to-end encryption on Messenger. How to Enable End-to-End Encryption on Facebook Messenger (makeuseof.com)

 HOW TO EXTEND YOUR WINDOWS LAPTOP’S BATTERY LIFESPAN WITH A BATTERY CHARGE THRESHOLD – Over time, all lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their ability to hold their charge. This goes double for your laptop, which requires high-power output and often becomes hot in a poorly ventilated environment, which causes faster degradation. So, what can you do to increase your laptop battery lifespan? Find out here How to Extend Your Windows Laptop’s Battery Lifespan With a Battery Charge Threshold (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO TURN A PICTURE INTO WALLPAPER ON ANDROID (AND MAKE IT FIT) – We all have memories or just pretty images that we’d quite happily be reminded about every single day. What’s the best way to do this? To set them as your background, of course, on your computer or Android phone. It used to be a bit fiddly setting images as your Android wallpaper because instead of cropping images that were too wide, it would sprawl them across your several home screens. Nowadays, a wallpaper stays stationary by default, and Android has a quick and easy way of cropping it down to size. Let’s see how to turn any picture into wallpaper with and without cropping. How to Turn a Picture into a Wallpaper on Android – Make Tech Easier

WHAT IS REDDIQUETTE? 6 THINGS YOU SHOULDN’T DO ON REDDIT – Before you jump right into Reddit with the rest of the world, there are a few rules that all Redditors should do their best to abide by that are known as “Reddiquette.” While it’s not exactly a guarantee, following these rules can help you have a more pleasant Reddit experience, as you’ll avoid mishaps with moderators and other users. This list includes some of the things you’ll want to keep in mind. What Is Reddiquette? 6 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Reddit – PrintlabStudio.Co

8 WAYS TO CUSTOMIZE WINDOWS TERMINAL – Microsoft launched Windows Terminal in 2019. It’s an incredible command-line tool that brings Command Prompt, PowerShell, Azure Cloud Shell, and WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) under the same hood and is also profoundly customizable. This guide will help you tweak Windows Terminal in different ways to make the most out of it. 8 Ways to Customize Windows Terminal – Make Tech Easier

HOME THEATER WIRING: WHAT ARE ALL THOSE CONNECTIONS? – A home theater system can bring a cinematic experience into your home, but the TV’s back panel can be daunting. With so many connections and types of cables, how do you know what to plug in where? It’s simpler than it seems. How-To Geek  Home Theater Wiring: What Are All Those Connections? (howtogeek.com)

6 WAYS EVERYONE CAN STAY PROTECTED ONLINE IN 2022 – Despite knowing all the dangers of the internet, we often forget just how easy it is to fall into scams or not take our internet safety seriously enough when browsing. This is how thousands of people have their sensitive data and money stolen online every month. So, how can one truly stay safe online in 2022? Let’s find out. 6 Ways Everyone Can Stay Protected Online in 2022 (makeuseof.com)


WHAT TO DO IF GMAIL IS NOT WORKING? 11 QUICK FIXES – This article covers troubleshooting fixes for several Gmail issues on mobile devices (Android and iOS) and desktop computers. What to Do If Gmail Is Not Working? 11 Quick Fixes (online-tech-tips.com)

HOW TO AUTOMATICALLY CONVERT CURRENCIES IN GOOGLE SHEETS – If you work with different currencies, it can be a huge pain to look up all the currency conversion rates for a specific day. Fortunately, if you plan on working within Google Sheets, you can use a built-in function that automatically retrieves and updates the current exchange rate. Let’s find out how you can easily convert currencies in Google Sheets. How to Automatically Convert Currencies in Google Sheets – Make Tech Easier

HOW TO FIND OUT WHY MY WINDOWS 11/10 COMPUTER CRASHED – Your computer will freeze every once in a while, especially if you’re running Microsoft Windows 10/11 or an older version of Windows. All computer crashes are recorded by your operating system, which can help you understand what needs to be fixed. However, the key is to know where to look for these records. Read more at How to Find Out Why My Windows 11/10 Computer Crashed (helpdeskgeek.com)

WHY YOU SHOULD DELETE YOUR YOUTUBE HISTORY OFTEN (AND HOW TO DO IT)Good news: You can delete some or all of your YouTube watch history to better curate your recommended video feed. Here’s more on why you should do it often—and how to do it in a few quick steps. Why You Should Delete Your YouTube History Often (and How to Do It) (lifehacker.com)

HOW TO ATTACH A FOLDER TO AN EMAIL – Do you want to attach an entire folder to an email instead of individual files? If so, you’ll have to first turn your folder into a ZIP file, as email services don’t allow attaching folders to email. Find out how to do this at How to Attach a Folder to an Email (howtogeek.com)

 10 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WI-FI ROUTER SPEEDInternet connection too slow? These simple router tweaks could make a world of difference on your home Wi-Fi network. 10 Ways to Improve Your Wi-Fi Router Speed (makeuseof.com)

WHY IS WINDOWS CALLED WINDOWS? – You’ve probably heard the name a million times: “Microsoft Windows.” But how did the operating system get that way, and why isn’t it named after something else—like doors or ceilings? HowToGeek explains. Why Is Windows Called Windows? (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO PROTECT YOUR WINDOWS PC ON PUBLIC WI-FI – Hackers have several tricks up their sleeves to get into computers connected to public Wi-Fi connections, but there are ways to defend yourself. Find out how at How to Protect Your Windows PC on Public Wi-Fi (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO SHOW ALL TASKBAR CORNER OVERFLOW ICONS IN WINDOWS 11 – Hiding icons creates a clutter-free taskbar, but you might want to show all icons in the taskbar corner overflow. If that’s the case, you’ll need to make some changes to your settings. If you want to show all taskbar corner overflow icons in Windows 11 read this article How to Show All Taskbar Corner Overflow Icons in Windows 11 (groovypost.com)

Same URL, How to Block Internet Access to Apps in Windows 11, How to Enable and Use Screen Savers on Windows 11, How to Clean Boot Windows 11, and more.


HOW TO MATCH COLORS WITH THE EYEDROPPER IN MS POWERPOINTUsing this nifty tool, you can pinpoint the precise color (and hex code) you need to match various items in your slideshow. Maybe you inserted an image and want to use a color from it for your font. Or maybe your company logo uses a certain shade that you need to match exactly. You can even step outside the bounds of PowerPoint and grab colors visible in other applications! Learn how to use the Eyedropper tool at How to Match Colors With the Eyedropper in Microsoft PowerPoint (howtogeek.com)

 HOW TO AUTOMATICALLY CLOSE TABS ON ANDROID – Mobile browser tabs aren’t super visible, which makes it easy to have dozens of tabs open on your phone. It can be annoying to sift through these tabs and close them. We’ll show you how to automatically close old tabs on Android. It’s very easy for browsers on Android to end up with a bunch of tabs open. Some links will open in new tabs without you realizing it. Apps will take you to the browser then leave the tab behind when you return. Tabs open in the background don’t use a ton of resources, but it’s still a messy situation. Read more at How to Automatically Close Tabs on Android (howtogeek.com)

WI-FI 7: WHAT IS IT, AND HOW FAST WILL IT BE? – Although Wi-Fi 6E still feels bleeding edge at the start of 2022, a demonstration of the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 standard showcased transfer speeds might make Ethernet cables obsolete. Wi-Fi 7 is a new specification for Wi-Fi devices currently in the works. It’s based on the draft 802.11be standard, published in May 2021, that has not yet been finalized or approved by the FCC. Let’s take a look at the proposed spec and what it promises. https://www.howtogeek.com/782023/what-is-wi-fi-7/

DID YOU KNOW? YOU CAN DRAG AND DROP BROWSER LINKS TO YOUR DESKTOP – In at least four major browsers—Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari—on Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can easily drag and drop a shortcut link to a website straight to your desktop. Find out how to do it at https://www.howtogeek.com/776449/did-you-know-you-can-drag-and-drop-browser-links-to-your-desktop/

HOW TO SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS 10 – By taking a screenshot, you can capture an image of your entire display—or just an area of it. Windows 10 has a variety of built-in tools for easily capturing a screenshot, and we’ve also got some even more powerful third-party tools to recommend. You can also take a screenshot with the Windows key+Print Screen (saves in Pictures>Screenshot folder). Read more at How to Screenshot on Windows 10 (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO TAKE A SCREENSHOT ON WINDOWS 11 – In Windows 11, as in previous versions of Windows, you can copy an image of your entire screen into the clipboard (a temporary storage area for copying and pasting) by pressing the Print Screen (PrtScn) key. Sometimes, the Print Screen key will be labeled “PrtScn” or “PrtScrn” on your keyboard. On desktop keyboards, you’ll usually find the Print Screen key to the right of the F12 key, along the topmost row of keys. On laptop keyboards, you might need to press a function (“Fn”) key while pressing the Print Screen key to make it work. Find out more at How to Take a Screenshot on Windows 11 (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO ANNOTATE SCREENSHOTS WITH WINDOWS 10’S SNIP & SKETCH – You will find several tools for taking screenshots on Windows 10, but very few to annotate them. Snip & Sketch is a feature-rich option built into Windows that lets you annotate the screenshots besides taking them. Snip & Sketch is an improved version of the Snipping Tool and makes it easy to annotate on screenshots. We’ll dive into detail on how to annotate screenshots using Windows 10’s Snip & Sketch tool. Read more at How to Annotate Screenshots with Windows 10’s Snip & Sketch (howtogeek.com)

RICK’S TIPS – 5 AWESOME YOUTUBE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTSMost popular websites provide a set of keyboard shortcuts for getting things done a little faster, and YouTube is no exception. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos on a laptop or desktop computer, give these handy shortcuts a try:

1 – Want to pause the video you’re watching? Just press the Space Bar. When you’re ready to resume watching just press the Space Bar again.
2 – Want to rewind the video you’re watching by 10 seconds? Press the J key.
3 – Want to fast-forward 10 seconds? Press L.
4 – Want to start the video over at the beginning? Press the Home key.
5 – Want to mute the sound? Press M.

It might take a little practice to commit these shortcuts to memory, but if you spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos on your computer it’ll be worth it. https://www.ricksdailytips.com/

SEARCH YOUTUBE LIKE A PRO WITH THESE 5 HIDDEN TRICKS – YouTube provides a platform for anyone to upload content and share it with the world. The video-sharing platform has grown to become a streaming service, search engine and social media platform, standing alongside the most prominent sites of these types. Whether you’re browsing or creating content, YouTube has some features you may not know about. From shortcuts to short-form video to a dark mode, you can do a lot more than click and type. Searching YouTube is as easy as typing in a word or two, but did you know there are more ways to find content? You can focus on live events or eliminate parodies. You can make playlists or narrow down your search to a specific time. We’ll show you how to do all this and more. Read more at Search YouTube like a pro with these 5 hidden tricks (komando.com)

HERE’S WHAT AMAZON KNOWS ABOUT YOU WHEN YOU USE A RING DOORBELL – What does Ring know about you? Amazon is well-known for its affordable prices and fast shipping. Its Ring doorbells are popular security systems that collect information about everything within earshot — including your private conversations and activities. When you use Amazon’s Ring doorbell, you have to sign in using your name, email, physical address, and phone number. If you choose to log in with your Facebook account or another third-party login, Ring’s parent company, Amazon, also collects information from that third party. Amazon’s Ring Privacy Policy explains the information you use from third-party services like Facebook and PayPal is collected. What info exactly, and what is it used for? Find out at Here’s what Amazon knows about you when you use a Ring doorbell (komando.com)


USE AN ANDROID? MAKE THIS QUICK CHANGE NOW TO SECURE YOUR PHONE – While some corners of the country are vehemently debating the dangers of 5G mobile technology, a much older mobile signal poses an actual threat to Android and iOS phones. As technology moves ahead with better delivery, coverage and download speeds, the spectrum will inevitably become too crowded or outdated to accommodate them all. Before 5G, 4G, and LTE, the most common mobile connections were 3G and its predecessor, 2G. Read more at Use an Android? Make this quick change now to secure your phone (komando.com)

GOOGLE VOICE FOR PERSONAL ACCOUNTS IS GOING THROUGH SOME MAJOR CHANGES – Google Voice has survived the company’s regularly scheduled ‘spring cleaning’ for over a decade now, and while it’s gone through several refreshes and iterative updates, it’s largely retained its identity, even while other voice and messaging apps that have been released have met their untimely end. Read more at Google Voice for personal accounts is going through some major changes (chromeunboxed.com)

 WINDOWS 10 VS WINDOWS 11: ALL THE MAJOR CHANGES – Windows 11 is Microsoft’s newest Windows release, and with it comes a lot of promises and changes from Microsoft. From a fresh, modern look to brand-new features, Windows 11 is quite a bit different than Windows 10. While most of these differences are cosmetic, there are some notable changes that Microsoft has implemented in its new OS. This article takes a look at the biggest differences between Windows 10 and Windows 11. Windows 10 vs Windows 11: All the Major Changes (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO CREATE A GUEST ACCOUNT ON WINDOWS 11 – An easy way to share your computer is to use a dedicated guest account. They can have their own space without access to your personal stuff. We’ll show you how to create a guest account in Windows 11. How to Create a Guest Account on Windows 11 (howtogeek.com)

HOW TO OPEN A WEBSITE WITH A KEYBOARD SHORTCUT ON WINDOWS 10 OR 11 – The first thing you’ll want to do is launch your browser of choice and create a bookmark of the website you would like to create a shortcut to. We’ll be using Google Chrome in this example, but the process of creating bookmarks is similar in Edge and Firefox.
How to Open a Website With a Keyboard Shortcut on Windows 10 or 11 (howtogeek.com)

21 HIDDEN SMARTPHONE SUPERPOWERSAn Android phone or iPhone can help you scan documents, get better sleep, alert loved ones of an emergency, and more. Here’s how.
21 Hidden Smartphone Superpowers – Consumer Reports

LEARN ABOUT GOOGLE CHROME’S NEW “QUICK DELETE” FEATURE ON ANDROID 12 – Android 12 saw the introduction of new privacy features from Google, empowering users to have more control over their data. In line with that, Google launched a nifty “quick delete” feature to delete your recent search history in Google Chrome. Here’s how you can find and use it to delete the last 15 minutes of your history on Android. Learn about Google Chrome’s new “quick delete” feature on Android 12 – Tech News for You

HOW DO YOU CHECK A SITE IS SECURE ON YOUR SMARTPHONE? – Shopping online or checking your bank account via your Apple or Android device? Here’s how to check the site you’re visiting is real. How Do You Check a Site Is Secure on Your Smartphone? (makeuseof.com)

GOOGLE IS BUILDING AN AR HEADSET – Meta may be the loudest company building AR and VR hardware. Microsoft has HoloLens. Apple is working on something, too. But don’t count out Google. The search giant has recently begun ramping up work on an AR headset, internally codenamed Project Iris, that it hopes to ship in 2024, according to two people familiar with the project who requested anonymity to speak without the company’s permission. Read more at Google is building an AR headset – The Verge

EASIEST WAYS TO CONNECT YOUR SMARTPHONE TO YOUR TV – The line between your various gadgets is blurring by the day. You can connect your tablet to your surveillance system and your smart speaker to your refrigerator. You can see who’s at the door from your computer and adjust the thermostat from your phone. Wouldn’t it be great to bring the content from your smartphone to your big-screen TV? It’s possible. You can livestream video from your phone to your TV, view files and photos and also play games. Virtually anything you can do on your phone can be cast to your TV. Here’s how.
Easiest ways to connect your smartphone to your TV (komando.com)

SLEEP VS. SHUTDOWN: WHAT’S BEST FOR YOUR LAPTOP? – You’ll agree that your laptop is a device you can’t do without, so it’s essential to keep it running at its optimal level. That also includes how you power it down when not in use. So should you let it remain in sleep mode, or is it better to shut it down altogether? Let’s explore both these low-power states and find out what’s best to use and when.
Sleep vs. Shutdown: What’s Best for Your Laptop? (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO ADD MORE ETHERNET PORTS TO YOUR ROUTERTo expand your range of Ethernet ports you first need to buy an Ethernet switch. This switch will be connected to any of the spare ports on your router. From there you can connect additional devices to the switch. You can add more than one switch to your router but for efficiency, you should avoid daisy-chaining switches. Learn more at
How to Add More Ethernet Ports to Your Router (howtogeek.com)

USE THIS HIDDEN KEYBOARD COMBO TO FIX YOUR FROZEN COMPUTER – Having your PC suddenly freeze in the middle of working is frustrating. Next time you need to fix a frozen computer and don’t want to restart, there’s a little-known shortcut that might help you recover from one common cause. Let’s look at a handy keyboard shortcut you probably don’t know about, then discuss a few more quick tips for getting your frozen computer running again. Use This Hidden Keyboard Combo to Fix Your Frozen Computer (makeuseof.com)

 RANSOMWARE AND PHISHING AND MALWARE, OH MY! COMBATTING 2021’S SCARIEST SECURITY THREATS – Look back at some of the biggest security breaches from 2021 and some tips for staying safe in 2022. Ransomware and Phishing and Malware, Oh My! Combatting 2021’s Scariest Security Threats | PCMag

6 SIGNS YOU NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR PC’S POWER SUPPLYComputers are expensive devices and you should take extra care of yours to ensure it lasts. While processors, GPUs, RAM, and storage drives are important PC parts, there’s one crucial item that they all depend on: the power supply unit (PSU). PSUs are crucial because they deliver each part’s electrical needs. If a PSU fails catastrophically, there’s a chance that it could destroy your computer. So how do you know if your power supply is about to give out? These are the six signs you should look out for.
6 Signs You Need to Upgrade Your PC’s Power Supply (makeuseof.com)

HOW TO USE THE WINDOWS 11 SNIPPING TOOL – Microsoft intended to phase out the tool for a time, it has now switched tracks and instead merged it with the Snip & Sketch tool. The resulting app has a cleaner UI and is packed with more capabilities than ever before, becoming the best way for taking snapshots of your screen. How To Use the Windows 11 Snipping Tool (helpdeskgeek.com)

 HOW TO CLEAR CACHE AND COOKIES IN GOOGLE CHROME – When you visit a website, it will sometimes save (or remember) certain information. Cookies save a user’s browsing data (with their consent) and cache helps webpages load more quickly by remembering images, videos, and other parts of the webpage from the last visit instead of needing to re-render everything with each visit. Find out more at How to Clear Cache and Cookies in Google Chrome (howtogeek.com)

A BASIC SMART HOME DOESN’T NEED TO BE COMPLEX OR EXPENSIVE – Smart homes are probably the closest we can get to the futuristic dwellings seen in science fiction. The technology powering all of this can be quite complex but putting it all together doesn’t necessarily need to be. You can also put a half-decent smart home together without bankrupting yourself. Find out how at
A Basic Smart Home Doesn’t Need To Be Complex or Expensive – Review Geek

LISTEN, YOU DON’T NEED THAT MANY BROWSER TABS OPEN – If you want to be constantly buried underneath a mountain of browser tabs, that’s your choice. But I think you can do better, and I’ll try to explain why. Browser tabs are a blessing and a curse. It’s handy to have multiple pages open at once, but it can easily get out of hand. You probably have this very page open among a dozen other tabs right now. Are they all really necessary, or are you hoarding? Listen, You Don’t Need That Many Browser Tabs Open (howtogeek.com)

STOP SHARING YOUR REAL PHONE NUMBER WITH EVERYONE – How many people and companies have your phone number, if you had to guess? Maybe a hundred? Think again. No matter how long you’ve had your phone number, it’s never too late to start being more discreet with it. Here are a few ways to do just that. Stop sharing your real phone number with everyone (komando.com)

WARNING: THESE ARE THE TACTICS SCAMMERS USE TO FOOL OLDER PEOPLE ON THE PHONE – While scammers have embraced the digital age to target victims through social media, fake websites and landing pages, don’t think that they forgot their roots. A simple phone call is still an effective tool for criminals to practice their crooked trade. Did you know that your phone has built-in tools to silence spam calls? These types of calls can range from annoying to downright dangerous. You can set it up whether you have an Android or iPhone, so these calls are blocked and sent to voicemail. Warning: Tactics scammers use to fool older people on the phone (komando.com)