APCUG Member Group Grant Program


To aid user groups who need money to fund a project to help their members or user group community with the use or understanding of technology.

Criteria for Selection

  • Be a member of APCUG in good standing
  • Provide detailed information regarding the request for the grant
    • Name of group
    • Contact person, group title, email address
    • Name of Advisor or Director working with the group to obtain the grant
    • Description of the request for funds and detailed project budget
    • Reason club can’t fund the project
    • How the funds will be used
    • What benefits or enhancements the club/members and/or community will gain
    • How project success will be measured
    • Timeline for reporting progress to APCUG

Grant Approval

The Grant committee will determine if requests meet the criteria and will benefit the user group or community

The committee will forward the approved application to APCUG’s Board of Directors for a vote. Groups requesting a grant will be notified of proposal approval or non-approval.

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Date: February 25, 2019