Membership Has Its Benefits

The Association of Personal Computer User Groups (APCUG) is an International, platform-independent, volunteer-run, nonprofit organization devoted to helping member User Groups offer enhanced services to their members. Listed below are some of the membership benefits:

  • speakersbureauSpeakers Bureau
    APCUG maintains a list of vendors and User Group officers and members who will give online presentations to your group. If your members are tired of presentations from the same members or the same members are tired of giving presentations, contact one of the speakers and book a presentation. You will find information about the Speakers Bureau here.
  • Virtual Technology Conferences – Free Online Presentations
    APCUG offers a Virtual Technology Conference quarterly. VTC’s give User Group members the opportunity to ‘attend’ presentations in the comfort of their own home. Check out the videos of past sessions at APCUG’s YouTube channel: Many groups are using the videos as meeting presentations. You will find information about the Virtual Conferences under the Benefits tab.
  • Regional Conference
    APCUG has a regional conference annually in various locations, co-hosted by APCUG and a user group in the state. Attendees have the opportunity to attend presentations, have networking opportunities with other attendees as well as participating vendors, demonstrations of the newest products, and much more.
  • pushPUSH Newsletter Articles
    Articles are sent to User Group editors to use in their newsletters. The articles are written by User Group members, professionals, and occasionally vendors. They are an attractive option for Editors who would like help in filling their newsletters.
  • Discounts and Special Offers from Vendors
    APCUG member groups periodically receive information regarding vendor discounts and/or special offers that can be passed on to their members. A list of training and publisher discount programs can be found on the Discount / Special Offers page, under the Benefits tab.
  • newsletterUser Group Newsletters Online
    Is your editor looking for ideas for your newsletter? Articles! Program Ideas! Fundraising Ideas! and more will be found in the newsletters. You will find a list of online APCUG-member newsletters under the Benefits tab.
  • Web Site Hosting
    For User Groups that are unable to find, or afford, online space locally, APCUG will host their website, and the Web space is a benefit of membership. Send an e-mail to for information about Web Site hosting. You will find a list of APCUG-hosted websites under the Benefits tab.
  • UGLS – Neighbors to Help Out
    Check out your state/country in the UGLS (User Group Locator Service), there are probably several groups within a 200-mile radius of your User Group. Click on the link to their Web site and get to know them! Share presenters, help each other, cross-advertise. Everyone benefits. You will find the UGLS here.
  • Attract Vendors for Presentations
    Being part of APCUG gives you an inside track to hosting vendor presentations. An excellent way to attract vendors is to team up with neighboring groups so they can make presentations on consecutive days. This lets them justify the high cost of sending someone to your meeting. Use the UGLS to find groups in your area.
  • APCUG Web Site
    Well worth the time to investigate! The website not only showcases current APCUG and User Group news and other breaking information, it also contains: APCUG officer/committee contact information, Help for Running Your User Group, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, Discounts, Speakers Bureau list, Virtual Technology Conference information, Online Newsletters and much more.
  • How-To Guides
    The APCUG website has excellent “How-To” guides on organizing a group, including examples of Articles of Incorporation, by-laws, budget help, and lots of extras.
  • Help for Your Group
    Information for program chairs, growing your group, newsletter & PR guidelines and more that have been compiled from various sources including past conferences and regional events. Find the Help for Your UG information under the Benefits tab.
  • Newsletter, Website and Digital Photo Contests
    APCUG holds the three contests annually. All members are invited to submit their digital photos and groups are welcome to submit their newsletters and websites for those contests. Information is sent to member groups via an e-mail to the officers listed in the UGLS. Find contest information  here.
  • Don-Singleton-VOTYDon Singleton Volunteer of the Year Award (VOTY)
    Volunteers are the backbone of APCUG and its member groups and are what keep user groups viable. All volunteers have this in common: their advocacy for technology and their User Group. To recognize the importance of the volunteer to APCUG’s member groups, they are encouraged to submit one of their members for the VOTY award.
  • NOOZ Communication sent to Member Group Leaders
    APCUG has Advisors who are responsible for communicating with their assigned groups in 12 regions throughout the United States, Canada, and Australia. NOOZ is the communication vehicle they use to share information with those groups. It covers what’s happening with APCUG, tips & tricks, and much more.
  • Quarterly Reports – Ideas for your group
    Every quarter, APCUG sends its official publication, Reports, to the leaders of its member groups. It is full of information including conference news, meeting ideas, contact information and more. You will find the current and past issues of Reports under the Benefits tab.
  • Solutions to Your Problems
    The people who keep APCUG functioning are one of the greatest assets that member groups have going for them. These people have been there and done that! President, Vice President, Program Chair, you name it, they have probably done it. This means that, in all likelihood, whatever problem(s) you are having, they have had and have dealt with it! Every group has an assigned regional Advisor; if they are unable to help they will send your request to all the Board of Directors and Board of Advisor members. You are sure to receive some solutions.

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