Membership Has Its Benefits

APCUG is an international, platform-independent, volunteer-run, nonprofit association devoted to helping member technology groups offer enhanced services to their members. Listed below are some of the membership benefits:

  • Speakers Bureau – Complete a Speakers Bureau request form to have an SB member give an interactive presentation to your group via Zoom. There are over 100 presentations listed.
  • Wednesday Workshops – Using Zoom, we have had presentations on Windows 10 & 11 from an Insiders point of view; Password Managers; Home Automation; Learning Linux (3rd Wednesdays); Drones; Wi-Fi, Modems & Routers; Macs vs. PCs; Backing Up; Cutting the Cord; Genealogy; Wyze Security Cameras; Evernote Basics for 2021 & OneNote; Mailchimp; Robots and Seniors & 3D Printing; MeWe Social Media & Online Privacy; Email 101 & Proton Mail; and more to come.
  • Saturday Safaris – Online presentations held quarterly (February, May, August, and November). APCUG uses Zoom, which is very easy to use.
  • PUSH Newsletter Articles – Your group’s editor receives articles they can use in your newsletter. Articles are written by other group officers, members, sponsors, etc. APCUG has also received permission from many online authors to use their articles in the newsletters.
  • Discounts and Special Offers – Your group will occasionally receive information regarding discounts or special offers to be shared with your members.
  • User Group Newsletters Online – Is your editor looking for ideas for your newsletter? There are links to many APCUG-member group newsletters that contain program ideas, fundraising ideas, and more.
  • Website Hosting – For groups that cannot find or afford online space locally, APCUG will host their website. Send an email to the Online Services committee at ols (at) for information about this benefit.
  • UGLS — Member groups sharing with other member groups – Use the UGLS to communicate with groups – share presenters, help each other out, cross-advertise … Everyone Benefits.
  • APCUG Website – Find out what is happening with APCUG! Check out the Tech, Apple, Linux, and Chromebook tips. Book an interactive presentation for your meeting and much more.
  • Help for your User Group – Information for program chairs, growing your group, newsletter & PR guidelines, etc., from various sources, including past conferences and regional events.
  • eBulletin, Newsletter, Website, and Digital Photo Contests – Members of your group are invited to enter the digital photo contest. Groups may enter their eBulletin, newsletter, and website in those contests.
  • Volunteer of the Year Award (VOTY) – Volunteers are the backbone of APCUG and its member groups — submit one of your members for the VOTY award. Someone becomes the VOTY every other year.
  • NOOZ email sent to your group’s officers – Regional Advisors periodically send a NOOZ email to all officers listed in the UGLS. This email contains information on what is happening with APCUG, Wednesday Workshop or Saturday Safari information, etc.
  • Reports is sent quarterly to all officers listed in the member database. The newsletter has ideas for your group and contains information on what is happening in each region, program ideas, tips and tricks, and more.
  • Solutions to Your Problems — Your Region Advisor – The volunteers who keep APCUG effective are among the greatest assets that member groups have. They have been there and done that. If they don’t have a solution, they will forward the request for help to all Advisors and Directors – someone will be sure to have an answer.
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