Zoom Resources

APCUG uses Zoom for its online meetings. In addition, most of its groups that are only online, or hybrid (online and in person) also use Zoom.

  1. Do you need a Zoom account to attend a meeting?
  2. No, click on the meeting link in your meeting notification email.
  3. You will need to allow Zoom to use your camera and microphone.

In the name field, enter your username — first and last name so people know who you are.
If you registered for the meeting, it is best to use the same name you entered when you registered.
Your first stop is the Waiting Room. The host Admits everyone via the Waiting Room.

It is easier to download Zoom at https://www.zoom.us/download

Change Your Name in a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Security Basics (3 videos) – Choose Waiting Room and Passcode options

Join a Zoom Meeting

Zoom Audio and Video Basics

Zoom Virtual Backgrounds and Video Filters – You don’t need a green screen

Screen Sharing – When you are sharing a PowerPoint presentation, etc. make sure it is open with the first slide.
Sharing a video, it should be open in your browser so you can click on it to play. Make sure you have clicked on the checkbox in the lower left corner of the window before you click on the video link. Don’t click on the Optimize checkbox.

Meeting Reactions and Nonverbal Feedback
During meetings, workshops, etc. APCUG uses the Raise Hand option at the bottom of the Reactions pop-up. Your Thumbnail (picture or name) moves to the upper-right corner and you will be called on in order.

Schedule a Meeting from the Web or Desktop

Invite Participants Before and During Zoom Meetings

How To Set Your Zoom Meeting Up for Success 

How to Participate in a Zoom Meeting 
AARP/Senior Planet 

The Potomac Area Technology And Computer Society (PATACS) has a comprehensive Zoom Resource at https://www.patacs.org/zoom.html