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    2015 INTERNATIONAL COMPUTER & DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE September 25, 26 & 27, 2015 Palace Station Hotel & Casino Las Vegas Thank you to all of the 2015 International Technology & Computer conference attendees, volunteers, [...]

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    APCUG has member groups in Australia, Canada and the United States. APCUG maintains the information the information in a separate internet database called the User Group [...]


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    Term Beginning January 2016 APCUG elections take place in the 4th quarter of the year. Each member group received a request for Nominations in early August. Voting will be [...]

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    If your group is a member of APCUG and you are looking for new speakers with fresh ideas, the Speakers Bureau features well over 100 Webinar presentations in 24 categories. [...]

Featured Benefit – Solutions to Your Problems

The people who keep APCUG functioning are one of the greatest assets that member groups have going for them. These people have been there and done that! President, Vice President, Program Chair, you name it, they have probably done it. This means that, in all likelihood, whatever problem(s) you are having, they have had and have dealt with it! Every group has an assigned regional Advisor; if they are unable to help they will send your request to all the Board of Directors and Board of Advisor. You are sure to receive some solutions.

Don Singleton 2015 Volunteer of the Year Award

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    2016 EARLY BIRD RENEWAL CONTEST Would your group like to win a Kindle to use as a give-away, raffle item, etc.? To be eligible for the drawing, all your group needs to do is pay its $50 membership [...]

Welcome to New Clubs

  • Welcome to the following: Sun City Shadow Hills Computer Club (SCSH) Indio, California SCSH offers hands-on classes, demo/presentation classes, lectures, workshops, and monthly meetings. All of their classes are taught by residents who volunteer their time to [...]