APCUG 2018 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC27)

Saturday, February 10, 2018


General Comments

I would just like to say that I was very glad that I tuned in to the conferences. I surely did learn a number of new things which I will take to my meeting. I may even write an article for our newsletter. Looking forward to the next one! Thank you, Marilyn Rewolinski, Secretary of Milwaukee Home Users Group

Thank you for this training. It was my first one and definitely won’t be my last. So much valuable information. Paula Powell, Computer Users’ Group of Greeley

I always look forward to the APCUG quarterly Virtual Technology Conferences. When I see the line-up of presentations, I am torn with trying to choose which ones I will watch.  There were about four or five of them that I wanted to tune in to at the Winter VTC and was very satisfied with the choices I made. I will be anxiously awaiting when they will ALL be posted online. Rose Conley, Canton Alliance Massillon User Group

I watched all 3 sessions on Track 2 and enjoyed and learned from each. All 3 were well researched and professionally presented. I was not discouraged when Phil Sorrentino had technical difficulties. Working with computers myself, I know that happens (usually at the worst possible times). Thanks to APCUG for providing great webinars that can be watched from the comfort of home.  It was a snowy, cold day in my area and a great day to watch and learn.  Keep up the good work. Judi McDowell, Quad-Cities Computer Society

I truly enjoyed the “Computer Expert” & “Google Searches” presentations. I tried to jot down some of the examples, but there was just so much information and all covered so quickly; nevertheless, I did learn a few tricks from these presentations. I look forward to the next presentation. Nancy Grower, East-Central Ohio Technology Users Club

Hewie, I enjoyed your search engine session today.  I am retired from college administration in Kentucky. Elaine Larson, Member Central KY Computer Club

Phil Sorrentino presented a clear demonstration of the power and diversity of Google apps. Google is like a thousand-blade Swiss Army knife, with new blades frequently added. The talk was a great motivation for staying current on — and using! — many of Google’s productivity/communication/recordkeeping tools. Gabe Goldberg, APCUG Rep, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society

I love Abby Stokes and her presentations; we have shown her video on this subject at Club before. But, always good to get a refresher. Annemarie Hunt, President, Glendora Seniors Computer Club

I thought Ron Brown’s 2 Factor Authentication would be very technical, but it was very understandable and useful for a general audience. Bayle Emlein, PC Community

In light of the recent fire and floods in Ventura County Toby Scott brought to the forefront in our minds again how so very important it is to have good backup.  And to have 3 backups. He is so right, and his talk should inspire us all to get busy and get this done.  He also made it very clear what the best ways are to accomplish this.  He is very clear and succinct in his presentation. Annemarie Hunt, President, Glendora Seniors Computer Club

I enjoyed Hewie Poplock’s presentation on Improving Google Searches. I have downloaded his PPT so that I can create my own “cheat sheet” and actually use his helpful tips. Judi McDowell, Quad-Cities Computer Society

Abby Stokes is always a good presentation though at first there were problems with the sound. Will use this one for one of our meetings. Yomar Cleary, President, Big Bear Computer Club

I really enjoyed Phil’s presentation as he covered a variety of computer aspects in a thoughtful and entertaining manner. Beginners as well as more experienced users could find something useful. In my case I particularly love the slide where he lists and describes the four “Levels of Competence” and I plan to show it in one of the computer classes I teach at the local community college.

Additionally, I like how Phil listed with his “First Step” slides all the questions a user should be asking of themselves so they can create their own “to-do” list of computer related issues they possibly need to be aware of, or to take some further action upon.

As someone who has done VTC presentations before, these are not easy to do when you cannot see your audience. Phil spoke in a manner that was easy to understand and follow, and I hope he agrees to do more in the future. Ray Baxter, President, Payson Area Computer Society

Hewie’s presentation was very clear, easy for everyone to understand, and I will definitely show this to our membership at a meeting in the not too distant future. We all think we know how to search correctly on Google, but it is the many little tips and tricks that make our searches so much less confusing and right to the point, and that is what Hewie showed us. It has always amazed me, also, how so much information on so many subjects and what capabilities this search engine has. Good to always get another refresher, and we thank Hewie for sharing his knowledge with us. Annemarie Hunt, President, Glendora Seniors Computer Club

On the 1st Track, I chose Social Networking by Abby Stokes. I do not use Facebook; mainly because I was intimidated by putting personal information on the web. After listening to Abby explain the fundamentals of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked-In, etc., I am more inclined to try them. I also plan to buy her book “Is This Thing On?” Thank you, Abby! Rose Conley, Canton Alliance Massillon User Group

Phil Bock’s presentation emphasized the importance of — and explained techniques for — “becoming your own computer expert” in order to stay current on technology changes and be able to research/solve problems independently. Gabe Goldberg, APCUG Rep, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society


1:00 PM ET

Social Networking: How to Navigate Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram

Abby Stokes, Author, “Is This Thing On?”

Abby will explain what everyone is talking about when they bring up Facebook, Twitter, and other social networking sites. She’ll also share how you can enjoy the benefits without risking the loss of your privacy and can avoid scams.



2:00 PM ET

Protect Your Important Tech ‘Stuff’

Toby Scott, Tech Guru, Channel Islands PCUG

From wildfires in California to hurricanes in Texas and Florida, Toby’s presentation will cover how to protect your important tech ‘stuff’ in the event of a natural disaster.



3:00 PM ET

2 Factor Authentication (2FA)

Ron Brown, Program Chair, Silvercom Computer and Technology Club

This presentation will show you a simple technique that can prevent unauthorized access to any of your accounts.




1:00 PM ET

Google apps at home and on the go

Phil Sorrentino, The Computer Club newsletter contributor

Most of us know Google as a website we visit to get answers to all kinds of questions, but there is a lot more behind the company and the term Google. Google is a company, a website, a number, and a verb. Phil’s presentation will cover many Google’s apps.



2:00 PM ET

Becoming Your Own Computer Expert

Philip “Phil” Bock, President, Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts

Current club members (and potential new members) may have widely different levels of computer expertise. Moreover, the field keeps changing – new hardware, new applications, new software and, sadly, new security challenges!

Family members, co-workers, fellow club members and knowledgeable friends may be able to provide help when needed, but they are not always available or may not have the answer(s).

The solution? Become your own computer expert! It is not as hard as it sounds. In this presentation, Phil offers a two-step process to help with every day “how-to” questions and the more urgent “why” and “why doesn’t” questions when things don’t go as you expect: (1) already knowing the information you need, and (2) knowing where to find needed information that you don’t know.

Phil’s presentation is designed to elaborate on these two themes – Step #1 is to build a base of personal computer knowledge; Step #2 is to develop sources and strategies to get answers about things you do not know when you need to.

(As the saying goes, two heads are better than one. While Phil happily shares his version of this presentation, he anticipates that clubs who choose to do their own similar presentation will find ways to improve on / add to what he has put together. Phil’s hope is that we can share these efforts to the benefit of all.)

How_to_become_your_own_ computer_ expert-PhilBock-APCUG_VTC_2-10-18


3:00 PM ET

Getting Better Google Search Results

Hewie Poplock, APCUG Rep/Windows SIG Leader, Central Florida Computer Society; Chromebooks for Seniors Proponent, http://hewie.net, http://cb4s.net/

The presentation will show various ways to get better results quicker. You will learn many tips & tricks to help in your Google search. There will also be numerous ways demonstrated to get information quickly without having to go to websites but get the answer in your search results.