Toby Scott

Toby served as CIPCUG’s president from 1997 – 1999 and is now a Lifetime Member. He is the user group’s Technical Advisor, designed their website and is co-Webmaster. Their pre-meeting SIG has become a general Q&A session; generally, Toby answers the questions and Michael Shalkey handles the computer duties. The questions and answers are published in CIPCUG’s monthly newsletter, The Outer Edge (TOE).

Toby has started a Q&A podcast (think Internet radio) where he answers questions posed by CIPCUG members on their Facebook page. You’ll find the Facebook page at There are links to the Podcasts on CIPCUG’s website. You and your group members are invited to ask questions via their Facebook page. By the following Tuesday, there will usually be a click-through on their website to the answer.