Phillip Bock

Philip “Phil” Bock, President, Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts

After seven years of active duty in the United State Marine Corps, I returned to civilian life and began a 33-year career in the logistics division within Xerox Corporation. Now retired, I allocate my time between golf and computers, depending on the weather.

My first computer was an Apple II, shared with my son. I eventually got my own and used it for both home and business until PCs came along. Xerox eventually equipped us with Compaq laptops, and taught us how to use them. In 1997, I bought my first PC, a Micron desktop running Windows ’95. That’s been followed with many more, as I leapfrogged from Windows ’95 to Windows XP to Windows 7.

About five years ago I joined a local computer club, the Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts. Not too long after, Microsoft offered a license for Windows 8 Professional at a very discounted price. I took advantage of the offer, and instantly became our club’s Windows 8 “expert” – at least until others bought new computers with pre-installed versions. Did something similar with Windows 10, joining the Insider Program for six months prior to launch.

Bought into the Microsoft hype about a single version of Windows and acquired both a Dell Windows tablet and a Nokia Windows phone during the Windows 8.1 heyday – both since displaced by Android alternatives. (That Nokia phone is tough; when my wife inquired about the thumping noise from our laundry room, I found my phone – fully washed and squeaky clean – bouncing around in the dryer with the shorts it had been inside. Three days later, it was dried out and good as new……)

For the past two years I have been our club president. It’s been a great learning experience for me, since I’ve done some presentations and had a reason to learn more about this whole field than I otherwise would have, so that I could share that info with our members.