APCUG’s FREE 2021 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC40)

Welcome to our May 1, 2021 VTC.  Click here to register. You do not need a Zoom account to attend the VTC. Please update to the latest version of Zoom before attending the VTC. www.zoom.us/download

Unlike the Wednesday Workshops, you do not have access to the microphone. Please ask your questions in the Chat box; the moderators (Bill James, Track 1 and John Kennedy, Track 2) will ask the questions. If there isn’t time for all of the questions to be answered, Judy will send them to the speaker and forward the answers to those who put their first and last name (only) into the Chat box for each presentation they attend. Please use the FN&LN you used when you registered.

If there are any handouts for a presentation, those who have added their names to the Chat box will receive them as well as the YouTube link to the presentation.

9am PT – 10am MT – 11am CT – 12pm ET

Learn all about a VPN (Virtual Private Network)
Don Arrowsmith, President, Philadelphia Area Computer Society

What it is; Why you would want one; How you can get one; and How to use one. You can run your own for free if you have the right router, network file server, or even a Raspberry Pi. There will be detailed information about setting up a VPN on a router with that feature available.

Arrowsmith – Q-A Learn All About a VPN 5-1-21

Arrowsmith – Learn All About a VPN, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

YouTube Video

9am PT – 10am MT – 11am CT – 12pm ET

Sharan Kalwani, President, SouthEastern Michigan Computer Organization
The Audio in Audacity!

Audacity is a versatile program that can be used to record audio, edit sound files, and convert them to various formats. Audacity is Open Source; it is free. It is readily available to the public for download. This tutorial is designed to introduce new users to the basic features of the program.
Avidemux – open-source software for non-linear video editing
Avidemux is a very simple basic video editing tool. Of course, it is free and fun to use. This tutorial on Avidemux will introduce beginners to use this to cut, join, split, rotate videos as well as add filters.

Both of these programs are free cross-platform apps: Linux, BSD, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows.

Kalwani – Q-A Audicity and Av….. APCUG VTC 5-1-21

YouTube Video

10am PT – 11am MT – 12pm CT – 1pm ET

Using the Control Center on your iPad
Brooke Thomas, President, Central Kentucky Computer Society

Brooke will demonstrate where the iPad Control Center is, how to customize it, and an overview of the different controls available within the Control Center.

Thomas – Q-A iPad Controls, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

YouTube Video

10am PT – 11am MT – 12pm ET – 1pm ET

Your Online Privacy
Joe Kissell, Author and Publisher, Take Control Books

Nowadays, it can be difficult to complete ordinary activities without placing our personal data online, but having our data online puts us at risk for theft, embarrassment, and all manner of trouble. Joe gives practical advice that we need to handle common online privacy problems and to develop a sensible online privacy strategy customized for our needs. 

Kissell – Q-A Online Privacy, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

Kissell – Your Online Privacy, APCUG 2021 5-1-21

YouTube Video

11am PT – 12pm MT – 1pm CT – 2pm ET

Music in the Car
Ray Baxter, President, Payson Meetup Club

Remember when it was so “cool” to have a push-button AM radio in the car? This presentation will review how to utilize your existing Compact Disc collection, now that many new vehicles no longer have a CD player, by streaming from an online service, using Bluetooth, flash drives, smartphones, etc.

Baxter – Q-A Music in Cars 5-1-21

YouTube Video

11am PT – 12pm MT – 1pm CT – 2pm ET

Word Tips and Tricks
Jerry Heaton, Member, Central Kentucky Computer Society

Tips and tricks using the latest version of Word plus useful Word projects you may want to do.

Heaton – Q-A Tips and Tricks Using Word and Word Projects, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

Heaton – Using Microsoft Word to Create a Thank You Note, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

Heaton – Suggestions on how to create a death data document, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

Heaton – Tips and Tricks Using Word and Useful Word Projects To Do + The Story, APCUG VTC 5-1-21

YouTube Video