APCUG 2018 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC29)

Thank you for attending the Summer VTC; we hope you had the opportunity to add to your tech knowledge.

SAVE THE DATE for the Fall VTC – 11/3/18

– Kudos to the APCUG VTC committee in producing another fine online conference. I attended 2 of the presentation in Track 1 –  the Tech Tips and Websites and Chromebooks for 2018. Jere Minich unveiled some sites that were new to me. I am always looking for resources for my club presentations. The presentation really helped me in where to look for the latest information for both desktop and mobile devices.

I have had an interest in learning more about Chrome books, Ron Brown presentation Chromebooks in 2018 provided lots of information on what to look for when shopping for a Chromebook. Bill James, Computer Club of Oklahoma City

I again enjoyed the VTC presentations, this time on a hot, humid summer day wearing a mu-mu, and having a glass of ice water next to me.

The first session I attended was by Phil Bock on “Digital Afterlife”. Not a happy subject, but something I’ve been thinking about since one of our members, who kept a lot of our group’s info on his computer, died. Phil discussed the importance of taking care of what happens to our digital legacy when we can no longer be in charge, and how those who need our stuff will be able to get it.

The second session I attended was also not on a happy topic. Rick Eaton from the Simon Wiesenthal Center spoke on how the alt-right, white supremacists, and other extremists, terrorists, and hate groups are using the internet. They recruit kids through gaming sites, apps, and social networking. Technology users must become educated. It’s scary out there. Leah Clark, Los Angeles Computer Society

Digital Afterlife

The digital afterlife webinar was very informative, and it was something I had not thought about until now. He covered so much including Social Media and what  we should do to remove our digital footprint on those accounts we do not use. I would like to get this presentation to show our Big Bear Computer Club membership. Yomar Cleary

Will use your guide to give a presentation on the same topic to HHICC soon. Have been wanting to and it’s wonderful to see such a great amount of resources out there. Jolyn Bowler, Hilton Head Island Computer Club

Great presentation – I now have much to think about and do. I have been wondering about this for a while. I also liked the books and resources. Elizabeth Sheppard, BGAMUG

Tech Tips & Apple Tips on APCUG2.org

Greatly appreciate the new to me websites.  I can see that they will certainly help me in the future. Betty Holtskog, Vernon PCUG

Great presentation Jere, Thank you. Cliff Fales, CVC Computer Club

Jere detailed some of the various web sites from which he builds his Tech Tips.  In each case, Minich explained the focus of each resource, what he liked about the site and what he disliked.  He covered both sites focusing primarily on PCs and those targeting iOS systems.  Jere pointed out the sites that served up ads, those that did not and the relative respect for privacy of each.  Though I was familiar with most of the sites that Minich mentioned, I appreciated his frank comments on the strong points of each as well as any policies with which he took issue. Ralph Sutter, SLOBytes

Chromebooks for 2018

Great presentation. Ron’s update on the latest Chromebook models was great. Go Chromebooks! Hewie Poplock, Chromebooks for Seniors

Linux and the ham radio “Internet”

I know Orv as a passionate advocate for Linux operating systems.  Reading that Orv would be present Linux and the ham radio Internet piqued my curiosity.  I know very little about ham radio or the American Radio Relay League.  Beach’s talk was a comprehensive introduction.  Mixing technical specifications with layman’s language, allowed me to follow much of the material presented.  Orv named numerous resources and provided links to others so that those in the audience who wanted to learn more could easily do so.  Beach’s frequent mention of the role that the humble Raspberry Pi plays in this arena underscored the idea that the ham radio “Internet” relies a great deal in ingenuity and less on high-end state of the art hardware. Ralph Sutter, SLOBytes

Digital Terrorism and Hate on the Internet – 2018

Excellent presentation. Roger Tesch, Madison PCUG

Medical Information on the Internet

Excellent and entertaining presentation. Best one of the day. Thanks. Tom Wilkinson, San Diego Seniors Computer Group

Great Presentation. Ron Echols, Hal-PC

You remind me of friendly and funny country doctor that made house calls. Enjoyed your Rx, doc! Barry Cowen, Deerfield Beach CC

Dr. Sexton set out to educate the audience in how to evaluate medical claims, separating marketing hype from reality.  Sexton explained proper protocols for objective testing and the risks of believing every medical report found on the Internet.  Using specific examples, he repeatedly illustrated how to look with a critical eye at clinical trials and promising claims.

Given Sexton’s homey demeanor and speech, I thought that I was listening to Milburn Stone, the actor who played Doc on Gunsmoke in the early days of television but the timely, authoritative material that Sexton cited soon made it clear that the speaker was firmly established in the medicine of today and passionate that consumer of health products and services be well-informed.

At the close of his talk, Sexton offered a handout with links to many of the studies that he cited and additional links for those interested in learning more about evidence-based medicine.  (Insert a link to that handout here) Ralph Sutter, SLOBytes


1:00 PM ET

Digital Afterlife
Phillip “Phil” Bock, President, Lake County Area Computer Enthusiasts
With the myriad opportunities that the Internet provides, we are likely to have many online accounts. We are also likely to accumulate lots of documents, photos, music, videos and other digital files on our computers, external drives and cloud storage accounts. What happens to those digital accounts and files if we become incapacitated or die? How do we make our wishes known, and who will carry them out? The Internet also allows us to live on (digitally) after our death, by leaving digital accounts open and available to friends and family and/or by enrolling in services which specialize in communicating posthumously on our behalf. Interested in learning more about our digital afterlife? Phil Bock will take us through an overview and suggest sources we can turn to for more information and assistance.


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2:00 PM ET

Tech Tips and Apple Tech Tips on APCUG’s Website
Jere Minich, Lake-Sumter Program Chair; APCUG Advisor, Region 5
Jere will share his sources for getting the info that is on Jere’s Tech Tips and Apple Tech Tips on APCUG’s website.


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3:00 PM ET

What’s New with Chromebooks in 2018
Ron Brown, Program Chair, Silvercom Computer and Technology Club
This presentation will give a brief history of the Chrome OS and look at new Chromebook laptops, Tablets and Chromeboxes for 2018.

Chromebooks_ for_ 2018-RonBrown-APCUG_VTC-8-18-18

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1:00 PM ET

Linux and the ham radio “Internet”
Orv Beach, Training Chair, Southern California Linux Expo; Technical Specialist, American Radio Relay League
Digital mesh networking is one of the fastest growing modes in amateur radio. With the recent capability of moving wireless access points into the uncrowded adjacent ham radio bands, the ability to create a linked ham “Internet” has become feasible. The network is growing by leaps and bounds, and can provide services such as text messaging, webcams, video chat email, and VOIP (both dial-up and chat channels). All these services can run on Linux computers.


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2:00 PM ET

Digital Terrorism and Hate 2018 – An update on the continued use of Internet technology by extremists.
Rick Eaton, Senior Researcher, Simon Wiesenthal Center
The web has become an increasingly popular place for hate groups to congregate, and in many ways hide in plain sight, using the latest trends in technology to communicate, organize and add members. Rick’s presentation focuses on what has become a critical global frontier in the marketing of hate and terrorism. The troubling increase in sophistication that extremists are demonstrating in spreading their messages online and the need for a coalition of corporations, parents, educators, non-profit organizations, and governments that can empower young people to mobilize in fighting hate.


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3:00 PM ET

Medicine on the Internet
Dr. Garry Sexton, President, Greater South Bay User Group
The goals of this presentation are to explain Evidence-Based Medicine, how to evaluate information, the strength of studies, the number needed to treat, how to make it useful, and websites that can help.

Medical_Information_ on_the_Internet-GarrySexton-APCUG_VTC_ 8-18-18

Medical Information on the Internet Resources 8-19-18

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