APCUG’s FREE 2021 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC41)


Welcome to the August 21, 2021 FREE Summer Virtual Technology Conference. You must be a member of an APCUG group to attend the VTC.  Registration ends at 11:30 pm ET on August 20. The encrypted links to Track 1 and Track 2 email will be sent after registration is closed.

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9:00 am PT, 10:00 am MT, 11:00 am CT, 12:00 pm ET


Computers to the Moon
Mark Schulman, Member, Central Florida Computer Society, an author, speaker, web designer, software designer, and technology enthusiast

Did the spacecraft have computers? What were their goals? How did we accomplish the goals and land on the moon? Mark will answer these questions and more during his presentation.

Computers to the Moon, Mark Schulman – APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – Computers to the Moon, Mark Schulman



Making Your Own Travel Maps with Google’s My Maps
Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks on Tour

You have probably been to the Google Maps website to search for a destination. But did you know that you can use Google’s My Maps to create and save custom maps to record your travels and share them with friends and family? Your custom maps can even include your photos, links, and descriptions. You can also use My Maps to create maps for Family Genealogy, or locations of favorite things like Hot Springs, or Presidential museums. This presentation will show you how!

Make your own maps with Google’s MyMaps, Geeks on Tour – APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – Making Your Own Travel Maps, Chris & Jim Guld


http://Map Making with Google My Maps – class materials – GeeksOnTour.COM


10:00 am PT, 11:00 am MT, 12:00 pm CT, 1:00 pm ET


Introduction to Geocaching,
John Krout, Presenter & Newsletter Contributor, Potomac Area Technology and Computer Society

Learn how geocaching has become a worldwide outdoor game, the first such game based on computers and the Web. See a few of the most interesting caches found by the presenter in 45 U.S. states. Learn how to get started in your own area and how to create an anonymous account on geocaching.com.

Intro to Geocaching, John Krout – APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – Introduction to Geocaching, John Krout


Geocaching Virtual Field Trip, John Krout – APCUG VTC 8-21-21


The State of Electric Vehicles / Tesla
Mikael Young – Electric Vehicle Professional

Electric vehicles are one of the hottest technology sectors in the past few years. Companies like Tesla, Nio, and Rivian are leading the charge in this space. In addition to many of the traditional automotive manufactures are selling or soon will be selling electric vehicles. This presentation will provide a summary of the latest information about the technology of the various electric vehicles that are on the market and what will be coming along in the near future.

The State of Tesla Electric Vehicles. Michael Young – APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – The State of Tesla Electric Vehicles, Mike Young



11:00 am PT, 12:00 pm MT, 1:00 pm CT, 2:00 pm ET


Make your vacation photos look better with GIMP
Art Gresham, Editor, Under the Computer Hood User Group

This is a demonstration of just a few of the features of GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP is a cross-platform image editor available for GNU/Linux, OS X, Windows, and more operating systems .Art will be demonstrating just a few of the many tools, using specific examples of actually works he has produced. This will not be a full demonstration of how to install and use all its features as there are many available YouTube and tutorials available. A primary emphasis will be on the concept of “layers” and a couple of other unique tools, showing how you can enhance a photo or drawing, or even create an entirely imagined result.

GIMP, a Tool for Image Editing Layers of Vacation Photos – Art Gresham, APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – GIMP, Art Gresham



Genealogy Road Trip: It’s All About the Prep Work
Sue Mueller, Genealogy SIG Organizer, Computer Users of Erie

How to research where your family members are buried and what you should know before you go. What you should take with you to record the information you find in cemeteries. Make your list and check it twice! Social Media (Facebook) is your friend–the benefits of personal contacts before you travel.

Genealogy Road Tip, Sue Mueller – APCUG VTC 8-21-21

Q&A – Genealogy Road Trip, Sue Mueller

Genealogy Road Trip Resources, Sue Mueller