APCUG’s FREE 2020 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC38)

Welcome to our November 7, 2020, VTC. You do not need a Zoom account to attend the VTC.

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1:00 PM ET

Navigating the Post-COVID Era
Ron Brown, Program Coordinator
Silvercom Computer & Technology Club

It’s a new world out there….Ron gives us suggestions on how to make it work with our tech clubs and our lives. This presentation is a personal story of how COVID-19 has affected me and my family. I was able to use technology to achieve goals that helped people with social isolation.  COVID-19 has affected most people’s way of communicating with one another and this presentation will look at the current and future technology. Never before has it been so important to stay connected in these isolating times.


2:00 PM ET

Staying Safe and Secure
Bob Gostischa, Avast Evangelist

If you are not a member of a group that had a BobG presentation at your October meeting (National Cyber Security Awareness Month), this is your opportunity to learn about security in this COVID-18 era.

In today’s “Online World,” Safety, Security and Privacy need to be taken seriously. This presentation will aid in that mission. Using the right programs and apps can help keep you safe and secure as well as reduce your privacy exposure. Using free programs and apps whenever possible to accomplish this goal is a bonus and this presentation includes information on many recommended free programs. Join presenter Bob Gostischa as he simplifies, clarifies, and demystifies your devices (gadgets or technology) so you have a safe, secure, and enjoyable Internet experience. Some of the topics are: VPNs, Is it a safe link? Bluetooth, Ransomware, Phishing campaigns, Has your password been hacked? 8 essentials for secure computing, and 9 tips for your smartphone.



1:00 PM ET

How Technology Has Changed the Way We Listen to Music
Ray Baxter, Acting President & Treasurer APCUG

This presentation gives us a quick review of our music listening habits during the last 65 years and a look at today’s download and streaming offerings. From 78s to 45s, LPs, the 8-track tape, cassettes, the Walkman, Compact Discs, iPods, and more – Ray will cover it all.

Ray considers himself an early Rock and Roll historian and has a digital collection of over 45,000 songs that began when he first started collecting records (most of which he still has) in his pre-teenage years. When living in California, he was the President of the Doo-Wop Society of Southern California, a non-profit organization that for almost 14 years produced live quarterly musical stage shows featuring vocal groups of the 1950s.

How Technology Has Changed The Way We Listen To Music, Ray Baxter-11-7-2020 VTC


2:00 PM ET

Chris and Jim Guld, GeeksOnTour
Learn with Geeks on Tour, they are Geeks Who Teach
This VTC presentation is a virtual stop on their book tour

Chris Guld wrote the book on Google Photos. The third edition of her book was released on September 1, 2020. The title is Chris will highlight some of the information in the 3rd edition of her book,“Learn Google Photos 2020.” See a summary of the book on the companion website LearnGooglePhotos.com. Book Summary. In this VTC session, Chris will highlight some of the information in the book, specifically: Chapter 5-How to find the memories you’re looking for, Chapter 7 – Editing to improve your photos and Chapter 8 – Organizing with Albums and Favorites. Chris will also show us how to watch the videos that go along with the book and how to find her list where she keeps track of all the changes to Google Photos as they happen.


3:15 PM ET

Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting will be held after the VTC, everyone is encouraged to attend to learn about what is happening with APCUG. There will be reports by various officers and committee chairs as well as information about the 2021 election and 2020 contest winners. There will also be a Q&A session after the meeting….bring your questions.

Minutes – Annual APCUG Meeting – 11-7-2020