Is Your User Group Registered with User Group Relations?

UGR offers discounts on their Acronis products to UG members as well as provides support to UGs for the Acronis software company. To register your UG, Gene and Linda Barlow ask that you complete the form on their website at:


TECHNICAL WEBINARS: They offer live technical Webinars directly to user group meeting. They can work with you to schedule a Webinar in a very short timeĀ frame if that is needed.

EVALUATION COPIES: They provide a free copy of their products to user groups that plan to do an evaluation of the products and write an article for their newsletter or website. Groups that complete the product evaluation in a timely manner and submit their written article to UGR will receive a free raffle copy of their product to give away at a future meeting.

RAFFLE COPIES: UGs have special meetings, often in December, when they have a fundraising raffle of products from many vendors. UGR is happy to contribute copies of their Acronis products for these holiday events.

PRODUCTS FOR COMPUTER LABS: Many UGs have a number of computers in a computer lab that they use for training classes and other demonstration activities. They provide a very special price to UGs wanting to use multiple copies of their products on their lab computers.

For help obtaining any of these UG support services, please have an officer of your group contact Gene Barlow at to request the support needed.