Steve Black

BlackPresident & CEO

Steve is a serial entrepreneur who came up with the idea for Techboomers while looking for an entrepreneurial opportunity that brought purpose into his life. One day, while helping his parents learn how to use Facebook, he realized there were no reliable websites that have quality up-to-date tutorials to help people like his parents learn on their own… And the vision for Techboomers was born.

His mother, Linda, is the Tester Extraordinaire. She was the main inspiration behind Techboomers. Her desire to learn digital technology was what prompted Steve to create a website that could teach her and others like her how to use computers and the Internet at their own pace. Now, she provides valuable feedback, insight, and perspective on the courses they offer at Techboomers. It’s thanks to her that they are able to write our tutorials in a language that our users can relate to, regardless of how well they understand digital technology.

Steve specializes in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing strategies. Outside of work, he enjoys running with his chocolate lab, Samson, and playing just about any kind of board game.