SPECIAL DISCOUNT – Monitor and Protect Your Hard Drive

MONITOR AND PROTECT YOUR HARD DRIVE – Computer hard drives are your systems complex workhorse — spinning rapidly non-stop, reliably and rapidly fetching and storing data, year after year. Until — uh oh, something’s wrong and where’s my data?!


Wouldn’t you like a window into your hard drive operation, performance, quality, stability, and reliability? A lot goes on inside these devices that isn’t revealed by your system’s hard drive activity light!

HD Sentinel <www.harddisksentinel.com/> is a powerful tool for monitoring hard drive health and learning more about drive innards than you likely imagined possible. At the same time, it’s designed for people who aren’t (and don’t want to become) experts; you can use it at a high-level (“How’s my drive doing today?” or drill deep into hard drive characteristics, history, usage patterns, and health).

While the website only discusses simple hard drives, HD Sentinel also supports other storage devices: SSDs, SSHD (hybrid drives), memory cards and thumb drives (where available), tape drives, and RAID controllers. Most of these are uniquely supported by Hard Disk Sentinel, not by any other diagnostics/monitoring tools.

HD Sentinel offers APCUG conference attendees & members of their groups a 40% discount from the five-copy lifetime family license price of $53, or a cost of $32 through December 24

Order your copy of HD Sentinel here
https://goo.gl/oj2nkR       Coupon Code XYZZY 

Monitor & Protect Your Data presentation video by Ray Parker, Epsilogix

Hard-Drive-Sentinel-Review-By Gabe Goldberg
APCUG Rep, Potomac Area Computer Society; APCUG Advisor, Region 2