Mark Zinzow

Member, Champaign-Urbana Computer Users Group
Long-distance member, Rochester Computer Society

Mark is a retired Help Desk Professional with decades of experience in consulting, technology training, networking and computer support. He has a passion for technology and ideas that empower people and likes to try to help make these 4 accessible to others.

He has been among the founders of several PC user groups, long-term president for the PCUG at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, active in many others, as well as various technology Meetups. He helped IBM introduce personal computers to higher education as part of Project Excel in the mid-1980’s, helped Michael Hart create Project Gutenberg, and still services on the PGLAF board.

He has also been a community spokesperson for safe computing and has worked closely with several anti-virus product vendors in negotiating site licenses and product requirements for the University of Illinois. His current interests include technology innovation, nonviolent communication, Usenet, P2P, web forums and emailing lists, writing user scripts to customize or enhance web sites, educating peers in making the best use of the Internet, studying UFO research and working to promote disclosure so that we can have a richer future sooner than most believe possible.