Lee Laughner

Lee LaughnerAPCUG Director

Instructor, Computer Club of Green Valley, AZ

As of July 2013, Lee has been serving on the Board of Directors of APCUG, An International Organization of Computer User Groups. She is also the Chief Editor of Reports in this organization.

A member of Computer Club of Green Valley, Arizona since 2002, Lee has been working as an adult education instructor for the 1500+ members, teaching nine classes a month in a hands-on classroom, and writing syllabi for all the classes she has taught on using: Windows 8, 7, Vista and XP as well as Microsoft’s 2010, 2007 and 2003 Word, Excel and PowerPoint programs. Before becoming secretary of the board at the Computer Club, a position she held for four years, Lee was a classroom monitor for three years, and she is currently serving on the Program/Speaker Committee.

Presently, Lee is also the secretary and webmaster for TELCO, The Enterprise and Landbridge Company, LLC, a Logistic solutions firm.

She also sets up and maintains websites for seven different groups and companies, using Expression Web. For the past 14 years until present, Lee has been working as a virtual assistant for Phil Young, Ph.D. of Chappaqua, NY making PowerPoint presentations that are shown to business leaders all over the world.

A former native of Denmark, Lee founded the Green Valley Danes in 2003, a club that meets monthly. In addition to Church, Lee is also busy with the local Newcomers and the Red Hats as well as the American Legion Auxiliary where she works as webmaster and cashier at Tuesday lunches. When possible, she likes to surround herself with her nine grandchildren who all live in the Phoenix area. Fluent in Swedish and Danish, Lee likes to watch movies in her native languages.