Kudos for Speakers Bureau Presenters


The Speakers Bureau is one the benefits many member groups take advantage of. They appreciate not having the same members having to give presentations to their group and the member-presenters like taking a break from giving them and not burning out.

Here are some kudos for a few of the presentations:

Central Florida Computer Society – John, thank you so much for the great TeamViewer presentation. This was the first time that CFCS used the APCUG Speaker’s Bureau benefit and the officers & members were satisfied & impressed. They felt it was like having you in the room. Having the ability to converse with you made them so much more appreciative of using the technology than if we just play a video of a presentation.

I was encouraged by all to set up other Speaker’s Bureau presentations based on your performance. The members feel that it is a great way to have new & unique presenters on a regular basis. These, mixed with our local presenters and the few who travel, they feel that we are no longer limited in having interesting & informative presentations. 

Under the Computer Hood User Group – Francis, thank you so much for presenting to our group last night. From the questions and comments afterwards I believe our members enjoyed your presentation on eSATA/USB2/USB3 and learned a lot. Though you covered a lot of material, you explained it well and provided a lot of insight into how these interfaces evolved over time, and what we can expect in the future. Greg Skalka

Wisconsin All-Computer Users Club – We had our Abby Stokes’ Social Media presentation this past Thursday night. WOW!!!  She was super fantastic!!  Terry Harvey

Greenspring Computer Club – Judy, I want to thank you once again for the video presentation here at Greenspring. We had several comments from the attendees on how much they appreciated the tips and leads to unknown applications and processes, I know I found several things that I want to explore. I am also sure that our web site will be getting increased traffic as the residents refer to your presentation. Eugene Sinclair

Rochester Computer Society – Jere, thanks for a great dynamic presentation to our User Group on Cloud Computing via Skype. It worked like magic and everyone was excited about the information. Tony Del

Wisconsin All-Computer Users Club – Jere, we appreciate your time and effort toward a Skype presentation on Tune Up Windows PC. Very informative and beneficial to all Windows users.

Under the Computer Hood User Group – John, on behalf of UCHUG, I’d like to thank you for your presentation to our group last Wednesday night.  I have been suggesting an APCUG Speakers bureau presentation to UCHUG for several years; this year we finally took the plunge and booked two, and I believe our membership has been pleased with them.  Our board had selected your “Free and Alternatives to Free Software” presentation as the one they thought our group would be most interested in, and you did not disappoint.  A lot of our members are into free and open-source software, and Linux.  Your presentation had something for everyone. I could tell by the nodding of heads and muffled comments when you introduced the programs in each category that many were believers already and agreed with your choices, but with many taking notes, it appeared you introduced new apps to a lot in the group.  Thank you for the presentation slides; we will get those passed on to our members and keep it on our web site as a reference.

The feedback I received after your presentation was all positive. You are a very good presenter and easily kept everyone’s attention. Everything on the technical end of the presentation worked flawlessly as well.

Again, thank you for staying up to educate and entertain our members. Greg Skalka

SCV Computer Club – Thanks to Bill (James) for starting us on the road to Windows 10 in December 2014 as well as the recent Windows 10 Creator preview presentation – it was great! My members really appreciated it – we learned so much about what’s new. Also, thank you for showing us how you are using Windows 10 = lots of neat tips. Another huge thank you for stepping in to give my planned Windows 10 Creator update presentation when I got an error message every time I tried to download it. You used the notes I was going to use to give the presentation, added a friend on your end who participated via phone and off we went through four pages of Creator updates. Talk about a presentation on the fly! Judy Taylour

Computer Uses Group of Redding – Last year I contacted Hewie to make a presentation to our group in Redding California using Video Conferencing. I found him listed as a presenter from the APCUG Speakers Bureau page. When I first contacted Hewie, he was delighted to be asked. He was completely receptive to my notion of using Zoom conferencing and we worked together several times to ensure a smooth performance for the General Meeting which he was the guest speaker. He was very gracious and interacted with the audience. He answered many of their questions and talked with us. He joked with us and entertained us for over an hour from Florida! I am truly grateful he accepted our invitation. Hewie, thanks so much. Jane Quinn