Kay Fleury

Kay Fleury is the Content Manager for Techboomers and joined the organization just over two years ago while it still focused mainly on offering free online courses for popular websites and apps. Since then, she has helped Techboomers grow by expanding the type of content it offers, including individual guide-like articles that help teach users everything they need to know about a specific technology-related topic.

Kay works closely with founder and CEO Steve Black to ensure the materials available on Techboomers are up-to-date, and of the highest quality for our users. Specializing in Search Engine Optimization and other online marketing strategies, Kay helps make Techboomers a place that any level of learner can arrive at to learn digital literacy, online safety, and about how the websites and apps they love to use regularly work.

When she’s not working for Techboomers, Kay is often found playing her guitar, trying out a new video game, or planning her next 20 trips around the world.