Diane McKeever CCP

Diane McKeever

Diane has been a software trainer for over 25 years and has taught over 100,000 students in the United States and Europe. Every day she earns her title of “Certified Patient Person” by teaching some of the most complex material in a fun, easy to understand way. She currently teaches about different 14 software programs, focusing primarily on the Microsoft Office suite. More recently has expanded her business and become certified as a Social Media Marketing Professional. She has lectured extensively on the subject and has helped hundreds of businesses set up and use the powers of advertising available through social media.

Since moving to Florida in 2013, Diane has joined the staff of the Adult and Community Enrich (ACE) program at Sarasota County Technical Institute (SCTI) where she has become a popular instructor, earning high satisfaction marks from her students.

Diane has had an active blog for years and contributes regularly to her popular Computer Tips blog where she has posted more than 130 tips. The top 100 of these tips were turned into a book, 100 Amazing Computer Tips (Swan Media, 2014), available in print and eBook formats from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.