Dave Gerber

APCUG Director

Dave’s first computer was a 386 DX something or other with a 40 Mb hard drive. The local computer store where he bought it had not received delivery of the monitor so they arranged it so he could make the trip from Sarasota to the distributor in Tampa (70 miles) and get it so he could play with his new toy over the weekend. Luckily for Dave, he came across an announcement in his local paper about an organization where regular folks learned and shared information about how to use their computers. He became a member of the Sarasota PC Users Group in 1993, soon after his family decided to relocate from Long Island, New York. It wasn’t long before the Volunteer Bug struck and he became a member of the Shareware Library Committee. Dave was first elected Director in 1995 and served for 10 years on Sarasota’s Board as Secretary, Vice-President and President. When he led the New Member Orientation for SPCUG he would always mention that when he first joined, on a scale of 1-10, considering he knew how to hit the power button, he was a solid 1. He now considers himself an 8 and attributes that to his involvement in SPCUG. Dave attended his first FACUG (Florida Association of Computer User Groups) conference in 1995. He returned from that first conference with a renewed level of enthusiasm and many new ideas. Dave became an FACUG Director in 1998 and was proud to serve as Vice-President and President before he left the Board in 2005. Among Dave’s proudest accomplishments are Dave “Bytes,” the e-newsletter he produced for SPCUG; Computers & You, the TV program he created and hosted for five years; and also the “Bits & Bytes” Computer radio show which worked wonders in promoting User Groups to the community. Dave currently serves as an APCUG Director.