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MARCH 2024 — 

MOVE OVER GEMINI, OPEN-SOURCE AI HAS VIDEO TRICKS OF ITS OWN In work published this month by Hao Liu, Wilson Yan, Matei Zaharia, and Pieter Abbeel of the University of California at Berkeley, and described on the project’s GitHub site, the scientists adapt Meta’s open-source Llama 2 large language model to create a multi-modal model that, like Gemini 1.5, can process not just text but also video and imagery, although not audio (unlike Gemini 1.5). Using the mainstream version of Llama 2, a not particularly large 7-billion-parameter neural net, the authors were able to handle input of up to one million “tokens”, which is the text, image, or video fed into the model. This number represents a dramatic increase from the 128,000 handled by the Gemini 1.0 version and OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo. Read more from ZDNet at Move over Gemini, open-source AI has video tricks of its own | ZDNET

MORE MALWARE TARGETS LINUX THAN EVER – The Linux operating system has a lot of fans for good reason. The open-source operating system is free, offers a lot of customization, and is very stable. It also has a reputation for being safe from malware attacks.
While it’s true that it’s free, flexible, and stable; Linux is not immune to malware attacks. Security experts say attacks against Linux systems have increased by 60% in recent years.
Malware can infect Linux systems through various means, including email attachments, software downloads, and malicious websites.
Here are a few tips to help protect your Linux system:
1. Update your software regularly: Make sure to install the latest updates and security patches for your Linux distribution. This will help prevent vulnerabilities from being exploited by malware.
2. Use a firewall: A firewall can help block unauthorized access to your system and prevent malware from communicating with its command and control server.
3. Install antivirus software: Although Linux is less susceptible to viruses than other operating systems, installing antivirus software is still a good idea. This will help detect and remove any malware that may have infected your system.
4. Be careful when downloading software: Only download software from trusted sources. Verify the authenticity of the software and read reviews before downloading and installing it on your system.
By taking the necessary precautions and implementing security measures, you can protect your Linux system from malware and enjoy a safe and secure computing experience. Cyn Mackley, Cyn’s Tech Tips
Linux OS vulnerable to attacks (

HOW TO CHANGE FREQUENCY OF AUTO RECOVERY FILES IN WORD 365 – Sometimes folks just like to learn new things. I am one of those folks and I hope you are as well. So here is a neat little bit of information that most folks are not aware of. For whatever reason you may have, you can change the frequency with which recovery files are saved in Word 365.

Follow the steps below to learn how:

  1.  Go to File | Options | Save.
  2.  Under Save documents, key in a number in the recover information every area.
  3.  Select OK.
    How To Change Frequency of Auto Recovery Files In Word 365 | Daves Computer Tips

LINUX 6.6 KERNEL RELEASED WITH MAJOR NEW FEATURES – Linux kernel 6.6 is a big update that delivers an array of improvements, including a new CPU scheduler that promises to improve performance and reduce latency, a new memory-friendly events subsystem, and improved drivers for a slew of gaming hardware. And as with most kernel updates, developers are laying the groundwork for the future with ‘initial support’ for upcoming hardware, including new CPUs and GPUs from Intel. OMG Ubunto.

WHAT’S NEW IN LINUX MINT 21.3 ‘VIRGINIA’ – Linux Mint always follows its Ubuntu base (LTS with long-term support) after some delay. Version 21.3 has just brought its system base up to the level of Ubuntu 22.04.3, i.e. the third update of the Ubuntu LTS version 22.04. While Ubuntu automatically installs such point releases as part of the update management, the extremely conservative Linux Mint interprets this as a version step that users must actively request, or you’ll otherwise remain with the previous minor version. Linux Mint also remains cautious when it comes to kernel updates: It does not follow Ubuntu’s step (22.04.3) to Linux kernel 6.2 and stays with version 21.3 of kernel 5.15 with long-term support. This can be changed at any time in the update management under “View – Kernel” but only by actively doing so. According to PCWorld, Linux Mint is conservative, but keeps up.


CHROMEBOOK CAMERA NOT WORKING? 7 FIXES TO TRY – Are you having trouble using your Chromebook’s built-in camera in a specific or all applications? This tutorial covers possible troubleshooting solutions for camera-related malfunctions on Chromebooks. Using your webcam in different applications will help determine if the issue is system-wide or app-specific. Set up a dummy video call in any video-conferencing application, or try taking a picture in a camera app. Learn more at this tutorial:


CHROMEOS 117 BEGINS ROLL-OUT WITH MATERIAL YOU AND OTHER FEATURES ON BOARDFinally! We’ve been talking about the Material You makeover for ChromeOS for a long time, and it is finally here: no flags, settings, or setup required. Though I’ve personally been switching on all the flags for months at this point to get this sweet, new, updated look, I’m beyond excited for this visual overhaul to be on all Chromebooks all the time for all users now. ChromeOS 117 begins roll-out with Material You on board (

CHROMEBOOKS WILL GET 10 YEARS OF UPDATES, ADAPTIVE CHARGING, AND ENERGY SAVER – Google is increasing how many updates Chromebooks get from eight to 10 years. ChromeOS is also adding adaptive charging and an energy saver mode. Starting next year, Chromebooks released from 2021 onwards will get 10 years of updates “after the platform was released.” The Auto Update Expiration (AUE) was last boosted in 2020, with Google touting that a decade is “more than any other operating system commits to today.”

GOOGLE LOOKS TO BE PREPPING A NEW STANDARD FOR CHROMEBOOK EXCELLENCE WITH ‘CHROMEBOOK X – it seems Google could be right on the cusp of delivering a new way for consumers to make sense of the growing – and sometimes confusing – Chromebook market. For a few years, Google has used the ‘Premium’ and ‘Plus’ labels both on the official Chromebook site and in stores like Best Buy, but I seriously doubt most consumers knew what to do with that info. The idea was solid – group Chromebooks by their general capabilities – but the execution was lacking. And Google has since deprecated it for what is coming next. Read more at

JULY 2023

ANDROID’S NEARBY SHARE HAS OFFICIALLY ARRIVED ON WINDOWS PCS – There are many ways to transfer data between your phone and your PC, from plugging it in over USB to sending yourself an email. Google has been working to bring Nearby Share, the equivalent to AirDrop for Android devices, to Windows. Now the app is officially available, making it easier than ever to send files back and forth between your PC and Android devices. Read more at Android’s Nearby Share Has Officially Arrived on Windows PCs (

15 CHROMEOS TIPS AND TRICKS FOR YOUR NEW CHROMEBOOKComputers should be simple and easy to use for everyone. Windows and macOS devices are okay in this regard but have some complexities that sometimes make them difficult to use. Chromebooks have a streamlined user experience that is almost as easy as using the Google Chrome browser. This is because the operating system used on Chromebooks, called ChromeOS, is based on Google Chrome. Read this Android Police article.

MINECRAFT ARRIVES ON THE PLAY STORE FOR ALL CHROMEBOOK USERS – It’s been a couple of months since Mojang announced the early access version of Minecraft for Chromebooks. The company has been steadily releasing updates to improve the game mechanics and overall performance. However, if you’ve been holding out for the stable version, the wait is now over. Read more at androidcentral. Minecraft arrives on the Play Store for all Chromebook users | Android Central

HOW TO INVERT COLORS ON A CHROMEBOOK – If you find that your Chromebook has had its “invert colors” setting enabled, all you have to do to turn it off is press Ctrl+Search+H on your keyboard. The Search key, also known as the everything button, is the key with the circle on it directly above your left shift key. Click those three buttons and boom, your colors should be right as rain. Read more at How to invert colors on a Chromebook (

HOW TO USE CHROME’S PERFORMANCE AND POWER SETTINGS – Google Chrome captures the lion’s share of the browser industry. Despite its dominant position, the browser is infamous for being a memory hog. Google released a RAM-saving feature in 2020 via an update, but still, it needs a few features to handle RAM more judiciously. Microsoft Edge, built on the same Chromium engine, already has a “Sleeping tabs” feature which essentially means suspending them from memory. Read this makeuseof article for more information. How to Use Chrome’s Performance and Power Settings (

‘WHEN WILL MY CHROMEBOOK EXPIRE?’ WHY COMPUTERS SHOULD BE DESIGNED TO LAST. – Here’s what you need to know about your Chromebook’s lifespan — and why we need tech giants like Google to help us get off the “disposability treadmill.” ‘When will my Chromebook expire?’ Why computers should be designed to last. (

HOW MUCH RAM DO YOU NEED IN A CHROMEBOOK? – Best answer: Most Chromebooks on the market today have 4GB of RAM, and that is indeed enough to get by. If a model you’re considering has options for 8GB of RAM, though, I’d highly recommend it now that Chromebooks are getting significantly longer support lives. androidcentral How much RAM do you need in a Chromebook? | Android Central

‘CHROMEBOOK X’ AND ‘CHROMEBOOK PLUS’ COULD BE GOOGLE’S NEXT BIG THING FOR CHROMEOS – Over the past few years, we’ve been seeing a few Chromebooks hit the market with specs that rival the best Windows laptops. But it seems that Google is preparing to set these apart from the rest with specific branding known as “Chromebook X.” As spotted by 9to5Google, the “Chromebook X” branding is slated to arrive on particularly powerful Chromebooks. According to a comment on a Chromium Gerrit commit, these devices will need to feature specific specs, such as a minimum amount of RAM, “camera definition, [and] display property.” Read more at
‘Chromebook X’ and ‘Chromebook Plus’ could be Google’s next big thing for ChromeOS | Android Central

GOOGLE CHROME PICKS UP IMAGE TO TEXT CONVERSION FOR PDFS ON CHROMEOS – Google has announced that it will be adding an image-to-text conversion feature to Chrome on ChromeOS in order to assist users who rely on screen readers in accessing PDFs that lack alt text descriptions. Androidcentral Google Chrome picks up image to text conversion for PDFs on ChromeOS | Android Central

HOW TO USE THE DIAGNOSTICS APP TO TROUBLESHOOT CHROMEBOOK PROBLEMS – Performing a diagnostics test was available before Chrome OS 90 was announced, but it required you to view an internal system page. Now, you have a dedicated app that presents different bits of information regarding the battery, CPU, and Memory. Here’s how you can access the Diagnostics app: How to use the Diagnostics app to troubleshoot Chromebook problems | Android Central

HOW TO CREATE AND EDIT VIDEOS ON CHROMEBOOK WITH GOOGLE PHOTOS – evices don’t offer even basic tools found on other platforms. While you could jump into the Play Store and download a video editor, there hasn’t been a way to do so using Google’s software. That all changed in 2023 as Google finally introduced a built-in video editor and movie creator via the Google Photos app on Chromebooks. This was a long time coming, as the feature was originally teased in July 2022. Since then, we’ve seen LumaFusion make its way to Android tablets and Chromebooks, but that might be a bit too powerful if you want to just make a family video. Read more at How to create and edit videos on Chromebook with Google Photos | Android Central

YOU CAN NOW USE APPS FROM YOUR PHONE ON YOUR CHROMEBOOK – A ChromeOS feature that first appeared all the way back in 2021 is finally available on the best Chromebooks. Buried beneath all of the other Google I/O 2023 announcements, Google also introduced App Streaming for Chromebooks. When enabled, this feature makes it possible to use different apps from your Android phone right in a dedicated window on your Chromebook. In order to enjoy App Streaming, there are a few requirements. First of all, you’ll need to switch over to the Beta Channel and install ChromeOS 114. You can now use apps from your phone on your Chromebook | Android Central

MARCH 2023

WHAT’S NEW WITH CHROMEBOOK? – Read about the March 2023 updates here

CHROMEBOOK REVIEW (2023) — All The Key Pros and Cons

HOW TO USE ChatGPT ON YOUR CHROMEBOOK: WITNESS THE FUTURE GOOGLE ASSISTANT SHOULD HAVE BEENHave you ever wished that Google Assistant could do more? That it was more contextually aware, could carry a conversation better, or was just overall just more useful? I’m not saying it’s dumb or anything, but it sure isn’t what it used to be and it certainly isn’t the future of virtual helpers we all thought it would be when it first launched. Add to the fact that it’s gotten progressively worse at performing basic tasks over the past year and you can kind of see where I’m going with this. That’s where ChatGPT comes in. Developed by OpenAI, this new tool is an artificial intelligence platform that’s designed to help users with a wide range of tasks (currently only via text input prompts – sorry, no voice commands!). It’s scary good – so good in fact that it may creep you out a bit, but it’s more exciting than anything. Read more at

CHROMEBOOKS HAVE AN EXPIRATION DATE. HERE’S HOW TO CHECK YOURS – The Auto Update Expiration date is when security and feature updates will end for a Chromebook. It’s easy to find yours or check it even before you buy. Read more at

 WHAT IS WPA3, AND HOW DO I GET IT ON MY WI-FI ROUTER? – WPA3 was introduced in 2018, but there’s still a bit of confusion surrounding what it is, what improvements it offers, and how to get it. Here’s what you need to know about WPA3 and how to use it with your home Wi-Fi network. Read more at

 GOOGLE IS ADDING GENERATIVE AI TO DOCS AND GMAIL TO HELP YOU GET STARTED WRITING Google is always looking for ways to help its users work smarter and more efficiently. In recent years, the company has made great strides in using AI and machine learning to give users features like Smart Compose, Smart Reply, Docs Summaries, and more. Now, it’s taking things to the next level with the addition of generative AI features to its suite of tools. Read more at

THIS NEW GOOGLE MAPS FEATURE IS LIKE NEXT-GEN STREET VIEW – AND IT’S ROLLING OUT NOW – Immersive View, the interactive Google Maps feature first announced at Google I/O 2022, is finally rolling out. The feature will initially be available for London, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo, and is set to go live for more cities in the coming months. Immersive View uses a combination of Street View and aerial imagery to present digital, real-time representations of cities in Google Maps, and Google has confirmed(opens in new tab) that users in Amsterdam, Dublin, Florence, and Venice will soon be able to access the innovative navigational tool. Find out more at

GOOGLE’S BRILLIANT TOOL FOR SEARCHING FOR THINGS ONLINE – How do you search for a specific dress if you don’t know the designer? There might also be times when you can’t accurately put what you are looking for into words. That usually leaves you with two options: give up or resign to spending too much time searching numerous search results. Thankfully, Google has a third option to make your searches faster and more effortless. With multisearch in Lens, you can look up text and images simultaneously. Find out how here


CHROMEOS 108 BRINGS STEAM TO MORE CHROMEBOOKS IN BETA – As expected, Steam gaming on Chromebooks is moving forward from alpha to beta status. Google today announced that ChromeOS 108 brings Steam to more Chromebooks and moves the effort into the beta stage. Chromebooks with Ryzen 5000-C and Intel Core i3 CPUs are now supported, tripling the list of Chromebooks that can run PC games through Steam. ChromeOS 108 brings Steam to more Chromebooks in beta (

GOOGLE CHROME 107 RELEASE: HERE’S WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW – In late October, the Google Chrome 107 release started rolling out to all supported Windows, Mac, and Linux devices. That includes Chromebooks running the Lacros browser, which I primarily use. Many of the changes are invisible behind the scenes while a few new customer-facing features now appear.
Google Chrome 107 release: Here’s what you need to know (

HOW I USE LINUX ON MY CHROMEBOOK – If I had to guess how much I split my time between using ChromeOS and Linux on my Chromebook, I’d estimate it to be about even. Half of my day is spent in the browser using web apps. The other half is in Linux using full desktop software. While many Chromebook users stay in the ChromeOS world, I wanted to share how I use Linux on my Chromebook to perhaps broaden some people’s perspectives. How I use Linux on my Chromebook (

WHAT’S NEW WITH CHROMEBOOKS? – Chromebooks update automatically* to provide you with the latest features and keep the software fresh and speedy. Here are some highlights from recent updates. * — September 2022 Updates & Highlights – Google Chromebooks

15 BEST CHROMEBOOK TIPS AND TRICKS YOU SHOULD KNOW – Chromebooks have become quite popular in recent years. Their affordability when combined with the ease of use makes them a good option for almost everyone who is not exactly looking for raw power. However, since Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, you might not feel at home about everything if it is your first time using one. There are a few things that work slightly differently than your Windows or Mac counterparts. Here are some of the best Chromebook tips and tricks to make your user experience better and take your productivity to the next level. 15 best Chromebook tips and tricks you should know – Phandroid

HOW TO MAXIMIZE AND MINIMIZE WINDOWS WITH CHROMEBOOK KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS – Need to give your hand a break from the trackpad or mouse connected to your Chromebook? These two simple shortcuts let you maximize and minimize windows with Chromebook keyboard shortcuts.
How to maximize and minimize windows with Chromebook keyboard shortcuts (

WHAT ARE YOUR CHROMEBOOK GAMING OPTIONS WITHOUT STADIA? –  Google has pulled the plug on Stadia, its cloud gaming platform, after launching the service in November of 2019. The company is surprisingly refunding all Stadia hardware purchases made through the Google Store. And it’s doing the same for game and subscription purchases too. Chromebook users who bought into Stadia will get their investment back, but that opens up a question. What are your Chromebook gaming options without Stadia? Read more here…
What are your Chromebook gaming options without Stadia? (


BEST VIDEO EDITOR FOR CHROMEBOOK OS IN 2022Do you know the most popular tablet or laptop used across the world? You know the answer! Google Chromebook. With the advent of social media and the rise of content creation in video-sharing platforms, more people are using Google Chromebooks to create video content. Read more Best Video Editor for Chromebook OS in 2022 (

CHROMEBOOK REVIEW — THE KEY PROS AND CONS IN 2022 – “Should I buy a Chromebook?” is a question that is asked with increasing frequency by individuals, businesses, parents and students looking to reduce their computing costs or work more collaboratively in the cloud. This Chromebook review explores the pros and cons of using Chromebooks and other Chrome OS-based computers, helps you answer that question and highlights a few Chromebooks that you might want to consider using. Read more Chromebook Review (2022) — Should I Buy a Chromebook? (

CHROMEBOOKS ARE GETTING A DEDICATED ‘GAME MODE’ FOR ANDROID GAMES, TOO – It has been well over a year since we last discussed ‘Game Mode’ for Chromebooks. When we found this change originally, it was clearly tied to ‘Borealis’ – a.k.a. Steam games on ChromeOS – and that was its only use case. The purpose was clear for this previous effort: give Chromebooks the ability to push the Steam game container to full screen when a new game launches via the ‘Borealis’ container. While we’re still firmly in the alpha stages of that new feature on Chromebooks, it seems that the ‘Game Mode’ for Steam is already in place and doing its thing, delivering a full-screen experience when launching a game. Read more at Chromebooks are getting a dedicated ‘Game Mode’ for Android games, too (

PLAY STORE MIGHT BE GETTING A NEW LOGO, MATERIAL YOU IN TABLETS AND CHROMEBOOKS – The last time Google changed its Play icon was back in 2016 when its signature interlocking triangles took on a new brighter look. However, six years later, The Google Play store and its icon remained largely untouched, donning its outdated UI and icon. At the same time, the rest of the apps in the Google ecosystem transitioned into what is now called Material You.

Things look to be changing now as it has been spotted that “Material You” touches are being added to the Play Store on Android tablets and Chromebooks, as well as the Play Store icon itself in some places. We knew of the proposed “Material You” redesign as it was unveiled by Google back in October for I/O 2022. However, we are just now seeing parts of the new promised look appear in bits and pieces. As spotted by 9to5Google, the Play Store icon is showing up in GPay and Google Pay with a more material-looking icon that flattens the colors and removes the shadows, resembling the current Google colors more accurately. Read more Play Store might be getting a new logo, Material You in tablets and Chromebooks (

CHROMEBOOK SHIPMENTS EXPECTED TO DROP 30% IN 2022, AS ENTIRE PC MARKET SLIPS – Chromebooks saw an explosion in 2020 amid the pandemic, but it seems that success is drying up. According to analysts, Chromebook shipments will drop by 30% by the end of 2022. Gartner reports that PC shipments are expected to shrink by 9.5% this year. That follows 2021, which saw 11% growth for the market globally. The number looks at PC, Mac, and Chromebook shipments in 2022. While that slip will affect the whole market, PCs are only expected to see a drop around 3%, while Macs won’t lose or gain. Chromebooks, on the other hand, will apparently see a drop of 30% compared to 2021 (via TechCrunch). Read more Chromebook shipments to drop by 30% in 2022 – 9to5Google

WINDOWS, MACOS, CHROME OS, OR LINUX: WHICH OPERATING SYSTEM IS BEST? – You don’t have a great many choices when it comes to your computer’s operating system, but the choice that you make can have wide-ranging consequences. The five OSes included here are your most viable options. That’s not a huge number, but these operating systems differ distinctly in strengths and weaknesses. Four come from commercial tech giants, while one, the Linux-based Ubuntu, is a free and open-source option. Windows and macOS are generally the most powerful in terms of hardware and software selection as well as interface conveniences and utilities, while Chrome OS is more lightweight and runs on inexpensive hardware. But why run just one operating system? Read more at Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, or Linux: Which Operating System Is Best? | PCMag


CHROMEOS CAN NOW OPEN MORE ARCHIVE FILES INCLUDING 7Z, ISO, AND TARLast July, we were first to report that Google was working on a new way for the Files app in ChromeOS to be able to view and extract files from quite a few different formats. Nearly a year later, that feature has now begun to arrive, starting with May’s update to ChromeOS 101. In its initial form, it’s now possible to open three new archive formats on your Chromebook. First up, there’s new support in ChromeOS for the 7z format, which is an archive format originating in the 7-Zip program. Some people choose to use 7z files instead of standard zip archives to create smaller files for sharing and storing. Notably, password-protected 7z files are not yet supported. Read more at ChromeOS can open more archives including 7z, iso, & tar – 9to5Google

LOOK CLOSER AND TAKE BETTER NOTES WITH YOUR CHROMEBOOKWith the latest update to your Chromebook, we’re introducing a note-taking app, features that improve screen magnification and more. Whether you’re using your laptop for work or fun, these handy features will help you get things done your way. Read more at Look closer and take better notes with your Chromebook (

BEST CHROMEBOOK TIPS AND TRICKS TO USE IN 2022If you are a fan of Chromebook , you know that lightweight laptops that run Chrome OS Google’s is a little different from Windows or Mac laptops. It has its own set of tips and tricks. One of the big features for Chromebook is the reasonable price which is in Handy for students In order to provide a computer for children. It is also suitable for people who use Multiple Google Apps , including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Contain Chrome OS It has many features like Download Android apps And the possibility to customize Chromebook using the Chrome app Canvas, which most people already know. But there are some lesser known tricks like getting the App Store To download Linux applications , Use Task Manager , pick up A screen shot for a specific part of the screen and much more. Let’s check out how to make Chromebook a literally professional device. Best Chromebook Tips and Tricks to Use in 2022 | Dz Techs (

CHROMEOS TO IMPLEMENT ROUNDED CORNERS FOR DEVICES WITH ROUNDED SCREENS – Ahh, rounded display corners. A remnant from the CRT days that is suddenly cool and modern again. Maybe Rust Cohle from True Detective was right when he said, “Time is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over and over again.” To that end, if you look carefully at your smartphone’s display, chances are that it has rounded corners. Similarly, for recently released Chromebooks, that seems to be the aesthetic manufacturers are also going for. Read more at ChromeOS to implement rounded corners for devices with rounded screens (

CHROMEBOOK KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS – Keyboard shortcuts make our day-to-day tasks easier on any device. Thankfully, Chromebook offers a huge list of keyboard shortcuts. You can close windows, activate the split-screen mode, swap monitors, create desks, edit and format text, launch apps, turn on accessibility features, and do much more using Chromebook keyboard shortcuts. MakeTechEasier has divided the Chrome OS keyboard shortcuts based on their functionality in this cheatsheet. To find shortcuts on this page, press Ctrl + F and type whatever you are looking for. Chromebook Keyboard Shortcuts – Make Tech Easier


NO, CHROME OS ISN’T REMOVING SMART LOCK, JUST TWEAKING IT – Recent reports have suggested that Chrome OS would be removing Smart Lock in the near future, but instead, Google is only tweaking the way it works, potentially to keep your account more secure. No, Chrome OS isn’t removing Smart Lock, just tweaking it – 9to5Google

WHY A CHROMEBOOK IS PROBABLY ALL YOU NEED – Commentary: Looking to buy a new Windows or Mac laptop? You’ll first want to consider Chromebooks, too. Due to the uptick in remote learning and working during the pandemic, a lot of people are now aware of the world of Chromebooks. It’s likely because of this that I spent more time fielding questions about them from family and friends than I have since they first launched in 2011. Chromebooks are now 10 years old and a lot has changed. Most of my Chromebook conversations are with people buying them for kids, but these Q&A sessions regularly end with them asking “Should I buy one for myself?” And the stock answer is usually, “It depends on your needs.” But after a little digging, many people realize they don’t need to do any more than what can be done on a Chromebook. Why a Chromebook Is Probably All You Need – CNET

4 BURIED TREASURES THAT’LL TRANSFORM YOUR CHROME OS EXPERIENCEAll right, my fellow Chrome OS adventurer — see if this progression feels familiar:

  • First: “Ooh, look! My Chromebook’s getting a huge update this week! Cool new features! SO EXCITING!!”
  • Then: “Oh. The update’s here, but everything looks the same. Where’s all the new stuff? So disappointing.”
  • It’s an all-too-common pairing here in the land o’ Googley matters, and that exact progression is in the midst of playing out for many an eager Chromebook owner this very moment.

Have you felt it yet? This latest up-and-down got going when Google made a splashy announcement about its 100th Chrome OS release the other day — including, most notably, the long-in-progress launch of a snazzy new revamped Chromebook launcher (ooh, ahh, etc). 4 buried treasures that’ll transform your Chrome OS experience | Computerworld

CHROMEBOOK ZOOM COMPATIBILITY JUNE 2022 CHANGES – Chromebook ChromeOS apps are being phased out across all operating systems by June 2022. Because of this, Zoom created the Chrome Progressive Web App (PWA), which is intended to replace the Zoom ChromeOS app, and allows you to use some of the same features available on the desktop client or mobile app within the Chrome web browser. Chromebook Zoom Compatibility June 2022 Changes – CCCTechConnect (

CHROMEBOOK REVIEW — THE KEY PROS AND CONS IN 2022 – “Should I buy a Chromebook?” is a question that is asked with increasing frequency by individuals, businesses, parents and students looking to reduce their computing costs or work more collaboratively in the cloud. This Chromebook review explores the pros and cons of using Chromebooks and other Chrome OS-based computers, helps you answer that question and highlights a few Chromebooks that you might want to consider using. Chromebook Review (2022) — Should I Buy a Chromebook? (

 THE 20-MINUTE CHROMEBOOK TUNE-UP – As far as computers go, Chromebooks are almost shockingly low-maintenance. Google’s Chrome OS operating system updates itself silently and automatically — as do most of the core apps associated with the platform — and it doesn’t get gunked up and slowed down over time, as traditional operating systems tend to do. There’s no antivirus software to fret over, either, and little in the way of complicated settings or compatibility concerns. By and large, things “just work” — like, for real. But hey, you’re a proactive person. You like knowing your tech is always in tip-top shape. Plus, you have impeccable tastes in tech-related reading material (clearly). So let me share a little secret with you: Despite Chrome OS’s minimal-upkeep nature, there are some things you can do to clean up your Chromebook, clear out its clutter, and keep it primed for optimal productivity (and/or procrastination — equally important, as far as I’m concerned). And they don’t take long at all to power through. The 20-minute Chromebook tune-up | Computerworld

Ricks Tech Tips – Rick’s Daily Tips – Your daily dose of practical, easy to follow tech tips! (

HOW TO CHECK THE HEALTH OF YOUR CHROMEBOOK WITH THE DIAGNOSTICS APP – Just like every other computer on the planet, Chromebooks can develop hardware issues over time, especially if they receive a lot of use.

Chromebooks running Chrome OS 90 or later have a handy “Diagnostics” app that will check the machine’s battery, CPU and memory to see if there are any issues with those components that need to be resolved (hopefully while the device is still under warranty).

If you’ve had your Chromebook for a while and you’ve never ran the tests included in the Diagnostics app, I recommend that you take a few minutes to do it on a regular basis (every 3 months is my recommended schedule).

Just follow the steps below to open the Diagnostics app and run the various tests:

1 -Open the “Quick Settings” panel by clicking on the Clock display in the lower-right corner of the screen.

2 – Click the Settings icon (it looks like a “gear“).

3 – Click About Chrome OS.

4 – Click Diagnostics.

That’s all there is to launching the Diagnostics app. Now just click on each test in turn to run them.


GOOGLE PREPARING ‘ChromeOS’ RENAME TO UNIFY BRANDINGAs reported by 9to5Google, Google has decided to unify the branding and drop the space between “Chrome” and “OS,” making it just one word. Similarly, Chromium OS — the open-source version of Chrome OS used primarily by developers — will be rebranded to “ChromiumOS.” Google preparing ‘ChromeOS’ rename to unify branding (

YOU CAN NOW PLAY STEAM GAMES ON CHROMEBOOKS — THESE ARE THE MODELS – Steam on Chrome OS is now live. You can now play Steam games on Chromebooks — these are the models | Tom’s Guide (

BEHOLD THE CHROME OS 101 DARK CHROMEBOOK BOOT SCREEN THAT NO LONGER BLINDS YOU!After nearly a week of being mostly offline for travel and other reasons, I just updated my Acer Chromebook Spin 13. I run the Dev Channel on it and see that it got bumped up to Chrome OS 101 for the first time. Lo and behold, the blazingly bright boot screen is gone! Thanks to Chrome OS 101, I now have the dark Chromebook boot screen that’s nearly a decade overdue. Behold the Chrome OS 101 dark Chromebook boot screen that no longer blinds you! (

HOW FINDING OPTIMIZED ANDROID APPS ON CHROMEBOOKS WILL GET EASIER – Struggling to find optimized Android apps on Chromebooks? Android 12L, announced a few months back, will help. But it’s not enough to just add better support for mobile apps on larger screens. You still have to find them. Google announced changes that will make it easier to find those optimized apps. How finding optimized Android apps on Chromebooks will get easier (

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Rick’s Tech Tips – delete unwanted networks from your Chromebook

Question from Mitchell:  Love your site, Rick. I have a question for you if you don’t mind.

I recently retired from a job that required me to travel frequently to multiple states.

As you can imagine, I stayed in a lot of different hotels and now my Chromebook has a long list of WiFi networks that pop up when I go to connect to a network.

Since I’m not traveling anymore I’ll never need to connect to most of those networks again. How can I remove them?

Rick’s answer:  This is a common issue for frequent travelers, Mitchell.

Chromebooks do a great job at storing WiFi networks that you’ll need to connect to again in the future, but it does get tedious when you have to scroll through a bunch of them that you no longer have a need for.

Luckily, it’s very easy to delete those unwanted networks from your Chromebook. Just follow the steps below:

1 – Sign in to your Chromebook.
2 – Click on the Time display in the lower-right corner of the screen.
3 – Click the Settings icon (it looks like a “gear” or “cog“).
4 – In the left-hand pane, click Network.
5 – In the right-hand pane, click Wi-Fi, then select Known networks.
6 – Find the network you want to forget and click the three vertical dots.
7 – Click Forget.
8 – Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each of the other networks you want your Chromebook to forget.

That’s all there is to it. From now on the networks you removed will no longer show up in your list of saved WiFi networks.

Note: If you ever visit one of those hotels again you’ll still be able to connect to their WiFi network because it’ll show up in the list of available networks (if you are in range, of course).

I hope this helps, Mitchell. Good luck! Q&A: How can I remove saved WiFi networks from my Chromebook? (


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