Barlow’s December Newsletter – Beyond Doing Basic Backups

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Beyond Doing Basic Backups

By Gene Barlow
User Group Relations
Copyrighted December 2015

For almost 20 years I have lectured and written articles about the importance of doing backups of your PC. Doing regular backups of your main computer hard drive on your PC is the most important thing all end-users need to do to maintain and protect their computer system. Without a good backup system, your computer may crash and you will not only lose all of your important files and photographs, but your computer will be dead and expensive to repair. Having followed my advice over the years, thousands of computer users have avoided such loss.

Basic Computer Backups

There are many different approaches to doing backups of your computer. Unfortunately, most of these approaches are just plain inadequate to totally protect your computer. That is why I have emphasized the Perfect Backup Approach as the most effective way to do backups. It consists of backing up your entire main hard drive on a weekly basis and storing these backups on a dedicated external hard drive. This is not a partial backup of a few of your data files or photographs, but the entire content of your main hard drive is backed up. Your Windows operating system, all of your application programs and setting files, as well as your important data files (photographs, videos, graphics, spreadsheets, databases, etc.) are protected. A good Image Backup system is needed to do this properly. I recommend you use the top rated Acronis True Image product for either the PC or the Mac computer. If you follow my instructions on how to do these weekly backups, then your computer and important data files will be very well protected.

Beyond the Basic Backups

Every end-user needs to faithfully do the Perfect Backup Approach mentioned above and for most computer users this will be adequate to protect you. However, there are a few ways to give your computer an added level of protection. The purpose of this article is to introduce you to these more advanced backup approaches. Please note that these should never be used as your only backups, but they should be used in addition to the Perfect Backup Approach described above. Together with the Perfect Backup Approach, they will give you a higher level of Protection than the Basic Backup can do by itself.

Critical File Backups: While I recommend a backup of your entire main hard drive on a weekly basis, you may have a few critical files on your computer system that need to be backed up more frequently. Acronis True Image has the ability to backup individual files on a daily basis or even more often. The Continuous Backup feature in True Image will watch over these critical files and back them up every five minute or so if they have changed. Do not be tempted to backup all of your files using this approach. It could cause your computer un-needed extra work. Just select those very important files on your hard drive to get this frequent backup action.

Protecting your Backup Images: Making regular backups and storing them on an external hard drive attached to your computer is very important. But, then protecting your backup hard drive from damage is a very important next step. Let me recommend you do two things to protect your important backup hard drive. First, unplug the backup external hard drive from your computer between backups. That way, a virus attacking your computer will not be able to destroy your backup external hard drive when it crashes the main hard drive inside the computer.

Second, get a second backup external hard drive to serve as your remote backup hard drive. Then you will have both a local backup drive and a remote backup drive. Store the local backup drive near your computer for the convenience of doing your next backup. Then after 3-4 months, move your local backup hard drive to a remote location (safety deposit box, your office, a friend’s house, etc.) and start using your remote backup hard drive as your local backup drive. The remote backup hard drive will protect you from theft, fire, earthquakes, flood, and hurricanes that may destroy your local backup hard drive. The swapping of these two backup hard drives will protect you against these rare physical destruction of your local backups. You will still lose a month or two of information using this swap approach.

Cloud Backup Storage: A fairly new backup approach takes advantage of Internet storage to save your backups to. Then, if anything should happen to your computer location (fire, theft, tornados, earthquakes, etc.) that destroys your computer and local backup storage, your very important files will still be safe on the Internet. Just remember that Cloud backups are very slow and more expensive than local backups. So, the most practical use of Cloud backups is to save your most important data files and photos and not to backup your entire main hard drive. Continue to use local weekly backups of your entire main hard drive to protect your entire main hard drive. This combination of weekly local backups and daily Cloud backups will protect your computer and important files in the best way possible.

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