APCUG’s FREE 2020 Spring Virtual Technology Conference (VTC36)

APCUG May 2, 2020May 2, 2020

From Leah Clark, President, Los Angeles Computer Society

This is what Leah wrote for User Friendly, LACS’ newsletter.

Again, I spent a Saturday learning at an APCUG Virtual Technology Conference.

First, I tuned into Dr. Rachele Orsini’s presentation on a hearing revolution with healthable devices. Dr. Orsini is with Starkey Hearing Technologies. Having friends who are frustrated with their hearing aids, I was interested in what may be new in that field. I was amazed by the technology available today.

Starkey incorporates Artificial Intelligence (AI) into a hearing health care system. The ear can be the new wrist, as it is very vascular, with balance and hearing functions.

These hearing devices can track your heartbeat, body and brain scores, steps taken, and they can serve as virtual assistants. Tap on your ear to activate sensors to receive reminders, ask directions, or get language translation. They connect to a smartphone or tablet. The hearing devices are customized to the individual. A provider can make adjustments remotely.

Then, I listened to Chris and Jim Guld, the Geeks on Tour, telling us how to digitize old photo albums into Google Photos. They showed Chromecasting photos to your TV and using a photo as a “screen saver” on the TV.

You can take “photos of your photos” into Google Photos. With Google’s free PhotoScan app, you can scan your pictures into Google Photos, edit them, and put them into albums. The Geeks on Tour have many YouTube tutorials to show you how.

The third session was a Round Table Zoom meeting on how user groups are coping with staying home orders during the pandemic. Many groups are having Zoom meetings, or are using other apps. There was a lot of discussion among the attendees, with many ideas presented. Attendees received a five-page report of the suggestions and help that were offered.

Other choices were “Let’s Go Shopping” with Ron Brown and “Audible Audio Books” by Hewie Poplock.” The next VTC is scheduled for August 15.

1:00 PM ET

Let’s Go Shopping
Ron Brown, Program Chair, Silvercom Computer & Technology Club

Ron will discuss shopping apps that your favorite grocery store uses and show some interesting things you can do with the Walmart software. Navigating the Amazon Ecostsem with Whole Foods, Amazon Fresh, Deals of the Day, and Amazon Prime Day can be challenging. Ron will cover how to pay on-line, return items, and get your warranties


YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/1GqvN-bDw6Y

2:00 PM ET

Audible Audio Books

Hewie Poplock, APCUG Rep, Central Florida Computer Society & Sarasota Technology User Group; Chromebook Evangelist

Many people, especially seniors, are finding more free time while confined to their homes. One technology that is not often considered is audio books. Reading becomes more difficult as we age. Listening to someone read has become very accessible. There are many ways to get professionally read books for free, inexpensively, or by subscription. Hewie will give a brief background and then provide ways to find thousands of audio books. He will also provide a few sample excerpts of books to illustrate the quality of audio books.


Audio Books – Poplock

YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/3Ct3p096ZLc

Track 2

1:00 PM ET

A hearing revolution with healthable devices

Dr. Rachele Orsini, Au.D, Central Florida Field Representative
Starkey Hearing Technologies

Today’s technology is more advanced than ever before with artificial intelligence and sensors leading the way and changing lives in many areas including healthcare. Hearing technology has always been an effective and proven solution for individuals with hearing loss but what if we could do more with an ear worn device? At Starkey we are the first and only manufacturer with a life changing healthable device that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Sensors that do more than just improve hearing.

We have started a hearing revolution with healthable devices that do more for us….they go beyond the traditional hearing aid. Did you ever think that your hearing device would track your physical movements, provide you with a daily brain engagement score, detect a fall and send alerts, answer to voice commands, translate 27 languages in real time and much, much more. This session will highlight who is Starkey and why you should rethink your hearing healthcare with a healthable.


YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/fYSmbFq-1ok

2:00 PM ET

Digitize old album photos into Google Photos and Chromecast to TV
Chris and Jim Guld, Geeks On Tour

Is technology passing you by? Jim and Chris are here to help. Their presentation will show us how to digitize our old album photos into Google Photos and Chromecast them to our TV. This sounds like a great project while we are staying safer in place.


YouTube Video – https://youtu.be/OHASgsbD3ig 

What’s happening with your group while everyone is staying safer in place?
Let’s share what we are doing with our groups? Meeting via Zoom or another online app? Streaming via Facebook or YouTube? Members are afraid of anything online. Over-thinking how to start having meetings via Zoom? Let’s helps each other through this crisis and, at the end, still have members who want to attend meetings.