APCUG Member Groups Celebrate Their Volunteers

GVR Computer Club, Arizona

by Art Rotman

On January 10th Mike Kearns (GVR VP) held his 9th annual Volunteer Luncheon. The crowd enjoyed a delicious catered lunch followed by Moonstruck Coyotes, an entertaining cowboy/western 3-piece band.
We all know that signing up new volunteers can be problematic at times but Mike sees that, somehow, we always wind up with what our great Club needs.
The annual luncheon has been a terrific way to not only thank these nice folks but, also, to keep them with us and to encourage new volunteers as well.

Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, Colorado

By Joe Nuvolini

The Pikes Peak volunteers get treated to lunch at Old Chicago and have salad, a pizza bar with several pizzas to select from, and soft drinks. They get to use a separate room. It’s always been held on Saturday, the weekend before the Super Bowl.

Big Bear Computer Club, California

By Yomar Cleary

Big Bear membersBig Bear CC volunteers are honored by having a summer barbecue at their July general meeting.  For their Board members, the club sponsors a dinner for the board member and their spouse/significant other. The board pays for the board member and the club asks for $20 for the spouse to cover for their dinner at a nice local restaurant. This has been a great way to socialize outside of board and general meetings. We also give each of the board members a personalized note binder with their Computer Club logo and a pen.  New members joining the computer club get a Computer Club personalize shopping bag with a couple of door prize items. We try to recognize all our members.

Recently, Barbara Moore, our Club Treasurer since 2004, had to resign as she and her are moving to Canada. We recognized her for her many years with a cake, certificate of appreciation and a check for $125.

South Walton Computer and Technology Club, Florida

By Carl Lofstrom

These are some of the things SWCTC does to thank their volunteers and members.

At the end of every snowbird season all of the instructors and volunteers, along with spouses, are invited to attend a free luncheon. It is at this time; the volunteers are presented with a certificate of thanks from SWCTC. This get together gives us an opportunity to review what worked and the areas we can improve upon for next season.

At the end of the snowbird season and before all of the members leave town they receive a special letter thanking them for participating in our classes and an invite to return again for the next snowbird season.

Special certificates are presented to members for example; 1st and 2nd Place Photo Contest Winners.

We wave the memberships dues for the volunteers who teach classes and the ones who help with signing up new members.

Special recognition is given to members from time-to-time in their newsletter.

We encourage members to submit short stories on any subject relating to technology and give them credit by publishing the article in our newsletter.

At the end of each class we make it a point to thank all members for attending.

All of us at SWCTC are aware of the importance of thanking members and do not hesitate to say thank you.

TUGNET, California

By Marian Radcliffe

This year, they presented the volunteers who help at each meeting with a 128GB flash drive. All other volunteers received a smaller size GB drive. They were individually asked to come to the podium to receive their ThanksUSB drive and a round of applause. They also list all of their 25+ volunteers in each newsletter;

Sun City Summerlin Computer Club, Nevada

By Howard Verne

SCSCC has their annual Volunteer Thank You Dinner in November. These are the women and men who give of their time and expertise and make it possible for the Computer Club to live up to its purpose of members helping members.