APCUG Election 2018 / Annual Meeting

CONGRATULATIONS TO THE 2019 OFFICERS; they were unanimously elected at the annual meeting. Voting for 2019 officers will take place at the the 2018 Annual Meeting following the November 3 Virtual Technology Conference. There will be a unique Zoom URL for the meeting.

NOVEMBER 3, 2018

Call to order

Approval of 2017 minutes from the annual meeting held on November 4, 2017

President’s Report – David Williams

Treasurer’s Report – Ray Baxter

Committee Reports

Election of 2019 Officers; bios on apcug2.org

Introduction of Advisors who will give a short report on their Region(s)

2018 Digital Photo Newsletter and Website contest winners – Bill James

2018 VOTY Awardee – Judy Taylour

General Discussion

Meeting adjournment

Annual Meeting YouTube Video

2018 Contests – Winners


2019 APCUG Director and Advisor Candidates



David Steward, Secretary

David has been involved with APCUG since 1999 and served as Board of Advisors Chair for a total of six years, and as an Advisor for six additional years. During this period, he served in various BODA positions including Vice-Chair and Secretary. In 2011, he was appointed to the Board of Directors and became Vice President. He has served as President of APCUG and is presently serving as the Secretary of the organization.

He has been a member of Alamo PC since 1991 and was a member of the Alamo Area Compatible User Group prior to that. He is presently serving on the APCO Board of Directors in the office of President and Director of Programs which he has held for the past eight years. Prior to that, he previously served on the Board of Directors as a director at large for two terms and as Secretary for two terms. He has been directly involved in the day-to-day running of APCO and in obtaining review software for members.

Specializing in multimedia, David has done beta testing for various large software publishers and has many contacts in the computer industry. He has served on various Alamo PC and APCUG committees, including the former BBS Liaison committee, the Computer Lab committee, the Executive Committee and the Capital Purchases committee.

David is a full time MIS manager at Alamo Transformer in addition to being a design engineer for the utilities industry. His hobbies include computers, digital animation, multimedia, communication and fishing.

His goal in serving APCUG is to be a part of the effort to bring the organization back into focus, to aid in the development of new benefits, and to make APCUG a vital part of the user group community.

Marie Vesta, Director

Marie has been associated with user groups since 1997 when she joined the Pasco Area Computer User Group. She became President of that group in 1999 and served in that capacity until 2012, when the Group was dissolved.

Marie became President of the Florida Association of Computer User Groups in 2007 and served until 2008.

She became an APCUG board member in 2008 and held that position until she became Vice President in 2011. In 2013, Marie became President of APCUG and held that position until 2017 when she stepped down for personal reasons.

Marie returned to APCUG as a Director in 2018.

David Williams, President

David joined the Central Iowa Computer User Group in 1995. He has served in many positions including president, vice president and editor. He has served as secretary since 2004, responsible for using OneNote for board meetings and the board sharing of files through OneDrive and other cloud services. He also served as Program and Online Services coordinator, responsible for monthly meeting topics and the group’s Web site. His other responsibilities include the social media content for the group and producing and live streaming the General Meetings.

David has been attending computer shows and APCUG events since 2002. He has given presentations at regional conferences in Ohio as well as Virtual Technology Conferences. As a member of the Speakers Bureau, he also gives interactive webinars to groups. David was elected to the Board of Advisors in January 2011 and moved to the Board of Directors in October 2011. He currently serves as APCUG’s President and is the Chairman of the Marketing and OLS Committees. He was formerly Chairman of the Social Media Committee that is tasked with developing and maintaining a social media network for the benefit of APCUG and its members. 


Bill James, Advisor, Region 8

Bill first became involved in a PC user’s group in 1992 when he joined the Oklahoma PC User’s Group now known as the Computer Club of Oklahoma City to learn more about the computer he purchased. He has been a member of the clubs’ Board of Directors since 1998. Bill was elected CCOKC President in 2000 and served two terms and is currently serving as Vice President of Operations. He has recently gotten more involved with Home Automation using Google Home to automate his own home.

Bill belongs to the Windows 10 Insider Program and frequently gives presentations on new software to his club and is the go-to person on everything Android. He is broadening his knowledge base with learning the MacOS and iOS for Apple products.

As a member of APCUG’s Speakers Bureau, he frequently gives presentations to member groups on Windows 10, Android devices, home automation, and synchronizing devices.

Bill attended his first APCUG Fall Conference in 2003. He is a past APCUG Region 6 Advisor and Treasurer and served on the APCUG Board of Directors from 2006 to 2009.

If Bill isn’t working with technology, you’ll find him driving his mustang; he is the Parade Coordinator for the Oklahoma Mustang Club. He is also an active member of Toastmasters International Club #627. Bill is also a current member of the Board of Directors for North Care Center, a private non-profit behavioral and social services facility located in Oklahoma City.

H. Jay Melnick, Member, GVR Computer Club

H. Jay Melnick Native of Denver, Colorado, presently residing in Green Valley, AZ. Member of the GVR Computer Club, located in Green Valley, Arizona, for six years. Past Instructor at the club. Past program director for the club.

My career path is in Communications: advertising, marketing and Journalism.

I currently sit on the Desert Creek HOA as treasurer, and have been on the board for five years which has given me great experience of the workings of boards of directors.

I became familiar with APCUG back in the 90’s and the work that was being done. I would like to serve on the Board of Advisors to give back what has been given to me in the past and help with the forward direction of APCUG in the ever changing direction of computing and tech, in general.

My background in computing started in high school, some college, but really took off in the mid 80’s when I started a Multi-line BBS, “The Colorado SnoBank” which eventually morphed into TravelBank Systems and ColoRadio, which still has an online presence. I like to say that “I started on the Information super highway when it was still a dirt road”.

In the “Early Days” there was a lot of education to the public about being on-line and the future of personal computing. So there was a lot of public speaking to groups, and media interviews.

Sam Wexler, Advisor, Region 1

Sam became involved with computers more than 60 years ago when he programmed the IBM 650 in Watson Lab at Columbia University. He retired from IBM in 1993 after 30 years; half as a lab “techie” and the other half in headquarters. He has been associated with Computer & Technology User Groups for more than 40 years. Before there were groups like APCUG and FACUG, there was GUIDE which is an association of IBM mainframe users and during some of his time at IBM, Sam was a GUIDE rep. He is a charter member of IEEE and was also a member of the two groups that merged to form IEEE; it is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity.

Sam has been a very successful serial entrepreneur with a 100% success rate since Carter was in the White House; creating, running and selling businesses at several locations on the US East Coast like Hilton Head Island, SC. In 1993 he co-founded one of the largest entrepreneur groups at that time. Sam believes the best way to increase membership, interest and speakers in your User Group is to run it like an entrepreneur and includes running Consumer Technology Conferences and Expos on land like Club Med as well as on a cruise ship. He has an excellent track record to prove it all works and gives presentations on this subject to entrepreneur as well as computer and technology user groups.  Sam has more than 25,000 Direct-Connects on LinkedIn so he obviously is known by a lot of people who want to work with him and he can be reached via LinkedIn as well as APCUG and FACUG.

Sam has been President of the Valencia Falls Computer & Technology Club in Delray Beach, FL since it was created in 2002, APCUG Advisor for Region 1 (Northeast states NY to Maine) since 2007 and President of the Florida Association of Computer User Groups (FACUG) since 2009. He divides his time between Poughkeepsie, NY and Delray Beach, FL. Sam has a Bachelor’s and Masters in Electrical Engineering from New York University and a MBA from Union College.