APCUG’s FREE 2019 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC33)

ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL VTC! Thanks for attending. See you at the November 2 VTC and Annual Meeting.


1:00 PM ET

Driving with Google Map
Ron Brown, Program Director, Silvercom Computer & Technology Club, Arizona

This presentation explains the differences between Google Maps and Garmin-TomTom devices. Ron discusses how it works through your phone and placement options in your vehicle. He outlines the difference between the ” Off-Line” and ” Connected Version ” as well as all the settings and options.

Ron Brown Bio

Driving with Google Maps – Ron Brown APCUG VTC 8-17-19

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2:00 PM ET

The Installation, Care and Feeding of a Mesh Router
Greg Skalka, President, Under the Computer Hood User Group

Wi-Fi has become essential for supporting our hand-held devices, smart speakers, voice operated assistants and other smart home devices, but getting good signal coverage throughout your home with a single WiFi-enabled router can be difficult. A popular option to provide whole-house Wi-Fi is a mesh network. Greg will discuss mesh network issues and benefits and how to install and use a Netgear Orbi system.

Greg Skalka Bio

Mesh Routers – Greg Skalka APCUG VTC 8-17-19

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3:00 PM ET

Battle of the Browsers
Bill Crowe, 1st Vice President, Sarasota Technology Users Group

We all use a Browser to access the internet. There are many tips and tricks that can be employed to make using the internet faster and easier. This presentation will focus on the functions that are available on nearly all browsers but are used by relatively few of us. Do you use Tabs, a Favorites Bar, Bookmarks and Bookmark Folders? Do you use the address/search bar? Do you clear your active websites, or block cookies and popups? If you are not sure or do not understand many of these terms, then this presentation is for you. Bill will show how to use two different browsers to accomplish the tasks mentioned above.

BIll Crowe Bio

Browser Battles – Bill Crowe APCUG VTC 8-17-19

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1:00 PM ET

How I fired my cable company and still enjoy TV, Internet and a home phone
Stew Bottorf, Chromebook and Cut Cable SIG Leader, Tampa Bay Technology Center, Florida

Last May, I had an overflow “Cut Cable” meeting emphasizing antennas and purchasing streaming packages. I was encouraged to go-further by one club member who was well ahead of me. In September I again packed our meeting hall with several new cutting ideas. I began bi-weekly SIG meetings helping members side-load apps on Amazon Firesticks. Unfortunately, this solution did not save big dollars and definitely did not fly in my home. Several revelations later, helped by my SIG participants, I was finally able to fire the cable company, saving $1200 / year while adding additional TV channels and maintaining my Internet and Google home phone connections. Along my cutting journey I’ve discovered a real opportunity for local non-profit computer clubs to add a potentially rich new income source.

Stew Bottorf Bio

Cutting the Cord – Stew Bottorf – APCUG VTC 8-17-19

Cutting the Cord Links – Stew Bottorf APCUG VTC 8_17_19

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2:00 PM ET

The most common issues that need repair from a PC/Mac repair shop perspective
Dan Douglas, President, Space Coast PCUG, Florida

Dan Douglas, owner of DataDan Computer Services will share his experiences of repairing and dealing with frustrated users based on his case studies of actual ‘daily walk through the door’ issues. The top ten issues and their solutions will be discussed.

Dan Douglas Bio

Common Repairs from PC Mac Repair Shop Perspective – Dan Douglas APCUG 8-17-19

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3:00 PM ET

Going Paperless
Dr. Pierre Darmon, President, Westchester PCUG, New York

Learn to be green and save the environment! This presentation covers the concept of going paperless, the advantages and the drawbacks. Pierre has been doing so since 2007. You will learn how you can reduce the paper clutter, download your statements and organize them, and protect them from disaster.

This applies to your bank statements, preferred airline miles or internet service provider bill, and then some. And what to do with all that paper?

Pierre Darmon Bio

How to go paperless – Pierre Darmon – 8-17-19 VTC

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4:15 PM ET

Let’s Talk Round Table discussion

Do you have a problem you need help with? Ask the question and you will receive an answer or two or three… Have you had some new presentations? Share them with the RT attendees. Plus, whatever the attendees want to discuss.

Roundtable Presentation Ideas – Judy Taylour 8-17-19 VTC

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