APCUG 2013 Summer Virtual Technology Conference (VTC8)

2013 Q3 Descriptions – YouTube links

Setting Up a Blog, Ron Ippolito
Teacher, AP US History and US Government at West Ranch High School,  Stevenson Ranch, CA

Websites can remain static; blogs are ever-changing and can be interactive. Ron will show you how easy it is for you to put a blog together for your user group or your own personal use.


Setting Up a Blog_Ron Ippolito – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


Capture Streaming Media with Applian Software
Leslie Bee, Applian Marketing Director

Leslie will cover the different ways we can capture streaming media using their recording software. She will show how we can capture both audio/video streams – live streams (like webinars/sporting events/entertainment events) and non-live streams – like videos on YouTube and other sites. And then she will show how easy it is to enjoy these recorded streams on the device of your choice.


Applian – Leslie Bee – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


10 Simple Things
Judy Taylour, APCUG Board of Advisors Chair; President, SCV Computer Club

No matter how much you know about computers, there are certain things every one of us has to deal with when using a computer, but we don’t always deal with them efficiently. This presentation will cover 10 things that everyone can — and should — learn to keep their computer fast, safe, and easy to use.


10 Simple Things – Judy Taylour – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


Staying Connected and Networking Through the Cloud
David Williams, APCUG Director

How is technology changing the way we go about a daily business? Twitter broke the death of Michael Jackson, it helped people communicate in Iran, and it is only starting to show us all that it can do. Less than a decade ago at the start of the 21st Century all the new technology to come could only be dreamed of, but today we see it everywhere we turn. From how we talk to friends, where we find new recipes, and how we spend our days, new technology and social media has changed not only our everyday lives and how we see the world. It has changed how people function in the age of the Internet and Twitter. Not only are companies and organizations, such as newspapers, having to change the way they operate, people are changing as well. From reading a newspaper every morning to checking the latest news on the blogs, people are taking a more hands on approach to their news and their lives. Now as Twitter, Facebook, blogs and podcasts take over our lives will it help us stay more in touch or push us father away from each other? Only time will tell. We will also discuss programs and utilities that will help you stay in touch and connected with what is going on in the world around you and your own computer.


Networking in the Cloud – David Williams – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


Basic Troubleshooting of Your Computer
Jere Minich, Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society

Things you can do, and help you can get for free.


Troubleshooting Your Computer – Jere Minich – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


Installing and Using the Windows 8.1 Preview
Francis Chao, Member, Tucson Computer Society, AZ and the Greater South Bay PCUG, CA

Three techniques to run the free “Windows 8.1 Preview” to get a look at the rapidly approaching future of the Windows operating system.


Installing & Using Free Win 8.1 Preview – Francis Chao – APCUG VTC 8-3-13.pdf


Tour of APCUG’s New Drupal Website
Hewie Poplock, APCUG Director

A demonstration of the new APCUG Drupal website. The presentation starts with a quick background of using Drupal and what it is. The website took one year to develop and is has a long way to go. It is now a live website, replacing the older APCUG website.