APCUG 2013 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC9)

2013 Q4 VTC descriptions, YouTube links and PDF handouts


Are we under Cyber Attack?

Ira Wilsker, Associate Professor at Lamar Institute of Technology; weekly technology radio talk show host on KLVI News Talk AM560; technology columnist, The Examiner, Beaumont TX; and Deputy Sheriff specializing in cybercrime.

The cyber security industry has been well aware that the US has been subject to a sustained cyber-attack for several years. The general population is blissfully unaware that our entire power of grid, pipeline system, water/sewer systems, air traffic control, and other critical infrastructure have all been compromised by terrorists and foreign powers. This presentation will prove to be interesting, entertaining and almost mandatory for anyone using the internet, email or just browsing. Ira will describe the various hazards and caveats, which many of us already know, but things are constantly changing and could be even more dangerous than when we first ventured into cyberspace.


Cyber Attack – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Ira Wilsker.pdf


Evernote: What is it?
Hewie Poplock, APCUG Vice President

Evernote is a web-based app that allows end users to capture, store and synchronize text, image and video files across multiple computing devices. Once you use it you wonder how you ever did without it. The presentation will include using Evernote on several platforms including Windows, iOS (iPad & iPhone) and the Android phones & tablets. It also works with the Blackberry OS, HP’s WebOS, and Mac OS X. You can capture anything, access it anywhere, and it works with nearly every computer, phone and mobile device out there. It helps you find things fast. You can search by keyword, tag or even printed and handwritten text inside images. Once you save information in Evernote, it is available to you on any of your devices.


Evernote_ What Is It – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Hewie Poplock.pdf


Hidden stuff in iOS7 and some apps you should definitely have
Kyla Lupo, Technology Tutor, Smart Again Tutoring

With the release of iOS 7, many of the old familar settings and ways of doing things have changed. Come learn what’s changed and what’s new. Then learn apps you should definitely have.



Windows Boot Disk_Recovery Disk
Bill James, Editor/Webmaster, Computer Club of Oklahoma City

Learn how to boot your computer off a USB flash drive — it’s vital for people who do not have a CD/DVD drive. This will allow you to install new operating systems and run programs from the flash drive. If you already have an ISO file that you were planning to use as the bootable program, you can still use it. This means you do not have to burn the ISO file to a disc, saving both time and blank discs. Simply insert your USB flash drive into the computer and boot from it.


Windows Boot Disk_Win8 Recovery Disk – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Bill James.pdf


How to Write a Good Software Review
Marie Vesta, APCUG President

Find out what the software creators really want to know and why plus how doing a software review can be advantageous to your user sroup.


Write a Good Sofware Review – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Marie Vesta.pdf


Upgrading Your Computer to a Solid State Drive
Gene Barlow, User Group Relations

Gene has been a computer professional for over 50 years. He was a computer system engineer with IBM for 34 years, holding many technical and management positions in his career. When IBM introduced the IBM Personal Computer, he managed the User Group Support organization for IBM. Having helped hundreds of user groups get started in the 80’s and 90’s, he is often called the Father of PC User Groups. When he retired from IBM over 17 years ago, he started his own consulting firm and continues to be actively involved in the user group community today. Gene is an excellent technical presenter and can make complex topics easy for even the novice to understand. At the same time, the more advanced user will learn many new facts from his well thought out presentation. You will enjoy attending this session and will come away with a better understanding of the topic.


Upgrade to SSD – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Gene Barlow.pdf


What the heck is Access?
Wil Wakley, Past President, Seniors Computer Group, San Diego

If you have Microsoft Office Pro then you have Access, Microsoft’s database. It is a very powerful program, but quite daunting to the beginner because it is not very intuitive. If you like Excel, you will love Access; it is Excel on steroids. Any user group or organization, whatever the size, needs a database in their software arsenal. Even at home you can organize your various collections (music, videos, CD’s, programs, etc.) in ways you never imagined.


What The Heck Is Access – APCUG VTC 11-2-13 – Wil Wakely.pdf