APCUG 2012 Winter Virtual Technology Conference (VTC2)

2012 Q1 – Descriptions 

Using Virtualization of Hardware to Save Money, Time, and Space

Francis Chao, Member Tucson Computer Society; Greater South Bay PCUG, CA

“Virtualization of hardware” means using software that simulates all or part of a hardware device. By using software to simulate all or part of devices such as fax machines, television sets, and computers, you can attain massive savings in money, time, and space.

Virtualization of Hardware – Francis Chao – APCUG VTC 2-25-12.pdf


VoIP (Voice over IP via the Internet)
Hank Feinberg, APCUG Director, President/Program Chair, Rockland PCUG, New York

See how many programs can be used to save $$ by using VOIP instead of your telephone.

Using VOIP – Hank Feinberg – APCUG 2-25-12.pdf


How to save money on ink
Jere Minich, Program Chair, Lake-Sumter Computer Society

No matter what kind of Printer you have, there is a way to save money on Ink. Besides Tricks and Tips on printing, you can save about 50% or more on cartridges and Ink.

How to Save Money on Ink – Jere Minich – APCUG VTC 2-25-12.pdf


Backup and Synchronization
Gene Barlow, User Group Relations

Backing up your computer’s hard drive is the most important thing you can do to really protect your computer from crashes and virus attacks. Every user should backup their entire hard drive on a regular basis, about once a week. Unfortunately, there are two different types of backup utilities on the market. A full Disk and Partition backup is what is needed for this protection, but many backup utilities only offer a partial backup of just a few of your Data files. These partial backups do not give you the total protection you need. In this session, the presenter will explain the differences between these two backup options and tell you how to do the best approach using full disk and partition backups. He will also demonstrate how easy this can be using the most powerful backup software on the market today – Acronis True Image Home 2012. During the last part of his presentation, he will introduce you to the latest feature of True Image, Data Synchronization. He will show you how easy it is to share certain files with others in your Sync Group. How to set up one or many Sync Groups will also be covered. This should be an interesting and informative session. Don’t miss it.

Backup & Synchronization – Gene Barlow – APCUG VTC 2-25-12.pdf


Are you Over-Exposed on Facebook?
Jim Evans, APCUG Director

Your personal information is YOUR personal information. How do you adjust your settings so you only share what you want? This session will walk you through the many screens and show what the settings mean. While the presentation will use Timeline, those of you who haven’t switched yet will still benefit. The audience level is beginner to intermediate.

Are You Overexposed on Facebook – Jim Evans – APCUG VTC 2-25-12.pdf


Navigate the Ever Changing Landscape of Technology
Abby Stokes, author “Is This Thing On?”

Navigating the he digital divide widens with the rapid pace of new innovations and gadgets. What is out there and how it might benefit you can be lost in all the tech talk. Abby helps “digital immigrants” (those baby boomers and beyond not born with a keyboard and mouse in hand) understand what everyone is talking about and how to decide what might work best for them.

Grandparents Cheat Sheet – Abby Stokes – APCUG VTC 2-25-12.pdf