APCUG 2012 Fall Virtual Technology Conference (VTC5)

2012 Q4 descriptions – YouTube links

USB 3 versus USB 2 versus eSATA
Frances Chao, Member, Tucson Computer Society

We have all heard the marketing hype about how USB 3 is 10 times faster than USB 2. Frances will show you his real world measurements as well as tell you about the backward and forward compatibilities of USB 3 and USB 2.


USB 3 v USB 2 v eSATA – Francis Chao – aPCUG VTC 11-XX-12.pdf


Learn what is attacking your computer & how to protect it
Dodi Glenn, Product Manager for VIPRE Anti-Virus

There has been a significant increase in worms, Trojans, viruses and hacker attacks that target known vulnerabilities on un-patched systems. Learn more about what is currently attacking your computer, as well as how to protect it in this presentation.



Windows 8 …. It’s here!
Bill James, APCUG Advisor, Region 8; Vice President, Computer Club of Oklahoma City

Windows 8 is the most significant upgrade to Windows since the introduction of Windows 95. Microsoft has completely revamped the GUI to accommodate a wide variety of devices. Users will feel at home with the new interface whether it is on a desktop, tablet or Windows Phone with its touchscreen interface or using a mouse and keyboard. This presentation will provide you with an overview of the GUI, explain some of the new terminology associated with the interface and give you a tour of what you can expect using the new OS.


Windows 8 – It’s here – Bill James – APCUG VTC 11-3-12.pdf


Mountain Lion – The 15 Best Apps
Greg West, APCUG Advisor, International & Region 6; Vice President, Sarnia Computer User Group, Canada

Apple created the best operating system on the planet to date, Mountain Lion. If you have used an “i” device, such as an iPod, iPhone, iPad, using Mountain Lion will make you feel at home. Apple is incorporating the iOS system (their mobile operating system) into the Mac (computer operating system). In Mountain Lion, you will see how Apple plans on using the Internet and Wi-Fi to sync your devices. With over 200+ improvements over Lion, the last operating system, Greg was hard pressed in deciding on the 15 best for this look at Mountain Lion. From location based Reminders using GPS and Internet software, to Social Media integration, to a live Notification Center, Apple has exceeded its bounds with this new operating system…A must see, even if you don’t own a Mac, yet!



Genealogical Research Tools in the Cloud
Jeri Steele, President, Bowling Green Area Microcomputer User Group, Kentucky

The Internet is one tool to use in your genealogical research. Most people think of searching for records online. Beyond records and indexes on the web, there is a surprising number of resources online to help you track and publish your family lines. This presentation introduces you to tools to capture data, record your progress and find family or others interested in the same records or locality as you. Some of the services mentioned will be Evernote, research lists at WorldCat.org, Protopage.com and LegacyStories.com


Genealogical Research Tools in the Cloud – Jeri Steele – APCUG VTC 11-3-12.pdf


Selling on eBay
Charlotte Semple, Editor, Los Angeles Computer Society

eBay is the largest and most popular auction site on the Internet. It connects buyers with sellers anywhere in the world. Although the buyer doesn’t pay anything to eBay to bid or win an auction, the seller does pay one or more fees. They vary, depending on what you are offering and the features included in your listing. Charlotte will tell us how to set up a seller’s account, create and manage our listings, communicate with our buyers, receive payments and ship the item(s). You, too, probably have ‘stuff’ sitting around that might be someone else’s treasure and Charlotte will share her expertise and experience, along with tips and tricks she has learned selling on eBay, to help you avoid “beginners problems.”

Selling on eBay – Charlotte Semple – APCUG VTC 11-3-12.pdf