7 Everyday Technology Skills Every Boomer (And Zoomer) Should Have

This is a blog post by Pam Holland, President, Tech-Moxie, that provides a lot of information for a presentation at your meeting. I used the info for one of my meetings and it provoked quite a lot of discussion on each ‘skill’; even from people who usually don’t participate. I added Zoomers to the title: Sandy Berger, COMPUkiss said those older than boomers should have a descriptive name and calls us Zoomers. As requested by a few members, this presentation was followed by one on Uber, info taken from Steve Black’s Techboomers.com website. We have a member who is an Uber driver and he provided interesting info from behind-the-wheel. Judy Taylour 

“Technology is both magical and daunting. It gives us the ability to do so many wonderful things –  apps that measure your heart rate, show the constellations in your night sky, and stream radio from anywhere in the world.  But with that comes the challenge of keeping up with our devices, new features, apps and websites – not to mention when things go wrong. For those eager to move beyond the basics of email and Google, we believe these 7 tech skills are key to getting the most out of technology – both today and going forward.” 

1 – Use Your Voice
2 – Conduct a Search
3 – Use Your Voice
4 – Get to Know Your Accessibility Settings
5 – Order an Uber
6 – Download an App
7 – Be Curious