The TechBoomers Relaunch: New Look, New Features, New Ways to Learn

The TechBoomers website has been re-launched, and we’re excited to start this new chapter of TechBoomers, as it gets up and running. We want to explain all the new features to you, as well as why we made the changes we did, so you can keep using TechBoomers seamlessly – with no interruptions.Some of what we’re going to talk about was mentioned in our pre-launch blog post, but we want to make sure you know exactly what’s going on with the new site and can deal with the changes easily.

Why did we change elements of the old website?

Adding new features – a website that teaches about cutting-edge online services needs to be cutting-edge themselves! We needed to add some new features for our users, and make sure we’re always offering the most accurate content out there on the web.

Making search easier – before, there was no easy way to navigate through our stand-alone articles, as they were just sorted based on what was most recently published. Now, our search combs the entire website, and helps you find the exact topics you’re looking for.

Expanding on the information we offer – our new organizational system allows us to branch out a little bit in terms of what we write about. We don’t just focus on the most popular websites and apps anymore, though we are definitely staying up-to-date with them. We now offer content in a range of categories, and always expand on how you can protect your safety and privacy while using Internet-based services.

Organizing our content better – we have now sorted everything we write into categories based on what our users most like to access. Now we have a much better idea of how much of each category we write about and can make sure to expand on categories we’ve only scratches the surface with!

Giving TechBoomers a fresh, clean look – it’s been over two years since TechBoomers began, and it was time to give our pages a bit of an overhaul. Some of the ways we used to organize our pages just didn’t make it easy to find other related content, so the new look helps fix this problem.

The bottom line is that we knew there was room for improvement regarding some elements of TechBoomers, and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to find the things that interest you most, and that you most want to learn about. With our new search feature, and mega menu listing all our new categories, you’ll be able to find the information you need in a matter of seconds.

It will also be much easier to share great articles you find with friends – as our articles have slowly become more specific to the questions our users most ask us (and most ask Google when they’re searching for answers).

What you can do

Here are some of the things you can do as our user to help us with our re-launch and help get yourself acquainted with the new site quickly.

  1. Share about the re-launch on social media

Share our story across your own social media platforms, so all our users learn about the change. Try sharing your favorite article or course, our new homepage, or you can even share this post to help get the word out!

  1. Add our link to your page

If you run your own collection of digital literacy resources, a blog, or your own website, please add the link to our homepage or any of our other resources to your page. This will help us gain new users who have never heard of TechBoomers before, which is the best way to sustain our website!

All current links to us will still work, however, so if you’re already linking to our website, don’t worry – you won’t need to update anything. We’ve already taken care of that!

  1. Watch our video

To get yourself acquainted with how the new site works, check out our video tour of the new TechBoomers site, which can be found here, or on our YouTube channel. The video will walk you through how the new website works and show you where to go to find all your favorite resources.

If you don’t love watching videos, we are currently updating our course on how to use TechBoomers, so try giving that a quick read to see how things work now.

  1. Give us feedback

Just as usual, please give us any positive or negative feedback about the new site and address any comments or concerns to contact@techboomers.com. From bugs we need to fix immediately, to minor changes that you really didn’t like – please let us know so we can continue to make the site the best possible resource for our users.

Your learning of digital literacy, as well as how to use popular websites, apps, and online services is always our number one priority. Thank you for sticking with TechBoomers through this stage of our development, and we hope you enjoy the changes we’ve made as much as we do!