2015 Newsletter, Photo and Website Contest Winners


The purpose of these APCUG contests is to encourage groups to maintain a newsletter and a website that communicate with their members and other groups. The photo contest gives groups an opportunity for their members to show the world their photos. This year the Photo contest had 115 entries from 41 individuals who are members of 30 different groups. There were 28 group website entries and 27 groups submitted newsletters.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place Newsletter and Website contest winners receive flash drives as prizes. Digital Photo contest winners receive SD cards. All participants will be presented with a Certificate of Participation. The winners were announced during the annual conference as well as the Best of Show Photo Contest winner which was determined by the attendees at the conference.

Contest winners present at the APCUG Annual meeting received their prizes at the event. All others will be mailed to the group’s president.

The committee members are: Bill James, Chair, Judy Taylour and Bob Vance. The judges for the Website contest were: David Williams, Bob Vance and John Kennedy. The judging team for the Newsletter contest was Bob Vance and Ray Baxter; the Judging team for the Photo contest was Sam Swiehart, Georgia Vaughn, Rajeana Brown and Dorothy Henson.

Congratulations to the winners!


2015 DP Contest Winners

Best in Show 2015
Best in Show 2015

Best of Show
Stanley Warshaw, Rodeo Cowboy, Boca Raton Computer Society

1st     Dick Dehler – Feline Mother – Central Florida Computer Society
2nd    Susan Peterson – Hey Wake Up – Quad Cities Computer Society
3rd     Stanley Warshaw – Tiger – Boca Raton Computer Society


1st    Susan Phelps – Key Hole – TUGNET
2nd   Rob Bleckinger – Golden Gate Bridge – Sunland Village East Computer Club
3rd   June Ranney – Elegant Window – Computer Club of Oklahoma City

2015 Architecture Photos

1st     Helaine Cummins – Nathaniel the Soloist – TUGNET
2nd   Peter Bellmont – Happy Girl – Melbourne PCUG
3rd   Rita Gustin – Steady Geyser Visitor – PATACS, Inc.

2015 People Photos

1st    JB Burke – Arches National Park – Prescott Computer Society
2nd   Diane Harrison – St. Mary Lake and Wild Goose Island – The PCUG of CT
3rd   Ann Knutson – Tunnel View of Mt. Rushmore – Computer Club of Oklahoma City


1st Place DACS.doc Danbury CS – Allan Ostergren, Production Editor and Richard Teasdale, Copy Editor
2nd Place Boca Bits Boca Raton CS_– Steve Costello, Editor
3rd Place TCS eNewsletter Tucson CS – Donna Kamper, Editor

1st   Danbury Area Computer Society – www.dacs.org – Richard Corzo and Annette van Ommeren, Webmasters
2nd  Big Bear Computer Club – www.bigbearcc.org – Bill Flanagan, Webmaster
3rd  PC Community – www.pcc.org – Diane George, Webmaster